Consider the ramifications: What if lead Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini knew Rudy Guede committed the murder of Meredith Kercher before November 5th, 2007? What if Mignini went into the “interview” on November 5th, 2007 with premeditating the framing of Amanda Knox to cover for Rudy Guede?
To some, this may sound impossible, to others; I am making this highly probable scenario more defined.
Mignini has clearly made this a theological war between Good verses Evil, Christian verses Satanic and Fact verses Fiction. Along with his belief system as outlined by his previous convictions based on satanic projection, he has also used the sensationalized emotional nature of this case to camouflage an alternative motive.
As outlined previously (CONSPIRACY THEORY), I’ve speculated that the MOTIVE was an external influence exerted by Rudy’s Perugian family. The INTENT was initially to exonerate Rudy Guede as a favor or a debt owed to Rudy’s Perugian family.
For now, no matter what the Motive or the Intent, I would simply like to outline the high degree of probability that Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini obtained Rudy’s identity a day or two before November 5th, 2007.
Please remember, the prosecution has maintained the façade that they had not identified Rudy Guede until the arrest warrant was issued November 19th, 2007.
Again, the blatant omission of information screams: “LOOK HERE!”
1.      As stated by Piero Angeloni, head of the police forensic service: His boys do over 25,000 investigations a year and the detectives “are taught by experts over a four-month course.”
2.      They are trained to do the initial forensic collection of genetic material for DNA identification where a miniscule or an abundant amount of DNA is available at the crime scene.
3.      Initially, the prosecution was amused and delighted to admit that an unknown person had left a toilet sample. After that, it was never mentioned again. They stated that a few weeks later the DNA sample from the toilet paper and the results of the blood from the pillow case came back with Rudy Guede’s genetic ID.
       (Conveniently ignoring the actual feces sample and acknowledging that Rudy’s DNA profile was already on file.) 
4.      So they pretended to ignore this “elephant in the room” as it is a humongous amount of non-contaminated, isolated, DNA stool sample that was available and utilized for immediate DNA testing.  
       Veterinarians use this same test for pet identification, it is that common.  
5.      The prosecution has purposely omitted its importance as to how quickly the DNA identification of Rudy Guede was actually obtained. To be clear, the feces are the single most abundant source of Rudy’s pure DNA in the entire case! It is the fastest and easiest to test, and the most reliable due to the sheer amount of pure DNA that was available for testing.
6.      Mignini himself came to the crime scene right away. He ordered that any evidence that would identify the perpetrator be processed immediately.
Dr. Patrizia Stefanoni had her lab available for immediate testing. Likewise, with “25,000 investigations a year,” they also have other facilities available for the decree of Giuliano Mignini within driving distance. Hey, Mignini will send police cars to Rome just to intimidate and harass Stefano Conti and Carla Vecchiotti.
Depending on size, the adult human body is made up of approximately 50 to 100 trillion cells, each containing one DNA strand. It is estimated that the human body sheds between hundreds of millions to a few billion dead skin cells per day. 
The alimentary canal/intestines are approximately 30~33 feet (10 meters) long. After food is digested by the stomach it travels the canal; nutrients are absorbed by osmoses.   Likewise, dead skin cells are deposited into the waste through the entire canal.  This deposit of DNA cells is estimated to be in the tens to hundreds of millions of dead cells when exited the body as fecal matter.
The US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health has endorsed the extraction of human nuclear DNA from feces samples using the QIAamp DNA Stool Mini Kit since 2002.
These kits are inexpensive and easy to use. They use a chemical compound and a simple spin-column type centrifuge to perfectly isolate and purify DNA samples in only 50 minutes. That means you have tens to hundreds of millions of perfect DNA samples for the DNA profiling process. The DNA profiling process takes as little as 3 hours with this ample, pure DNA supply.
These kits are extensively utilized in 94 countries including Italy.
NOTE: I can not endorse a product with a direct link, but you can visit the Qiagen site and find this information:
The QIAamp DNA Stool Mini Kit provides silica membrane-based purification of up to 30 μg genomic, bacterial, viral, and parasite DNA from fresh or frozen human stool or other sample types with high concentrations of PCR inhibitors. The combined action of InhibitEX®, a unique adsorption resin, and an optimized buffer leads to removal of PCR inhibitors. The convenient QIAamp spin-column procedure provides purification in only 50 minutes. Purification of DNA using the QIAamp DNA Stool Mini Kit can be automated on the QIAcube.

Just to be clear, the QIAamp DNA Stool Mini Kit isolates a massive quantity of pure DNA samples for DNA profiling.  Because of the quantity and quality of the sample, any of the DNA profiling processes will give accurate results in just a few hours: 

  1. Restriction fragment length polymorphism
  2. Polymerase chain reaction
  3. Short tandem repeats
  4. Amplified fragment length polymorphism
These results were obviously obtained and presented to the powerful lead Prosecutor, Mignini, immediately.

>>>(THIS SECTION UPDATED: Oct. 08, 2011

The next question often asked:

Was Rudy Guede’s DNA profile available in the database for comparison?

Yes, Rudy’s DNA profile was on file before the murder of Meredith Kercher.

This has been verified by the prosecution.  Dateline NBC, The Telegraph in the UK and others have reported:  “samples taken from the body were found to match samples which police already had on file following his earlier arrests.”

Rudy Guede was in the DNA database inclusive of his mug-shots for immediate retrieval. 

Trying to blur their previous proclamation, the prosecution later changed their story to having Rudy’s DNA from a toothbrush.  They were camouflaging the “elephant in the room” with pink lipstick!  As already stated above, when they got back test results, it identified Rudy Guede.   What the prosecution is camouflaging is that the results came back from their own crime lab (not some mail order lab in North Korea) in 18 hours, not 18 days. 


The prosecution has been on the offense since day one of Amanda’s “interview.”  They have kept the focus on a bloody footprint, broken glass, a knife with no DNA, a massive infusion of useless trivia…
So no matter what the Motive and Intent of Mignini to frame and railroad Amanda as the ring-leader of this brutal and sadistic murder, Giuliano Mignini has concealed his knowledge of Rudy Guede’s horrendous act long before the character assassination of Amanda started!
Nobody has had the time to go back and look at the scenario from the beginning. But this is a glaring fact: Mignini had concrete proof that Rudy Guede committed the murder of Meredith Kercher within 24~48 hours of the murder. He chose to frame Amanda and Raffaele.  “WHY” is now the question.
The case against Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito should be dismissed immediately and a new investigation started on Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini.