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AMANDA KNOX: Anti-Americanism is Alive to Thrive!

How much of the Amanda Knox saga can be attributed to the Anti-American sentiment in Europe? 

Bernard Chazelle, a Eugene Higgins Professor of Computer Science at Princeton University wrote an article:
“Anti-Americanism: A Clinical Study.”
One of the ironies he points out is that Anti-Americanism is pretty much a phenomenon unto itself.  I’m guessing it’s probably because America has been the sole super-power and a world economic leader for so long. 
From the article:
France is not a democracy.” His novel insight could hardly be dismissed as mere anti-Frenchism for the simple reason that the word does not exist. In fact, neither does anti-Polishism, anti-Spanishism, or even anti-Vaticanism. (Each one googles in the single digits—the modern definition of nonexistence.) With over 115,000 Google hits, anti-Americanism stands alone: a living testament to US exceptionalism.
I doubt this is news to any one of you.  I’m wondering if the prosecutor against Amanda Knox counted on this knowledge to ensure  his success in falsely incriminating an innocent American girl?  The sacrifice of an innocent girl like in the “Good Old Days?”
If you need any background in the Amanda Knox case, please see DENVER or the revised chronicle on Wikipedia:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amanda_knox
As my previous article (Amanda Knox Running Scared?) points out, maybe as high as 40% of Americans still believe that Amanda and Raffaele were still involved even with their vindication.
One has to wonder if the continued persecution of Amanda by mostly tabloids and hate-sites is stimulated by this hatred for America?
Are many of the good hearted Americans showing their bewilderment of this unfounded hatred by allowing themselves to be manipulated?
Unfortunately, hate groups and hate sites continue to fill the Internet and comment sections with false propaganda about Amanda’s innocence. 
In the previous article, Ground Report had the sagacity to leave several of the most hateful and vile comments against Americans to accentuate the intensity of anti-American sentiment in Europe.  Likewise, the current animosity against Amanda by some Europeans and Americans is highlighted too.
Obviously, this extremism of hatred is an age old tactic to manipulate and intimidate people into compliance.
A strong campaign of hatred towards Amanda started from day one.  An unprecedented hate campaign of tabloid gossip about Amanda then carried over to her parents and was unleashed to camouflage a hidden agenda (Hypotheses outlined in previous articles). 
The agenda started off as a low keyed favor to get a local boy (Rudy Guede) off of murder charges. The original plan transferred liability onto some unknown kid (Amanda) from a country hated by the prosecutor for their demonic culture, America.  Likewise, Raffaele was acceptable collateral damage as he was not part of the “Perugian family.”
The culture of Perugia is entrenched in centuries old tradition.
The judicial system in Perugia is a sub-culture liable only unto itself.  A very tight-knit community where Judges attend each others’ children’s weddings.  A big happy “FAMILY” if you will.
Judges, prosecutors and high ranking prison officials all share in the responsibility and “benefits” of their perceived privately owned Judicial and Correctional System.
“Benefits?”  With Judges and Prosecutors working hand-in-hand, the accused are 100% at the mercy of the court.  This abusive system was supposed to have changed with the 1998 Constitutional Amendment restructuring their judicial system.  In most parts of the country, I believe that the integrity of their judicial system has honored the amendment, but not the Umbrian mentality of the Perugian gang.
If you are part of the Perugian system, even by a distant relationship, the system can take care of you.
We know Rudy Guede, a local resident from a prominent adoptive family, was pampered.  They used every trick in the book to shelter Rudy from testifying in the same trial.  A cross examination would have revealed the hypocrisy that Mignini had contrived.  Rudy had his own “personal” trial where he was mitigated to just a co-conspirator.   This shows he had preferential treatment.  This has also entrenched the premise that there had to be multiple perpetrators as his defense was fabricated from this supposition.
With Rudy protected from cross-examination in an open trial, the prosecution laid out a totally different scenario where Rudy Guede was just a misguided boy under the demonic spell of an Evil American girl! 
However, Rudy’s DNA was the ONLY DNA on the scene and that fact was confirmed in the Appeal’s trial that exonerated Amanda and Raffaele.
Now that Amanda and Raffaele have been exonerated, Rudy has been convicted on a false premise of multiple attackers (DNA results confirm a single attacker).  This is now the quagmire for the Perugian Judicial System.  This also leaves Italy in a bit of a pinch in that without resolution, Italy will live under the cloud of suspicion for an entire generation.
But as we all know now, Mignini laid out a whimsical scenario of  sexual desire.
Many societies have used young women to sacrifice to appease the powers that be.
So in this case, we have sweet, innocent Amanda to sacrifice.
What are the benefits for Mignini and his buddies at that time to frame Amanda for Rudy’s murder?
(Before this turned into an international fiasco.)
1. Rudy Guede’s Perugian family would not have to suffer if he were exonerated.
2. The Prison Warden at the local prison is a key member of the “Good Old Boys Club.”  The Prison Warden gets a new sex-toy (Amanda) to play with in the middle of the night.
The inappropriate and illegal midnight sexual interrogations of Amanda by the prison warden created a lewd and lascivious environment, this has been well documented.
Obviously, to Mignini and his buddies,  Amanda was a prize beauty from the Satanic country of America.  But let us not forget, it clearly represents only the tip of the iceberg of what some women endure daily in that prison directed by the warden.   
Now John Kercher and his family are abandoned and alone in finding the truth.
Mr. Kercher has only the conviction of Rudy Guede for closure.  If Mr. Kercher is to believe there were multiple attackers (which is false), he will never be allowed the healing power of closure. 
So the easiest resolution I can suggest is to ask Italy (not Perugia) to allow an independent review from outside investigative experts.   Expert investigators (retired or active) from  the UK, US and Italy.  Allow those experts from outside the Italian Judicial System to review all the documentation (not just the judges official reports) and compare the information between Rudy Guede’s trial and the Knox/Sollecito trial.
Allow access to question the individuals that have signed their name to any specific report, find out their rational first hand.
The two trials are as different as night and day.  The discrepancies in the two trials will highlight the deception of the prosecution.
Fairness and closure for three families depends on an open and unbiased resolution.
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