From Amanda’s blog; (http://www.amandaknox.com/2014/02/02/1216/)  February 2nd, 2014: 

“It’s hard to even know what I’m up against, what could be motivating this verdict that’s so clearly wrong and unfounded.”


We are in the middle of what appears to be an attempt at a master manipulation of American values. As Americans, we pride ourselves on the foundation of moral principle and ethics defined by the Constitution of the United States of America. Our Constitution is the very embodiment of America’s social and legal standards.

To much of the world, our Constitution is viewed as a beacon of hope while others are not impressed. There are many narcissists in positions of power in other countries that ignore their own constitutional oversight, let alone the values of America.


To avoid redundancy, if you need any background in the Amanda Knox case, please seeDENVER or the revised chronicle on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amanda_knox


 America is not alone in our belief that Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito have been falsely convicted of a crime they did not commit. We march in unison with many citizens of Italy, as well as others around the world, to demand that the Italian Judiciary release Raffaele as he is as innocent as Amanda.

 Section #1: America’s Hypocrisy?

Section #2: Four main facets to this phenomenon identified:

              Facet #1: Ultimately, Italian retribution?

                       Part #1: Italian Supreme Court ruling.

                       Part #2: Political adversaries intense in Italy.

              Facet #2: In the beginning, a political back-door deal?

              Facet #3: WITCHCRAFT AND WARLORDS

              Facet #4: Gold diggers follow the money!

Section #3: Why would anyone want to stop the madness???

                      Part #1: Clearly, the momentum of this case is in full steam.

                      Part #2: Rudy’s fate?

                      Part #3: Internet torture fun!

                      Part #4: Kercher family in limbo.

Section #4: Perpetual injustice.

 Section #1: America’s Hypocrisy? 

What has recently come to light is the obvious manipulation and possible abuse of the extradition treaty between America and Italy. Many trashy tabloid sites, especially from across the pond, have been taunting Amanda that she will be extradited back to Italy to serve a prison sentence of 28.5 years. This prison sentence which has been bought and paid for by the tax payers of Italy may be intended as restitution/payback for previous perceived injustices committed by the US against Italy. 

Here are some of those documented injustices:

 1. In 1985, after the Achille Lauro hijacking by the PLF and the murder of disabled, wheelchair-bound Jewish American passenger Max Klinghoffer, the U.S. scrambled Navy jets to intercept the jetliner carrying the hijackers and their leader, Abu Abbas, and forced them to land at an Italian airbase without actually asking permission of Italy which resulted in an armed confrontation with soldiers facing off at the base. Italy then took charge of the bad guys, basically gave the murdering hijackers slaps on the wrist, and let terror leader Abu Abbas go despite pleas from the U.S. to hold him or extradite him. 


2. In 1998, a USMC EA-6B Prowler on a training mission flew too close to terrain in violation of orders, and cut the cables of the Cermis aerial tram near Cavalese killing all 20 passengers from several different nations on board the car. Italians call this the “Strage del Cermis”, translated “Massacre of Cermis”. 

The pilot and navigator faced court martial for involuntary manslaughter and negligent homicide, but the pilot was acquitted on claims that he thought he was 3x higher above terrain than he actually was, and charges against the navigator were dropped.

The Italian prosecutors demanded that the four marines be prosecuted in Italy, but the judge ruled that under the Convention of London, June 19th, 1951, Article VII: “The military authorities of the sending State shall have the right to exercise within the receiving State all criminal and disciplinary jurisdiction conferred on them by the law of the sending State over all persons subject to the military law of that State.”

The incident created a climate of high tension between the U.S. and Italy. President Bill Clinton apologized for the incident just a few days later and promised the victims’ families monetary compensation. It was then discovered that the pilot and navigator had destroyed a video recording of the flight, so they were retried and convicted of obstruction of justice, the pilot was sentenced to 6 months (he served 4-1/2 months) and both were dishonorably discharged, losing their pensions and benefits. Italy and most of Europe were outraged and so were many Americans.


