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AMANDA KNOX: Curt Knox’s Payment to Supporters

Clarification: Curt Knox does NOT pay a penny to any of his millions of supporters!
But, Curt Knox certainly provides a major benefit of inspiration to all patriotic Americans through his heroism!
*Curt Knox is Amanda’s father.
Part 1: Abuse of Power by a Malevolent Narcissist by abusing Article 595 of the Italian Penal Code
Part 2: Article 63 of the Italian Code of Criminal Procedure
Part 3: The Smoking Gun!
To avoid redundancy, if you need any background in the Amanda Knox case, please see DENVER or the revised chronicle on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amanda_knox
I continuously see, I personally get insinuations and flat out statements, that I and all Amanda Knox Supporters are on some Million dollar PR campaign payroll.
As there are Millions of Knox supporters, if this were true, we would receive about ten cents a piece.
But, if Mr. Knox had countless billions of dollars, not one of us would accept a penny to help this outstanding father and American hero.
Speaking of heroes in this cause to dethorn the grip of a country who’s judicial system has taken on an unregulated, tyrannical approach to law;
Edda Mellas (Amanda’s Mother), Chris Mellas (Amanda’s step-father) and including Curt Knox, have collectively stood toe-to-toe against what has evolved into a David verses Goliath persecution of an entire family.
Part 1: Abuse of Power by a Malevolent Narcissist
From our empirical observations of this case since the conviction of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, December 5th, 2009 for a murder proven to have been solely committed by Rudy Guede;
We now know that the tactics employed by Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini are deceitful, disgusting and more than likely, illegal.
Prosecutor Mignini allegedly had Secret Negations with the Sollecito family for Raffaele to perjure himself for a suspended sentence (total freedom) that would have also inflicted life imprisonment on an innocent girl, Amanda Knox.  But, Raffaele Sollecito stood as a man and refused!
Likewise, Prosecutor Mignini apparently made a deal with Patrick Lumumba shortly after his release.  If you recall, Mr. Lumumba complained of police brutality because he was beaten daily in his two weeks of police custody.  Then miraculously, Mr. Lumumba was transformed into a Mignini minion singing the praises of the prosecution for capturing an enchanted, mystical witch of treachery (that he could also sue to make a buck).
Funny how Prosecutor Mignini always brings a happy ending to anyone who decides to follow him like a dog.  Yes, Mignini is surrounded by sycophants, or they will be out of a job (or remain in prison).
Another case in point:
Mr. John Follain was writing a book exploiting the misery of Amanda and Raffaele for monetary gain. 
Sometime in 2008, Mr. Follain fell into the good graces of the prosecution team.  He was seen closely exchanging fun loving banter with prosecutors in the trial of 2009.
This is strictly my speculation (although it’s more logical than all of Mignini’s Circumstantial Evidence combined):
To gain favor from the prosecution team (meaning Prosecutor Mignini), Mr. Follain had to prove his worth for privileged, inside information for his book.
As outlined, Mignini is famous for his advantageous negotiations of favors (the Mafia has no finer negotiators).
Mr. Follain is a British journalist, no allegiance to America or the rule of journalistic integrity.  Mr. Follain was enlightened by prosecutors as to how easy it is to entrap people with Calunnia (Calumny) under Article 595 of the Italian Penal Code.
So Mr. Follain requested an interview on behalf of the British press to get the American’s side of the story.
Now it is the responsibility of all Americans to be familiar with the laws of any foreign country that they are visiting.  But Mr. Knox had his innocent daughter illegally locked up in a slaughter house.  With the pressing issue of giving Amanda help with this false prosecution, gosh, golly, gee, Mr. Knox was probably only able to read about the first 594 Articles of the Italian Penal Code before exiting the plane in Italy.
Article 595 of the Italian Penal Code was a GREAT way for Mignini to entrap Amanda’s parents with a possible prison sentence of up to three years for Calunnia (Calumny)!
Article 595 of the Italian Penal Code refers to offending one’s reputation before many persons and is compounded when the offense happens by means of the press.
All that Mr. Follain had to do was ask:
“So what did Amanda tell you that happened?”
Amanda had replied with her getting slapped in the back of the head by two different female police officers.  It was clearly on the tape that Prosecutor Mignini probably decided to destroy (or keep as a trophy?).
That is literally the scenario that I would bet Mignini concocted to entrap Curt and Edda for imprisonment to take away Amanda’s support team.
As I write this, I have to tell you, Mignini was well aware this would also leave Amanda’s three younger female siblings emotionally destroyed with having their family imprisoned.  Just a triple treat of enjoyment for Mignini as he can easily be categorized as a malevolent narcissist.
Part 2: Article 63 of the Italian Code of Criminal Procedure
We now know the tapes of Amanda’s initial interview on November 5th, 2007 were made and partially translated into English long before the first trial of 2009:
This alone is enough evidence for the Italian Supreme court to have declared this grounds for dismissal, but that’s not all folks!
