Fair play.  Amanda Knox lawyer Carlo Dalla Vedova jokes with Prosecutor Crini after his outstanding performance
Fair play. Amanda Knox lawyer Carlo Dalla Vedova jokes with Prosecutor Crini after his outstanding performance

On the Side of Sweetness

Carlo Dalla Vedova was simply impressive, trying first of all to clean up the trial from all useless arguments brought by the prosecutors, as we are hearing them these days and we have always heard before (“They brought even a cartoon!” he reminded); or urging the court “to stay on what is technical and essential, to stop this ‘War of the Roses,’ where the private prosecutors are only trying to discredit the defendants or even two scientists like Conti and Vecchiotti, who dared to think some tests were wrong … We instead have nothing to say on Stefanoni. She’s a very capable biologist. But that knife is not the murder weapon, not because Meredith’s DNA is not on it, but because it’s impossible, it’s illogical.”

“Of 450 DNA tests done by Stefanoni only one remains, and it says ‘no Meredith’s DNA’…. Every other argument brought by the prosecution is illogical. How can you say that Amanda and Raffaele attacked Meredith because she turned mad at them, and that she turned mad at them predicting that Laura would have been mad at her since Rudy didn’t flush the toilet?” (All this with Laura not being in town, having the ones in the house a couple of days for flushing the toilet, and having Laura to be eventually angry with Amanda for having brought Rudy, not with Meredith).

“This trial has just to admit failure, and has to stop this mistake that looks never-ending. You can’t try someone ad infinitum

“No prosecution theory stands. The murder weapon theory will never work because the Marietti is not the murder weapon. The real knife was thrown in the ravine between the cottage and Rudy’s house.”

“Useless that they keep trying to build a motive. They can’t find the motive because there is no motive, because Meredith was killed by Rudy. …. By continuing to try, the prosecution is like a ship that has bumped into a rock and is sinking.”


“And this Cassation sentence, that tells the court how to convict! …  To make an osmosis… What is this osmosis that Mrs Caprioglio wants? Taking from one indication of guilt what’s missing from the other indication of guilt so that it becomes valid?!!…. The Supreme Court even managed to say that you should consider that letter sent by Rudy to a TV program! It was not even written by him. He had never accused Amanda and Raffaele before; in the Skype conversation he even told his friend ‘Amanda doesn’t have anything to do with it!’”

“And the prosecutor today says that it’s not possible they got it wrong. Of course they got it wrong! It has been a huge miscarriage of justice!…..Amanda didn’t escape, she stayed, and on the Monday returned to school, even if Dorothy was insisting on having her in Germany. And why did she go to the police station that evening? Not because she wanted to report Patrick, but because her stepfather Chris had opened her eyes: ‘Be careful, the murderer is still around. Maybe he meant to get you.’” She certainly didn’t want to be left alone in the street at night.

“They were deceived by the SMS, and 36 cops, they were all over this girl. Even the interpreter was not an interpreter but acting as a psychic. They lost their minds because of the media pressure; they were afraid of the critics. It was the group who created and consolidated the error, as Professor Caltagirone explained.” (Positivist scientist Cesare Lombroso had indeed discovered that a group doesn’t copy the qualities of each member, as it was believed at the time out of Spencer’s lesson, rather it distorts them, eventually multiplying the negative outcome).

“What happened during that whole night, summed up in a couple of lines?……We have to listen to the Cassation? Fine, the Cassation in 2008 demolished the whole night of November 6. So, the statements were illegal…….They kept wiretapping her in jail for months. They told her she had AIDS. Then they said that they repeated the test and they told her it was positive again. What did they want to obtain?: ‘Ah you got infected, why don’t you tell us who you’ve been with?’”…

Here Nencini asked proof of this accusation Dalla Vedova was suggesting, but he of course doesn’t have those certificates. He and Ghirga know of the wrong HIV tests because Amanda and the jail personnel told them at the time. And she wrote about it in her diary (which someone gave to the press…). Ghirga recalled that in the end, after 10 days, they brought her to a lab outside the jail, owned by a friend of his who called him (“Luciano, Amanda is here”!), and there the test came out negative, relieving Amanda from that nightmare in the nightmare.