3. In 2003, the U.S. asked Italy to extradite Abu Omar, a Milanese Muslim cleric, as a terror suspect. Italy refused so the CIA sent people into Italy in conjunction with SISMI (Italian intelligence) and extracted him, rendering him to custody of Egypt. In 2005, Abu Omar escaped and phoned home (Milan) claiming torture. Italy then charged 26 American CIA employees with kidnapping, and ultimately convicted 23 of them in absentia, sentencing each to an average 8 years in an Italian prison. America has refused extradition. The SISMI agents were all found to have official immunity in Italy.

Robert Seldon Lady was the lead CIA operative in the operation. Agent Lady had given twenty-four years of dedication to America as a CIA operative. Although living in America at the time, he had purchased a beautiful home in Italy as he was close to retirement. Italy confiscated his dream-home and has made Agent Lady a fugitive for life.

Case in point: In 2013, retired agent Lady took a trip to Panama and Italy had him arrested under a world wide warrant. He was held in a Panamanian jail until the US Embassy could secure his release. He will be hounded for life just as Italy is doing to Amanda.


4. In 2005, at a military checkpoint in Baghdad, during a high-level visit, SISMI Major Nicola Clipari was killed and ransomed reporter/kidnap victim Giuliana Sgrena was wounded when Calipari failed to stop his vehicle and then failed to remain still in the vehicle.

Soldiers manning the checkpoint feared Calipari was a suicide bomber attempting to detonate a large car bomb, so Spc. Mario Lozano was ordered by his commander to shoot. Italy wanted to try Lozano (not his commander) for murder, but the same NATO treaty language that kept the Cermis pilot out of Italian hands was invoked on October 25th, 2007, precisely one week before Meredith was murdered by Rudy Guede. The Cassazione was forced to rule that the murder charge could not be pursued. As a result, Italian police and SISMI agents were absolutely livid and many publicly vowed revenge on the United States.

Enter Amanda Knox! (Wrong place, wrong time.)

I believe this would adequately prove, or at least raise the question:

Does this level of animosity against America rise to the level to justify Italy seeking retribution, or are there other additional underlying motives that keeps this travesty of justice against Amanda and Raffaele in perpetual motion?

 Clearly, this 21st Century phenomenon is multifaceted. 


Section #2: Four main facets to this phenomenon identified:

Facet #1: Ultimately, Italian retribution?

Part #1: Italian Supreme Court ruling

In October of 2011, appellate court Judge Claudio Hellmann proclaimed Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito to be not-guilty of murder. Shortly thereafter, CBS News quoted Judge Hellmann as saying: “the evidence was nonsense.”

In August of 2013, the Italian Supreme Court annulled Judge Hellmann’s acquittal sighting they wanted to “revisit” the Sex Game Gone Bad theory that has already been disproved. They went so far as to insinuate anything but a guilty verdict would be rejected again.

On January 30th, 2014, the Florence Appellate Court followed the Supreme Court mandate and handed down a guilty verdict to Amanda and Raffaele for murder in the First Degree of Meredith Kercher. The motivation report is due within 90 days after the verdict.

Even by the Italian Supreme Court’s finding, there is absolutely no physical evidence, no DNA evidence, only some flimsy circumstantial evidence that makes the guilty verdict 100% worthy within the parameters of Italian law to extract vengeance on America.

Case in point: In the short duration Amanda and Meredith were room-mates, Meredith had once politely and nicely asked Amanda to brush the commode after every use. Amanda politely agreed that it was a good idea.

But according to the wildly imaginative new appellate court prosecutors, in lieu of any other motive or evidence for MURDER, they conjured up that Amanda’s motive must have stemmed from that simple toilet cleaning request;

Thereby, fulfilling the Supreme Court mandate that Amanda and Raffaele be found guilty for any ludicrous reason.

This will go down in history as:

“The dirty toilet motive for murder!”

But circumventing any levity, the absurdity of this conjecture amplifies the intent of the Italian Supreme Court to implement their will of dominance over an innocent American girl for a political agenda.

Judge Hellmann – who proclaimed Amanda and Raffaele innocent in 2011 of any involvement of the murder – has been quoted numerous times about the political nature of Amanda’s persecution. 

Judge Hellmann clarified in an interview with Italian weekly Oggi:

“The Supreme Court judges in effect carried out a straight-legged tackle. They cannot do that and they should not have done that. They should have just limited themselves to the law. Instead they decided to interpret the evidence and that is a violation of the law. That is incorrect. What they have done is in effect hand the new trial a sentence that is ready and done – their ruling has explained to the judges in the new trial how they should convict the two accused.”


Amanda has verifiably and certifiably been targeted for framing as political retribution to America! 


Facet #1: Ultimately, Italian retribution? 

Part #2: Political adversaries intense in Italy. 

Italy is in a constant state of political flux, opposing parties continuously act more like warring factions. (Compared to American politics, they make us look like girl-scouts selling cookies as a team.) 

After the acquittal in 2011, this case became extremely politically charged as political factions declared war on each other for the political turmoil the highly political Italian judiciary had created from this miscarriage of justice.

 In the Amanda Knox case, you’ve got the Popolo della Libertà political party vying for power against the Partito Democratico, social-democratic, Sinistra Ecologia Libertà, democratic-socialist and ecologist parties.

The Italian political structure of course has evolved from previous parties such as:

Italian Communist Party

Fascist Italian Social Movement

Italian Socialist Party

Italian Democratic Socialist Party

Italian Republican Party

Italian Liberal Party

Italy still struggles to reform its political system to reflect Western values, but parts of their Judiciary are obviously stuck in a pre-WW-II Fascist totalitarianism mentality.


Italian President, Giorgio Napolitano has posted thirty-nine year old Matteo Renzi as Italy’s new Prime minister. Renzi has been assigned the task of forming a new government. 

Are we talking starting from scratch, take it back to a 1776 style of reform, bring in all the warring factions, and create a viable Italian Government for the 21st century? 

(NOTE: In a parliamentary system, “forming a new government” simply means to select a PM and create a cabinet that a specified majority of the members of Parliament will vote to approve. It does not involve creating a whole new constitution – although God knows they need to do that too!)

To you, Mr. Renzi, I have total faith in you and wish you good luck! May I also ask of you to reform your wily Judiciary that has taken Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito and used them as political pawns.

Note: The 2009 guilty conviction started the political time line and was exacerbated in the 2011 acquittal as to when this became an issue of national and political pride. 


Facet #2: In the beginning (2007), a political back-door deal?

Let’s look at the implications of how this injustice started on October 5th ~ 6th, 2007.

We just clarified the political landscape in Italy as volatile and treacherous.

Politics are as passionately fought at a laymen’s level as they are at parliamentary levels.

Anti-Americanism is still embraced by some in Italy (see Facet #1).

We are now seeing the blatant ramifications of anti-Americanism all the way up to the Italian Supreme Court.

Note: There are some 200 Italian Supreme Court justices. This is how you account for EVERY single trial going through an ISC approval review.

Enter Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini. He is well entrenched in the methodology of the Italian Judiciary.

 He has exorbitant political powers, including playing with the lives of the little people. His political ideology includes a Satanism fantasy:


Mignini is untouchable, he has been previously charged and convicted of Abuse of Power, but has always been able to get it dismissed after the fact. He is able to arbitrarily charge any person of any ludicrous charges that he desires.

Mignini interrogated the distinguished writer Douglas Preston, arbitrarily accusing him of murder just to force him and his family to leave the country.

My point is that Mignini does whatever he wants, to whomever he wants, with no judicial oversight.

So enter an aristocratic family of Perugia who had an adoptive son name Rudy Guede. They had loved and nurtured Rudy as a family member for three years. Rudy was adored by his adoptive sister as a real brother. Rudy was adored by his adoptive mother as the maternal instinct is God given.

