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With the current trends showing the obvious innocence of Amanda and Raffaele, Amanda is clearly winning public support here in America and abroad. (Judge Heavey advocates)
Amanda Knox and her family have endured an unprecedented campaign of vile accusations and hatred since Amanda was accused of a heinous murder in 2007. 
With 21st century technology and communication, world wide media coverage of the Amanda Knox saga has saturated the news for the past couple of years.
Like most of my articles, the insidious attacks against Amanda and her family is my motivation to defend the Knox family and emphasize the intensity of the continuous attacks.
If you need any background in the Amanda Knox case, please see DENVER or the revised chronicle on Wikipedia:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amanda_knox
Even prior to Amanda’s conviction as the ring-leader of the satanic murder of Meredith Kercher in the Italian city of Perugia, Amanda was widely believed to be guilty.
Current public sentiment in America seems to continuously be moving in favor of Amanda’s innocence.  There is no conclusive polls to show exactly where Amanda stands in regards to public opinion, but the fact that she was awarded a $4 million dollar book deal confirms that she has strong support.
Once Amanda’s book is released, America and the world will read her side of the story.  But more importantly, once Amanda starts appearing live to discuss her ordeal, all will witness first hand this sweet and humble young woman that was falsely prosecuted for a crime she did not commit.
I am going to take a guess at where this is headed in the next couple of years in regards to public sentiment.
First, I will point out that it takes only 51% of the public’s vote to elect a president.  By all accounts, being elected president is the epitome of success.
Some people who have first hand knowledge of success from celebrity status have predicted immense financial success for Amanda over the next few years.  Donald Trump (of course) and Michael Sands who recently passed away was a big Amanda fan.  Michael predicted in an interview with The Telegraph in the UK that: “Amanda could garner $2 million to well over $15 million and more through magazine cover stories, interviews on television like Diane Sawyer or Piers Morgan and a movie from her best selling book”
Polls surveying public opinion can not be taken for each crime in Italy as there are too many murders and over-all crimes to survey.  This is common sense, but here are some Italian statistics from 2003 that reinforce my statement:
Total crimes
But the Knox case was highly publicized and sensationalized by the UK and Italian tabloids.  Prosecutor Mignini had set his plan in motion to prosecute Amanda in the court of public opinion, before the real trial with highly susceptible jurors.
Although no polls were actually taken when this first started in 2007, the wide spread belief of Amanda’s guilt was highly publicized. Just three days before her original conviction, December 1st, 2009, this was published:
Even if Foxy Knoxy wins acquittal on Friday, she and her family have already lost in the court of public opinion.
So with this basis of perception of guilt in 2009, I believe it is safe to say that in 2007, most people who heard of an unknown American student in Italy who was crazed on drugs was probably guilty of the murder.
Let’s try to reasonably quantify that logic.  In a simple survey analyses (which is not my area of expertise but fun to play with),  probability sampling is used to estimate the outcome of an opinion poll.  The  limited data of our polling trend has still been in Amanda’s favor for two years straight.  After her book is released and a possible movie, it is unrealistic to think the trend will reverse in America.
Probability sampling is outlined in this article if you’re interested:
I personally believe it is logical to assume that up to 9 out of 10 people who saw the headlines back in 2007 believed Amanda Knox was guilty of this crime.   (90% guilty in 2007 is probably fairly accurate) 
I’m guessing the guilter community will tell you that 99% of the public did, and still do, believe Amanda is guilty.  Their hatred is unwavering!
In early October 2011, BEFORE Amanda’s vindication, these unofficial polls showed her down to approximately 60.5% ~ 70% still perceived her guilty:
Over 700 people voted on my poll, and 70% voted guilty.
In this other poll also taken just BEFORE the acquittal, Oct 03, 2011 shows Amanda down to 60.5% guilty:
So we want to know, do you think Amanda Knox is guilty or innocent of the crime?
Thank you for voting!
Guilty 60.5%   
Innocent 39.5%  
***** Now that I have posted these polls, I would not be surprised if our guilter friends skew the heck out of them with multiple login votes.   It will be interesting to see. *****
AFTER the acquittal, these two polls show a jump in support for Amanda on that very same day (Oct 03, 2011) to an innocent 60% ~ 65%: (Note: this poll conducted by Nielsen Online)
Do you think Amanda Knox is guilty or innocent?
Guilty762 (35%)
Innocent1397 (65%)
And this small poll showing support for Amanda also jumping to 60% innocent on the same day as her acquittal.
  • Has justice been served with Amanda Knox’s acquittal?
·                            Yes
 112 (60%)
·                            No
 73 (39%)
  • Total votes: 185
So in 2007 we went from approximately a 90% guilty belief to approximately a 61% ~ %70 guilty belief as of the morning before the acquittal.   That’s only about 20% ~ 29% of people who changed their position or new people added on the innocent side, in 4 long years.  The percentage of guilter reduction is only about 22% ~ 32%.
Only hours later on that same day (Oct 03, 2011) AFTER the acquittal, other polls show a reversal to only 35% ~ 39% guilty.  That’s a drop overall by approximately 25% ~ 28% of the guilty/innocent ratio in just one day.  The percentage of guilter reduction averaged is about 44%.   The guilters lost about 44% of their remaining base in just one day!  (This is not scientific, nor weighted with poll count, but it’s real and FUN to see!)
This emphasizes that Judge Heavy is right on track when polling his audiences on the question of guilt or innocence, 35% ~ 40% still believe Amanda to be involved.
It seems as would be expected, that the polling trends reflect favorably for Amanda every time new information is released.  First the acquittal, next, Amanda herself will drive the nail into the coffin of this grave injustice.
Logic would give us hope that an innocent woman would finally be acknowledged by 100% of Americans as innocent.  But human nature dictates that there are always people who thrive on causing other people misery.  My best guess is that Amanda will always have 1 out of 10 who thrive on misery.
But it only takes 51% to believe in you for success, so by all accounts, Amanda has already won this ugly war of hatred.  
So not matter what the guilters believe about the numbers, the fact is:

Amanda is already free, beautiful, rich and happy!  

I wrote this article as inspiration for those of you fighting for the honor of Amanda Knox, the honor of America!  This saga reflects the struggle of Americans to prove again that America is morally strong, and will remain a world class leader of democracy!
I say with optimism, after Amanda’s book is released and the dust settles, all Americans will see the truth and allow Amanda, the American right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!
Post Script:
Rest in peace Meredith, you are still my hero.


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