Dalla Vedova then recalled the impressive episode of the four hard disks fried, along with the many other strange things about this case. Like the witnesses. Like Kokomani, the witness known by the cops, who tried to fill in the lack of clues that Amanda and Raffaele could be together with Rudy, which coincidentally was just what the prosecution needed… “ This Kokomani was a criminal; how did he come out? Who brought him in?”

And Curatolo, “who came in court in a confused state. He didn’t even know if he was in jail, or what he had been convicted for. He’s not unreliable because he was a bum, he’s unreliable because he said impossible things. And Amanda should go to jail for 30 years because of a guy like this?!”

Dalla Vedova felt like Nencini was intimidating him when he asked proof of the wrong HIV tests, because if it was an accusation, Nencini then explained, he had to start a criminal proceeding. So, Carlo had to retract that “accusation,” leaving it only as one of the many strange mysteries about the case. But then he reminded the judge: “Amanda said she was slapped. That’s something for starting an investigation.” No answer.

Episodes like this make the defense still pessimistic on the outcome of the trial. But the private accusers look pessimistic too, and they lost the boldness of the pre-DNA review, when they were confident Meredith’s profile would have been confirmed. It’s as if they heard a rumor that, without confirmation on Meredith’s DNA, Nencini wouldn’t convict.

As a matter of fact, how can he convict with this evidence? What should he write in the motivations, that they are guilty because of an unconfirmed DNA test? For some DNA that resisted in an unexisting scratch after an unproven washing? Or because Amanda and Raffaele didn’t receive phone calls that night? Or because of the turd in the toilet? Or because “Toto” Curatolo said so? Or because Raffaele went to Santo Domingo? Or because Conti and Vecchiotti are no good and the journalists are corrupted?

It would be the final death blow to Italian law. Would you like to be remembered for that?


Knox’s lawyers were perfect. They should have maybe taken one day each, to at least tie with the amount of time the crowd of accusers took. And to explain things more in detail. These judges weren’t on the case since day one. If you tell them, for instance, if you yell, as Ghirga did, “The Scientifica arrived in the evening!” — I doubt they understand the importance of this sentence and what it means (it means: “You can’t validate Curatolo –as the Cassation told you to do– because he said he saw the scientific police the next morning, yet the scientific police arrived in the evening, and anyway they weren’t in the piazza, but in the cottage).”

Or: Maresca recalled that Stefanoni wasn’t consultant for the prosecution (meaning that her work was reliable). Maybe it was the case to remember that true, she wasn’t. But her direct supervisor Biondo was.

If you are reliable only when you are independent, as Maresca suggests, it means that Conti and Vecchiotti are super reliable, since they were court appointed.

And the scientific pillar of the accusers, prof. Novelli, is not, since he is consultant for the prosecution…

Little details, just to be precise. Little things to be maybe fixed in the replays.

Frank Sfarzo


  1. Proud Kercher Family Supporter

    All these little things are smoke and mirrors Frank. For six years you have also been doing smoke and mirrors so of course it is a speech that appeals to you.

    The facts that will sink them are: (1) A confused and unverifiable alibi, (2) Turning off their phones around the time of the murder, (3) There was no break-in, (4) Meredith was subdued by multiple people. (5) Amanda went into the bathroom and then out. (6) Rudy’s shoeprints go straight out the front door. (7) Amanda and Raffaele came back to clean up and left bloody footprints. (8) Raffaele left his DNA on the bra clasp. (9) With so many witnesses, at least some of what they reported is probably true. (10) Suspicious behavior after the murder. (11) Both confessed. (12) Amanda accused Patrick. (13) Insensitive behavior during the court proceedings.

    And no, not all of those things are crimes but there are nonetheless things that will be considered in determining the severity of the punishment, and I do think that should be 30 years for Amanda Knox and 26 years for Raffaele Sollecito.