I will point out that the love of a mother never fades. You often hear a mother proclaiming her love and disbelief when a son has been accused of a murder, rape, assault… It does not matter, the love of a mother never dies!

Mrs. Caporali (bless her loving soul) was reported to have helped Rudy return to Perugia in the first quarter of 2007 by reportedly giving Rudy a “character reference” on the rental agreement. This sounds inert on the surface, but does that mean she told them Rudy was diligent, trustworthy, honest and financially responsible? Or did she simply co-sign on the lease agreement? We don’t know what this means, but it is a direct contradiction to the statement that there had been “no contact” with Rudy since he had left Perugia three years earlier.

So “why” the major contradiction in the time-line?

It is very clear that Rudy had a very tight rapport with the Perugian police and prosecutors. Many believe Rudy did reconnaissance work (second story burglaries of defense lawyer’s law offices), and also acted as a drug informant.

Clearly Rudy maintained a Teflon-coating as he had been arrested many times just previously to the murder, but NEVER prosecuted. Many also ask: “why?”

 In the first 24 hours after Rudy committed the murder, Rudy had gone to a disco (as an alibi), made some calls from an untraceable public phone, and was given a basic plan to head to Germany while a comprehensive plan could be formulated.

As outlined in:


Mignini extracted Patrick Lumumba’s phone number on Day 2 (November 3rd, 2007) and formed the plan to coerce a confession from Amanda involving Patrick (above link, Section 5, Part 2, *November 3rd). 

On the night of November 5th, Mignini had a seasoned team of terrorist interrogators brought in from Rome just to extract a confession from Amanda.

As some still think that a person as cagy as Mignini just accidentally thought Amanda was guilty, then why did he let Douglas Preston go free if Mignini accidentally thought Mr. Preston was guilty?

Is it not just as viable to think that even though Mignini knew Amanda was innocent, he would simply use her as a pawn along with Patrick Lumumba to create a diversion to keep an Aristocrat’s son (Rudy) out of harms way?

Even Rudy’s first taped Skype phone call from Germany confirms Amanda was not there and reflects the obvious nature of the next rehearsed phone call when Rudy changed the story to implicate Amanda.

We would be naive to think that pleasing a powerful political ally would not be helpful to Mignini in any future political favors with a simple back-door-deal to frame an unknown kid, Amanda, and mitigate Rudy.

Remember, this is only 2007, 2008, 2009, it did not enter the political arena until the first asinine guilty verdict in 2009 that brought world attention.

Until then, Amanda was just an unknown snot nosed kid that wore Beatles tee-shirts to court as she was trusting that the truth would be presented in court and she could go home, still just a sweet and innocent girl.




Is it possible that for some of the most prolific of the guilter posters this entire case this is just a MMORPG – a massive multiplayer online role-playing game?

Let’s think about this: we know that many of the posters on the guilter sites (and some of the founder/moderators) claim utterly fraudulent credentials. The common thread is that they don’t offer any credentials or proof.

There was a woman in England who fired up a site and claimed to be some sort of psychiatric expert – and turned out to be little more than a housewife. We have a guilter poster on Disqus who claims to be an attorney, but is he? He really does NOT sound like an attorney at all. We have various other posters on guilter sites, especially who claim “expertise” in everything from clinical psychology to “statement analysis”, to crime scene forensics, to footprints, to DNA, to law, to medicine, to …

But suppose for a minute that many or even most (or all) of these characters are complete frauds. Suppose that these personae have no more foundation in reality than a Bernie Madoff investment fund. Suppose all or most of them are in reality just failed little people living humdrum insecure lives perhaps mostly on public assistance or working menial jobs or “McJobs” somewhere.

Maybe it is all a shared fantasy and a role-playing “game” in which there just happens to be “real human victims.”

This sadistic possibility seems to be reality when reading some of the vile and extremely violent threats that are posted against Amanda and Raffaele.

This case has incubated and bred a sickness of demonic pleasure that was propagated directly from the sick and narcissistic mind of Giuliano Mignini and released into the Italian and UK tabloids from day one.