Even if the tapes had never been made (which should also have been a que for the Supreme Court to dismiss this case), their own Article 63 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (below) was all but totally ignored in all three trials!
Judge Massei only acknowledged the last stipulation, but allowed the trial to proceed without Amanda’s written statement that was made under extreme duress.  (Actually, it was written by someone else.)
Apparently, the review of the initial interview/interrogation was not under question in  the Appeals trial, so Judge Hellmann could not back-track and address it?
Then, the Italian Supreme Court either missed it, or purposely ignored it as to allow several more years of misery and hardship on the Knox and Sollecito families in the name of Italian honor?
Under the Italy’s own Article 63 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, this illegal prosecution should be immediately dismissed, or strongly protested by our Department of State.
The interrogation was never stopped, Amanda was not offered a lawyer.   Amanda was actually dissuaded from asking for a lawyer with a threat of never seeing her family again. 
For all of the harebrained guilters, allow me to write this slowly so you can understand:
It was not up to Amanda to demand a lawyer, it was the responsibly of the police to stop the interrogation and get her a lawyer!  
Even the harebrained, supposed lawyer, Ann Coulter missed this one! (Ann, please note the words “MUST BE IMMEDIATELY STOPPED!”)
Article 63 of the Italian Code of Criminal Procedure:
When a person who is neither an indagato (suspect) nor an imputato (defendant), interrogated by the police or the prosecutor, reveals pieces of information that might lead to his incrimination, the interrogation must be immediately stopped, the person must be invited to nominate a lawyer and be warned that the information disclosed may render necessary an investigation. These self-incriminating statements are inadmissible in court.
Part 3: The Smoking Gun!
The Italian Supreme Court’s ruling to reverse the acquittal may have been for internal political reasons.  They were presented with absolute ludicrousness from the first trial by Judge Massei. 
In the appeals trial, they were presented with 180 degrees of perspective as Judge Hellmann found the case had no merit.
Apparently, the Italian Supreme Court found themselves in a bit of a quandary. 
If they uphold the acquittal, they are acknowledging a very powerful segment of their judicial system is flawed with abuse.  They would either have to ignore the abuse, or have the case investigated Grand Jury style.
They chose the easier route.  They elected to send the case back for revision, a complete retrial.
I don’t know if recent events are the “writing on the wall” or merely coincidence?  But Judge Hellmann looked extremely virile and energized at the Appeals trial.  So was his unexpected retirement actually a forced buyout of the honorable judge?
Judge Hellmann still holds strongly that he made the correct decision:
But now that he has been retired, his opinion has been diminished to just a casual observer.
But the point is, the Knox and Sollecito families should not be required to endure another illegal prosecution funded by the entire country of Italian tax payers.
Here is an outline of “The Smoking Gun.”
Intelligent people are already aware of it, I’m just summarizing:
1.  Amanda was not summons to the police station, November 5th, 2007.  She came voluntarily and unannounced to give Raffaele emotional support and help in his scheduled interview.
2. The police (led by Mignini) decided to take Amanda’s phone and isolate her in an interrogation room.  By declaration of Italian law, Article 63 clearly mandates that an interviewee that becomes suspect must be allowed legal council before continuing with the interrogation (outlined above).
This alone is a breach of law that our own State Department was negligent in enforcing.
3. By declaration of the Italian Code of Criminal Procedure, interrogations must be taped.  It is now proven by reasonable certainty, the interrogation was taped and preformed according to police procedure. (Lost Tapes Found link.)
4. Amanda was coerced by extremely brutal means to sign a confession she did not write.  Articles 63, 64 and 65 of the Italian Code of Criminal Procedure were literally ignored by this corrupt prosecution team.
Again, it is incomprehensible that the United States Department of State allowed without question an American college student to be brutalized without any DoS intervention afterwards.
5. Because it was reported several months later that the official tapes had never been made, we have the first substantiated perjury statement by the Perugian prosecution team.
6. The taping system is obviously to ensure procedures of the Italian Code of Criminal Procedures are followed.  So it is also obvious that when the prosecution team thought they could get away with just transcribing the points of the tape they wanted, the actual abuse as described by Amanda was too incriminating.  So conveniently, the tapes officially: “never got made.”
7. We have covered so many times how the investigators got Mr. Lumumba’s name and information from Amanda’s phone and the police database (see links in Sociopath’s Picnic to Conspiracy and Proven).
Amanda did NOT initiate Patrick Lumumba’s name in the interrogation, she was clearly setup.
We now have certifiable and tangible proof that all the evidence used against Amanda Knox was manufactured by the prosecution.
Even if Article 63 is old news and was already presented (and ignored) by the Italian Supreme Court, the American public is now aware that the United States Department of State has the moral obligation to intervene and demand an immediate dismissal of this case!
If international law allows countries to ignore their own laws that directly causes grave hardship and misery to American citizens, then why pretend there is any diplomacy at all?


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