    • Smoke and mirrors? What the heck are you even remotely talking about? We are the one who has exposed smoke and mirrors.

      Amanda and Raffaele have a solid alibi that only desperate Prosecutors keep trying to make up possibilities, talk about smoke and mirrors…

      They didn’t turn off the phones. They get no reception at times in those old buildings and if you have been there you would know this well.

      There WAS no break in? Really, well the glass shards prove differently and the fact that just about anyone can get in that window also helps (I’ve seen several people do it easily now).

      There’s was case in the news where one man killed a 5 people all by himself. And you seriously are going to actually say that you do NOT think it’s possible for 1 man to kill 1 young woman all by himself? It happens every day! I’ve seen the other wounds, you can barely see them. She had a KNIFE to her throat, what do you expect her to have done. She was trying to survive? The very threat of the knife made her do all he needed.

      What the heck does Amanda going to the bathroom have anything to do with anything-Especially, how again would that will ruin her. ??? Tell me you’re not going by the photos of the bathroom with the phenolphthalein that made it look all bloody? In fact it looked pretty spotless if you look at the real pictures. Other than this, I have NO idea what you’re even referring to.

      Rudy took Meredith’s key, do YOU know where they went if not? His DNA was on her purse.

      You can’t clean up your own mess (especially when you can’t even see the DNA) and then leave only Rudy’s. Wouldn’t they have gotten rid of the bathmat and cleaned the bidet?

      Raffaele left his DNA on the bra clasp? The bra clasp that was first pictured on day one at the crime scene all nice and white? The one that had a hand written letter on a piece of paper next to the clasp, as was pictured? The one that didn’t get picked up? The one that was found 47 days later, swept in a disgustingly dirty corner of the room under a rug, and which was now gray in color? That one? The one where the guy handling with the dirty gloves dropped it, not once, but twice? All right there for the world to see. That one? Ha ha..

      I’m sorry, did you really say, “so many witnesses”? Really? And what they DID say you’d better hope they DON’T take this as fact, because they spoke of things absolutely not true. Halloween as opposed to All Saints Day. A space in Amanda’s teeth, or whatever he INSISTED on about Amanda’s looks that was completely not true about her. Come on….And I’ve been on the street where the lady that was crazy claimed to have heard a scream after she saw the Newspaper talking about it. Her relatives say that she’s completely literally crazy. I’ve been on the street, it’s loud there with the traffic. This is complete bull.

      People turned “different behavior” into “suspicious behavior”. I was stretching while at the airport just last week. All I could think is, “Wow, Amanda Knox actually got NAILED over doing the exact type stuff I am standing here doing-similar type Yoga stretches and nobody even cares here”. I love where we live. How dare people pick and chose one frame and one frame there from this or that video and make it work for whatever behavior they want to accuse her of. I would have thought the people in Italy’s behavior was strange, likely. And definitely, I would have thought this about the British girls. I live in a place where people just aren’t that judgmental. And people grieve differently and anyone who isn’t mature to know such things is simply not mature enough to know such things.

      Both confessed? Really, cause, no, actually they didn’t.

      Amanda accused Patrick? Yes, Amanda became convinced because of what the Police kept telling her (that Patrick did this) after shoving her cell phone in her face all night screaming “Patrick did it didn’t he?”, while whacking her in the back of the head to try to help her remember. ??? Really? And if you don’t know enough to understand about what exactly false confessions are, then you simply don’t know enough to know and understand what false confessions are unfortunately.

      And who again are you, a supporter, but a supporter who is too afraid to actually put a name in what they’ve proudly spouted? And who are you again, to say that Amanda’s actions in Court were insensitive? No they weren’t. What are you talking about? Who ARE you?

      They will be convicted only if this Judge doesn’t have the courage to stand up to a corrupt ISC who went beyond their job, and are trying to force a convictions based on things proven untrue in the Court even of first instance by basically instructing Florence to convict and telling them how to do so, all based on nothing real, nothing true. Nothing. And you stand in support of this family THIS way? This poor poor family then.