Facet #4: Gold diggers follow the money!

The last aspect of this case is the trail of gold.

Of course, the prosecution of this perpetual case is funded by the tax payers of Italy. Compared to the average income of a family, Italy in contrast has an infinite financial resource to prosecute the accused into bankruptcy.

Italy’s system has been well defined, however I created a simple flow chart to illustrate how easily the Italian Judiciary can keep anyone, even if found innocent from ever being free: DOUBLE JEOPARDY ITALIAN STYLE

So a political victory may be claimed by the Italian Judiciary for successfully framing and prosecuting Amanda Knox as an innocent American, but who is also benefiting finically from this sadistic persecution?

 Just follow the money trail!

 First, Mignini has already gotten a promotion to Prosecutor General. (Good job, Mignini, you have tortured many innocent souls to receive this honor!)

Next is Mignini’s good friend Francesco Maresca. Maresca is Jonny-on-the-spot when Mignini comes a calling with an assignment.

Of course Maresca was assigned to be the legal representative for the Kercher family. Instead of getting an unbiased attorney from the UK, the Kerchers were now privy to the inside scoop of the case strategy.

This business relationship has blossomed into a possible gold mine of civil suit potential for the entire Kercher family. As we’ve detailed above about many guilters savoring the fun of emotionally torturing innocent kids, it is highly probably that some guilters are being compensated to maintain the animosity against Amanda and Raffaele.

So before I hear the threat of a law-suit for slander, please consider, if it is ever substantiated that one of the immediate Kercher family members is in fact Harry Rag, then it is implied that finical gain would be eminent upon a final guilty verdict in civil court. A financial impetus to have propagated so many lies and coordinated unfounded attacks against two innocent kids and their supporters.

Of course, by now Patrick Lumumba is well aware that Amanda did not falsely implicate him. Even the new audio tapes confirm that Amanda has never swayed from her account of the coerced confession “pre-typed” in Italian that she supposedly wrote freehand of her own free will. Mignini framed Patrick just as he did Amanda and Raffaele.


But now, along with the Kerchers, Patrick Lumumba has jumped on the Gold Train. Mr. Lumumba has already sued the Italian police for wrongful imprisonment, but has become a proponent of the police as they are now a ticket to another civil suit against Amanda.

Next after all the direct aspects of finical gain tough perpetual civil suits, we have the indirect advantage of finical gain through the media.

By having transformed a sweet and average girl from Seattle into a sex-crazed nymphomaniac, the media and many yellow journalists have cashed in at the dignity and humanity of Amanda.

These vultures have deprived Amanda of a fair trial with their biased and exaggerated accounts of what would normally be considered an average girl experiencing life.

But no, for the sake of publicity and money, so many have cashed in their own humanity for profit, fame or Nielsen ratings:

NBC (funded BBC “documentary”)


Nick Pisa (UK journalist…sat thru 1st trial with buddies Nadeau & Vogt)

Chelsea Hoffman

Wendy Murphy

Nancy Grace

Ann Coulter

Michael Winterbottom (Director of movie “Face of an Angel”) + Kate Beckinsale, Daniel Bruuhl & the rest of the crummy cast

Lifetime (Movie “Amanda Knox – Murder in Italy”)

Director Robert Dornheim

Hayden Panettiere, Marcia Gay Harden & the rest of the disgusting cast

Alan Dershowitz

Chris Cuomo (his interview w/Amanda was ugly & got big ratings)



Section #3: Why would anyone want to stop the madness???

Part #1: Clearly, the momentum of this case is in full steam.

At the highest political level, Italy has gained leverage to press the US State Department for an extradition request for Amanda (pending the final ISC ruling in 2015).

They are fully aware that the extradition treaty was written between two countries that were considered to have integrity.

Italy now believes the US acts without integrity in relation to the extradition treaty, so they are well aware that America will not be returning Amanda under such an obvious political persecution.

But to their internal political climate, they will be able to claim they have positioned the US into a corner of hypocrisy. This is a very powerful stimulus for that political party and it holds so much honor. 


