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Amanda Knox, everybody knows the deal is rotten. I’ll show you how they know.

Rudy Guede captured by the parking garage CCTV cam located across the street from the girl’s apartment, on his way to the apartment shortly before Meredith came home. Guede’s shoes, and coat identified him. The CCTV cam captured him arriving, leaving, then arriving again before the cam captured Meredith arriving shortly after Guede’s second arrival.

The following are my educated opinions based on four years of study:

Rudy Guede alone murdered Meredith Kercher then molested her body at approximately 9 pm, Nov 1, 2007, when she came home unexpected while Guede was robing the girl’s apartment. Amanda Knox and her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito had nothing to do with this crime. Raffaele’s computer records provide an alibi for him and Knox until 9:26 pm, Nov 1, 2007. Guede is a known drug dealer, burglar, and known to threaten with a knife. Shortly before the murder he was detained by the police with stolen goods in his possession, but not arrested. His DNA was found on the victim’s clothing and in her vagina. His DNA, hand print, and shoe prints were found at the crime scene. His bloody shoe prints lead from the victim’s body to the apartment exit door. His shoe print made with his wet semen was found on a pillow he placed under the victim’s bare bottom after killing her. No credible evidence places Knox or Sollecito at the crime scene.

Rudy Guede told the police investigators that he had a date with Meredith, and was at her apartment waiting for her to come home (nobody knew of a relationship between the two).  A window at the apartment was found busted, and the windows found open, which provided him entry. Glass was scattered all the way across the room to the wall opposite the busted window, indicating the rock was thrown from outside the building.  He was captured on CCTV cam arriving at her apartment two times shortly before Meredith’s image was captured on CCTV cam arriving at her driveway at approximately 9 pm. Obviously he ran away after busting the window,  returned shortly to find nobody heard the noise, then climbed in the window. He ransacked the girl’s room that collected the rent from the other girls, and he knew the rent was due. His search was interrupted by the need to defecate, then Meredith entered her apartment.  He had learned from the boys that lived down stairs that he socialized with that Meredith had her rent money.  Her time of death depends on how long Guede let her live after she entered her apartment.  He took her rent money, bank cards, two cell phones, and her keys. At approximately 10 pm, after murdering her he attempted to call her bank from a location approximately 1 KM from the crime scene, then threw the phones in a garden where they were found the following day.

In Judge Micheli’s report (issued prior to the conviction), per the coroner’s report, Meredith’s stomach contents indicated she was murdered no later than, 9 pm. This was later revised  to 10 pm, then 11 pm, then 11:30 pm to match the time a elderly neighbor woman said she heard a scream. From her location from the crime scene, through closed windows, it would be impossible to hear a scream.  This doesn’t matter to the police.

Judge Massei’s motivation report says Guede’s whereabouts is not known, so he assumes Guede arrived at the apartment with Amanda and Raffaele at 11 pm, then the three murdered her at 11:30 pm.  Raffaele had never met guede and Amanda had only been at a few social gatherings where Guede was present.  There was no personal relationship with Guede, and Guede didn’t know who they were when first questioned. Later he was coached to say in his third alibi that he saw them at the crime scene. He was rewarded with a reduced sentence after being convicted of the murder. This is not surprising because at one time the police stated that they thought Amanda and Raffaele planted the evidence left by Guede at the crime scene.

The authorities said Raffaele’s bloody shoe prints were found at the crime scene. The family bought a pair of shoes like the one’s Guede wore, and proved the bloody shoe prints belonged to him. The number of circles on the bottom of the shoes did not match Raffaele’s shoes. The circles matched Guede’s shoes perfectly.  So the police went to Raffaele’s apartment, grabbed one knife from his kitchen, and said this is the murder weapon.  The crime lab supervisor manipulated test data after performing DNA test that the lab was not certified to do, and reported Meredith’s DNA was found on the blade of the knife, which was later analyzed by an independent lab which determined the knife never have blood on it.  The police crime lab supervisor refuses to release the DNA test machine’s electronic data files that would expose how she obtained her test results.

The authorities said that Amanda’s cell phone records prove she was not at Raffaele apartment the evening Meredith was murdered, however phone records in Judge Massei’s report clearly exposes the authorities lied about this also.

The police said Raffaele called the police to report a burglary after the two officers arrived to investigate the phones found in the garden. CCTV cam photos of police arriving and cell phone records proved this was a lie also.

First the police reported the CCTV cam timer was found to be set approximately 10 minutes slow, which is true.  Later to support their lie about when Raffaele called the police, they said the cam timer was approximately 10 minutes fast.  The CCTV came photos, and cell phone records proved the police lied about this also.

Something very strange occurred shortly after Guede threw the phones in the garden around 10 pm (about 1 hour after murdering Meredith). Due to what was said to be a random bomb threat the police searched the premises where the phones were found the following day.  The phones were found under bushes which explains why the police didn’t find what they were searching for.  Likely they were concerned that if Guede’s DNA was found on the phones their involvement in a burglary ring might be discovered.

After the first phone found was delivered to the police post the morning following the murder, an officer testified that he dialed a number at the police post to identify the owner of the phone. This call is not listed with Meredith’s phone records in judge Massei’s report.  If the officer lied about this then he already knew who the phone belonged to.

The authorities said Amanda and Raffaele’s bloody foot prints were found in the apartment. Scientific test conducted by the police crime lab determined there were no bloody footprints belonging to the two.  The test were withheld from the court and the crime lab supervisor testified that the test were not performed. Oops. Later the defense discovered her lies when they found the test results in a pile of crime lab documents the authorities allowed the defense to review, after pleading with the judge over and over to see the crime lab reports.  The test results were not included in the crime lab report presented to the court.

The police crime lab destroyed the hard drives on computers belonging to Amanda and Raffaele.  They refuse to allow experts to examine or repair the hard drives which could provide alibi’s for Amanda and Raffaele.

The police collected Meredith’s metal bra clasp after it was walked on and kicked about for over a month. The same crime lab supervisor that withheld test results from the court examined the bra clasp and said She found Raffaele’s DNA on it although the test results were inconclusive, and said there was not a possibility of contamination. Then she left the metal clasp in water where it rusted preventing further test.

The prosecution’s super witness, who previously testified for the authorities on several occasions, a drug addicted, drug dealing homeless man, at the time awaiting trial for dealing drugs, testified for the prosecution that he last saw Amanda and Raffaele the evening of the crime about midnight at a park about 1/8 mile from the girl’s apartment, watching the apartment. The prosecutor coached him to testify he last saw them at 11 pm.  Oh, I remember he said.  The bus to the disco leaves the park at 11 pm.  That is when I last saw them.  Big problem for the prosecution, the defense discovered the bus to the disco did not run that evening.  Also I used Google maps to prove it is not possible to see the girl’s apartment from any location in the park because of a building in the line of sight. The super witness died in prison.  The authorities didn’t dig him up to put on the witness stand but they used his testimony again after his death.

How was it possible for Amanda to murder her with a knife that has obviously NEVER had blood on it, do it in a small room with Guede and not leave a trace of herself or carry any evidence away from the crime scene on her clothes or body? It is not possible. This does not happen in the real world.

How is it possible for the Italian Supreme Court to accept this bull?