      I feel even MORE sorry for them now.

      And I think the people who have helped wrongly put Amanda and Raffaele in jail should be held accountable for their God forsaken actions.

      What a crock.

      • Amanda and Raffaele DON’T have solid alibi,but solid LIES.

        ” after shoving her cell phone in her face all night screaming “Patrick did it didn’t he?”
        You even know the words of the cops.Incredible.
        So,you were there that night?
        You should testify in the trial.
        In reality,your words is just a guessing of what happen.
        You don’t what happen,because you weren’t there.
        Your words only confuse people.Nothing else.

        “And I think the people who have helped wrongly put Amanda and Raffaele in jail should be held accountable for their God forsaken actions.
        What a crock”
        You are a very confused person,like your funny husband.
        The bad guys are on your side,not our.

        Question for you:
        Amanda had 14 DAYS to correct her statements against Lumunba,why did she keep silent for so long?

        • Amanda retracted her accusation in her second memoriale of 7 November. PM Mignini quoted the key portion back to her in his cross examination; therefore, what she said is not in dispute. She also reiterated that she had spent 1 November at Sollecito’s in her letter to her lawyers (on or about 9 November). She was not silent.

        • How could Amanda have typed up that statement without access to a typewriter? Or in such perfect Italian, when her own skills in that language were far from fluent (at the time)? Because she didn’t type the statement, it is not really her statement. She merely signed what the cops had pressured her to sign. That’s it.

          And while the cops may not have shouted “It was Patrick, wasn’t it?” in those exact words, that was the general message they were pushing across. You gotta read between the lines, dude.

          As far as correcting her statement is concerned, Amanda DID attempt to, on the day after she signed it… but both the police and prison officials ignored her retraction. She was also in solitary during the 14 days, which didn’t give her alot of freedom to communicate.

          And should the police be held accountable? Definitely! they’re supposed to be protecting the public, but instead they abuse their power, becoming the very people we need protection from. Amanda & Raffaele are not the only ones to have experienced this, either. If you get the chance, read Patrick’s first statement to the presses, before he started going after Amanda:

          “They hit me and they insulted me” was one of the things he claimed. Frank has a copy of the full statement, which describes how they broke down Patrick’s door and forcibly dragged him out of his apartment while his wife had to pull their son away, screaming. The cops also used him as a human punching bag while calling him a “dirty black”. Not exactly what I’d call exemplary conduct.

          Then, of course, there’s Frank’s own experience… and Bene’s… and all those slander suits Mignini loved to throw around just because he could. Is that the kind of state you want to live in? Where the police can do whatever they want to whomever they want? I wouldn’t feel safe in that kind of state.

          • Mignini has the right to defend himself like any other citizen.
            He is even too good.I would have sued many more people,if I were him.
            The police can’t do anything you want.This is fiction.
            “She was also in solitary during the 14 days, which didn’t give her alot of freedom to communicate”.
            Nonsense.She could call her lawyers anytime she wanted.
            ” I wouldn’t feel safe in that kind of state.”
            Safer than the U.S., anyway.

        • She retracted immediately, on 6 November.

          Also, to quote another poster, she “reiterated that she had spent 1 November at Sollecito’s in her letter to her lawyers (on or about 9 November).”

          The cops knew from DNA analysis that Guede, not Lumumba, was involed, as early as 6-7 November, and did nothing to free Patrick.

    • >(1) A confused and unverifiable alibi,(2) Turning off their phones around the time of the murder,(3) There was no break-in,(4) Meredith was subdued by multiple people.5) Amanda went into the bathroom and then out.(6) Rudy’s shoeprints go straight out the front door (7) Amanda and Raffaele came back to clean up and left bloody footprints(8) Raffaele left his DNA on the bra clasp (9) With so many witnesses, at least some of what they reported is probably true.(10) Suspicious behavior after the murder(11) Both confessed.(12) Amanda accused Patrick (13) Insensitive behavior during the court proceedings.<

      Like wearing a T-shirt her aunt gave her for Valentine's Day and smiling at her family and friends when she came into the court room? How DARE she! Only guilty people are happy to see their family and friends.

      • bostiemom wants it all
        Freedom of speech but not for all
        She’s always ready to attack
        But starts to cry when we fight back
        If only she had a brain
        Her reasoning would be more sane
        Come January she will lose
        With a guilty verdict she will feel the blues

      • Bostie mum u still on rabun way from beagle yeah?

    • (1) No
      (2) So what?
      (3) BS
      (4) Not proven
      (5) BS
      (6) So what?
      (7) Lie
      (8) Lie
      (9) Stupid
      (10) BS
      (11) Not true
      (12) The cops accused Patrick and forced Amanda into joining them
      (13) Lie, BS and general idiocy

      Get lost already, you troll. We’re not interested in your lies.

    • Does this mean, Proud Kercher Family Supporter,we can come on the Kercher family websites Perugiamurderfile.net and Perugiamurderfile.org and True Justice Meredith Kercher and post about how we believe Meredith was murdered by Rudy Guede and how Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito are innocent

    • The Courts and Police really did a BAD number on this one, I feel compassion for the Kercher family because they have an unfulfilled need to find the murderer so they choose Amanda. IF the police and courts would have done the work correctly then they would also have peace. Amanda IS innocent of murder that there is no doubt.

    • When are you people going to accept that Amanda & Raffaele didn’t do it?

  2. Apart from Amanda and Raffaele actual innocence, which should be obvious by now to anyone who has honestly looked into this case, there’s also serious prosecutorial misconduct. In the US or UK, the case would have been long dismissed because of that.

    And, of course, there is the issue of rotten police forensics.

    – Stefanoni concealed exculpatory TMB results from the defense. What else is she hiding? Confirmatory tests showing it wasn’t blood?

    – Negative controls are not a mere formality and not a piece of paper. If you’re testing for the presence of something, first test a blank sample and check if it comes “positive” (if it does, fix it! else your test is BS) – that’s a negative control. You cannot “lose” the negative controls record because that’s a precondition to doing any test properly.

    That the record of negative controls got somehow detached from the rest of the file and lost – no matter if found or not – is unbelievable. Look at the Carabinieri report (Berti and Barni) and compare it with Stefanoni’s “work” – it’s day vs. night. In all likelihood, Stefanoni never ran the controls. She probably had Meredith’s DNA in her machine when she started testing the knife.

    – Cops in dirty gloves playing with the bra clasp then dropping it… Contamination all over.

    – Stefanoni’s brilliant DNA analysis of the bra clasp as summarized by Vecchiotti and Zoppis in a paper: “no scientific evidence supporting the notion that flaking cells were present in the sample.” Then: “allelic peaks were interpreted in a manner that did not conform to the recommendations made in current literature/practice.” She tried to hide the contamination (misconduct): “The DNA extracted from the bra clasp thus indicates the presence of several minor contributors, which was not disclosed by the scientific police.”

    And so it goes: “The electropherograms obtained from Y-STRs analysis also showed (besides the peaks designated as alleles in the technical report of the scientific police) the presence of additional peaks with heights exceeding the threshold of 50 RFU… Despite not being in a stutter position, they were not taken into consideration. Instead, the report(ing) was limited to what was in agreement with the observations on the electropherograms of the autosomal STRs.”

    So Stefanoni simply tweaked results to her superiors’ pleasure. By the way, her electronic data files (EDF) remain undisclosed – she’s still hiding what a DNA expert is routinely required to submit to a UK/US court.

    It’s really a wholesale indictment of the police lab. They are practicing mock science.

  3. Where is the link to part 1 ???????????????
    There is no hyperlink to it, and if I remove “part-2” from the URL, or change it to “…part-1” I get page not found errors.

  4. “By continuing to try, the prosecution is like a ship that has bumped into a rock and is sinking.” Love the comparison. Very appropriate.

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