 Section #3, Part #2: Rudy’s fate? 

Next we have the outcome of Rudy’s fate. As Rudy Guede was originally sentenced to 30 years in prison as the sole perpetrator of Meredith’s murder, one would have to ask why I thought Rudy was ever receiving preferential treatment? 

Rudy actually had a lawyer (Valter Biscotti) meet him in Germany. Mr. Biscotti was supposedly just a nice guy doing a poor drifter a favor by going “pro-bono.” Here we are six years later, still “pro-bono?” 

Likewise, Rudy was awarded a segregated trial as to keep him safe from cross-examination, his sentence was reduced to 16 years.

Mr. Biscotti said that if they would have all been in the same trial, Amanda and Raffaele’s lawyers would have easily made it look like Rudy did it?

That still does not sound like what I would expect if Rudy were being protected as a political favor to powerful people.

I would think that he would be free before Amanda and Raffaele are even fully convicted?

What? Hold the phone, I am just hearing that our little Rudy Ga-zooty is being release soon on probation to obtain a college degree in History?

Wow, that’s impressive!

As Amanda and Raffaele are just finishing their college degrees, Rudy, not to be outdone as a “drifter,” will soon have his own college degree (even if he does NOT attend classes, he’ll still get a degree).

Of course, he’ll need transportation for college, but Rudy previously did not need a car as he used to be a drifter. But now he will be a prominent businessman in the community of Perugia.

Throw in a nice Mercedes and a few Claudio del Vecchio suits, and Rudy will now be the man he had always dreamt of being.

To recap: Get Rudy off of murder, get him a façade college degree and poof, nobody will ever be the wiser that Rudy is still just a cold blooded killer.

Well done! 


Section #3, Part #3: Internet torture fun!

As we are dissecting why this persecution of two innocent people is too much fun to stop, we need only look at the fun of the guilter community.

Gosh, it must be fun to try and put an innocent young woman in a cage for most of her life. The Guilters are always trying to insinuate that Amanda and Raffaele lack moral character.

And yet, some of the Guilters are probably responsible for some of the other filth that proliferates the internet!

Then in your perverted hypocrisy, you have the audacity to taunt Amanda and Raffaele with vulgarities and threats.

Get your kicks now, because once Amanda is under America’s legal protection, your fun will legally end. 


Section #3, Part #4: Kercher family in limbo. 

The Italian Supreme Court already mandated a guilty verdict from the Florence Appellate Court, so it is a 100% certainty that the ISC will confirm the guilty verdict allowing the expected extradition request. 

The Kercher family is stuck in limbo. They are in dismay that Rudy will soon be free when he has the only DNA directly attributable to the murder, but Mr. Biscotti told the Kerchers (in my analogy), so sad, too bad, but it’s Italian law, deal with it. And, due to the madness of their own lawyer, the Kerchers continue to falsely persecute Amanda and Raffaele? 

Kercher family calls for US to extradite Knox:



To John Kercher:

John, Our hearts also bleed for the loss of Meredith. Our quest for truth is what Meredith would have wanted. It should now become apparent with the release of Rudy Guede, this was never about finding justice for your beautiful daughter. It was your lawyer using your pain to perpetuate hatred for two innocent kids while diverting attention away from Rudy Guede. Get a new, unbiased lawyer from the UK and the truth will shine. 


Section #4: Perpetual injustice.

But the final phase of the legal technicalities are only the beginning of the hopeful influx of riches for the lawyers who are suing for pure profit.

The Civil Suits have already started, and they will never end. The guilter community will never dissipate.

Why would any of these people and the guilters ever what this to end???

This sickness of the 21st century has just begun.

Unless our State Department takes this serious as a new form of extortion and political terrorism, this case, and more to follow, may become the new norm in the 21st Century.

America would have to amend the constitution to accept Italian Double Jeopardy as the new standard of the American Judiciary.

Maybe this was a prophecy that the Liberty Bell was trying to tell us when it cracked?

God Bless America!