New insight into the unfounded persecution of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito is being revealed by two of our own distinguished and retired FBI agents.  

Retired FBI agents, Steve Moore (worldwide crime and terrorist investigator), and Jim Clemente (renowned behavior analyst), have teamed up.  They are publicly discussing their personal beliefs as to the possible impetus for the grave miscarriage of justice instituted against two innocent college students falsely accused of orchestrating the murder of Meredith Kercher in 2007. 

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To avoid redundancy, if you need any background in the Amanda Knox case,

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 “Accuse your accuser” has been the modus operandi of the Perugian Prosecution throughout the entire Amanda Knox case.  Amanda’s supporters span across America and throughout the world.  We do not, would not, will not ever receive a penny for fighting for Amanda who exemplifies the traditional American values of “the girl next door”!  

Meanwhile, the well organized PR machine initiated by the Perugian prosecution is still spewing volumes of hatred towards Amanda and anyone seeking the truth.  Their primary agenda is to intimidate and badger Americans defending Amanda and her right to a fair trial.  This leads us to the fact that the initial allegations towards Amanda, and ultimately against Raffaele as her alibi, were in fact drummed up to protect a local Perugian drifter, Rudy Guede. 

I admit, my allegation is conjecture based on the fact that so much of the physical evidence presented by the prosecution has been fabricated.  (For what reason?) 

Common sense leads me (and possibly Steve Moore and Jim Clemente) to the same conclusion.  Rudy Guede at one point in time had a fortunate position in Perugia as the adoptive son of a politically powerful and wealthy Perugian family.  As Rudy was troublesome, this possibly migrated him into the position as a Police-Informant to afford him leniency in his antics.    

This is not an insinuation that this family initiated the obvious preferential treatment to mitigate the actions of their adoptive son; 

Rather, there is every indication that the lead prosecutor,  Giuliano Mignini, had identified Rudy Guede in the first twenty-four hours of the murder and committed himself to the protection of family honor (possibly for political gain?). 

I’ve already laid this out so many times in the past three years, 

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We have seen a proliferation of media made at Amanda’s expense based on the obsessive sexual fantasies of a deranged prosecutor.  Sex sells, and Amanda’s inner and external beauty has been morphed into a depiction of a depraved sexaholic, psychotic, murdering mistress of the underworld!  This is pure fantasy created by the worldwide media to sell articles, newspapers and films. 

Currently, the Italian Supreme Court (consisting of around 200 judges and several courts) is considering if they should continue the charade of condemning two innocent college students in order to maintain the facade of Italian honor (i.e., “bella figura”)?   

It is my hope they also consider Raffaele’s courage and loyalty in choosing to take the high road and save the girl he knew to be innocent at the risk of the loss of his own freedom.  Raffaele is by all standards a hero and will continue to receive 100% of our support! 

It is of paramount importance that the American public have access to the findings of America‘s finest retired FBI agents.  You can rest assured our State Department is now fully aware that at this stage, we are dealing with some type of Italian Code of Honor (over truth), as well as possibly political retribution as outlined in articles linked above.  

In this comprehensive interview, facilitated by CRIME TIME, please take particular note of the 24 minute marker as it outlines the possible impetus that initiated this prejudiced persecution of an American girl! 

The involvement of, and abuse by, the Italian Judiciary in the obvious railroading of two innocent kids is truly REPREHENSIBLE!!! 

Thank you so much Special Agents Moore and Clemente!