This is a commentary outlining the calculated manipulation of Italian and international laws by Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini.  Prosecutor Mignini was apparently assigned the task of mitigating the murder charges aimed at Rudy Guede.  Rudy Guede murdered Meredith Kercher in November of 2007.  Guede may be released from prison in 2014 due principally to the exploitation by Prosecutor Mignini of Italy‘s corrupt judicial system.
Section 1: Minutes to Months  
Section 2: The Ice Queen: Insinuation and Contrast
Section 3: D-I-S-C, Carl Jung
Section 4: Conspiracy Theory Proven: Part #1
Section 5: Conspiracy Theory Proven: Part #2
To avoid redundancy, if you need any background in the Amanda Knox case, please see DENVER or the revised chronicle on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amanda_knox
 Section 1: Minutes to Months 

 Zohar paradox:

“If you wish to strengthen a lie, mix it with a little truth.”


As will be outlined below, once Mignini sets his sights on framing an unsuspecting victim for false prosecution, he initiates a course of action immediately…in Minutes.


Mignini uses the agonizingly slow Italian Judicial System to his full advantage…he has Months.

Mignini is well aware that until evidence is presented to the court of medieval Italian law, the evidence is not set in stone.  The decisions he makes on a moments notice may be modified or even eliminated in the twenty-four months preceding the next scheduled court date.   

One example:  Prosecution confidant and UK journalist, John Follain, verified the existence of the LOST TAPES FOUND before the first trial in December of 2009.

Mignini had taped the interview of November 5th, 2007 as his narcissistic ego was positive that he could extract a full false confession from a naive twenty year old college student named Amanda Knox in a matter of minutes.  In the weeks following the interrogation, the tapes were being transcribed for print.  It was brought to Mignini’s attention that the tapes substantiated Amanda’s claim of emotional and physical abuse, he did his infamous magician’s trick and made the tapes disappear.  Months later the court was presented with a statement that they had “forgotten” to make a tape of Amanda’s confession.


“Minutes to Months” give Mignini a slam-dunk/stacked-deck advantage in court!


Section 2: The Ice Queen: Insinuation and Contrast

There is no debate that the close-knit judicial system of Perugia is micro-managed by judges and prosecutors.  Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini is obviously regarded as a superstar as he takes the term “teflon-coated” to a whole new level.  Not only does his service record reflect that he has multiple charges against him resulting in convictions of official misconduct, but he is now apparently up for a promotion for his handling of the Amanda Knox case.

Common sense says that there is absolutely no freedom of speech for the employed servants of this Fascist style judicial system in Perugia, therefore, when a lowly prison guard releases a statement to the world criticizing the behavior of Amanda Knox while incarcerated, we know it had to be cleared by the powers-that-be.


Read between the lines:

The Ice Queen 

“Insinuation and Contrast” 

The point is that the guard is insinuating Amanda MUST be guilty by comparing the contrasting behavior of other prisoners.  Clearly, Amanda must be guilty because truly innocent prisoners: 

“… ask for tranquillizers, cry, shout that they didn’t do  it, that they’re in pain, that they can’t go on. “Why did this happen to me?” they shout. 

‘Many prisoners bang their heads against the walls or even sew up their mouths, scream, vomit, cut their wrists. But she showed no reaction.” 

The truly sad part is that it is obviously common knowledge among the prison guards that many of the women incarcerated in Amanda’s prison are also innocent. 

Again, this prison guard, on behalf of the Italian judicial system, is trying to convey that Amanda must be guilty because she is too calm to be innocent (The Ice Queen).  


Section 3: D-I-S-C, Carl Jung 

Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini has built the entire case against Amanda on her personality and emotional responses as circumstantial evidence.  It seems that everything Amanda did or said was used by Mignini to justify her guilt. 

In Amanda’s book, WAITING TO BE HEARD (a best seller), she immediately starts off by outlining her personality with examples.  In chapter 1, she calls herself “lumpy in her skin: and “clumsy with words”.  She would make herself the butt of jokes to lighten the mood with her friends, so when Amanda was confronted with a real life horror story (Meredith’s murder), she had absolutely no previous experience in dealing with a horrific tragedy. 

This is why the study of psychology gives “enlightened” people the insight to understand the reactions of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances.  

Conversely:  Mignini claims he knows unequivocally that he is NOT crazy!  Ironically, French philosopher René Descartes said:

“Only a sane man can question his own sanity.”   


Carl Jung was a Swiss psychologist who practiced along side Sigmund Freud through the turn of the twentieth century.  Jungian psychology was initially based on psychological cycles as observed through western astrology.  Jung retained the quadrant structure in astrology represented by Earth, Fire, Air and Water as what he termed “the conscious awareness of four mental functions”: Sensing (perceptive), Intuiting (intuitive), Thinking and Feeling. 

Dr. William M. Marston, a Columbia University psychologist was a contemporary of Carl Jung. Dr. Marston developed a human behavioral profiling tool called D,I,S,C (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness)…some label it as Dominance, Inducement, Submission and Compliance.  From this tool a standardized test was created called the Myers-Briggs personality traits test.  The validity and credibility of this theory of personality traits is reflected by the use of the Myers-Briggs test in most American universities and many Fortune 500 companies. 

Amanda’s actions during the investigation, the trial, and her own book summary clearly put her in a high-I (Influence/Influential) category.  There are varying degrees of each personality trait in all human beings in any given situation, but the dominate personality traits reflected in the Myers-Briggs test are a key indicator as to the basic characteristics employed by an individual throughout his/her life. 

Amanda’s high-I personality reflects a warm and caring disposition towards people.  Communication is key in the high-I personality desire to compromise with others.  High I-er’s tend to be jovial, enthusiastic, warm, optimistic and trusting.  Note: IQ and educational levels are not a part of this type of evaluation, just the basic emotional nature of an individual.  This coincides perfectly with every reaction Amanda had while being railroaded for the murder of which she had no knowledge.

Conversely, a high-D personality is associated with dominance, power, egocentrism and unbridled ambition.  You often see very successful business leaders and world leaders with this predominate trait, but turned around, the negative side of this domineering personality produces  figures like Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Saddam Hussein, Giuliano Mignini, etc.


Section 4: Conspiracy Theory Proven: Part #1 

Reading Amanda’s book, it is easy to discern exactly when Prosecutor Mignini procured the DNA testing results that identified Rudy Guede as the sole perpetrator.  As outlined almost two years ago in Railroad Job Proven, it seemed highly probable that Mignini had the DNA testing results back from the toilet sample the night of November 2nd, 2007. 

The reason this scenario has a high degree of probability is that the test takes only a few hours.  Prosecutor Mignini had Dr. Patrizia Stefanoni and her lab at his immediate disposal.  Dr. Patrizia Stefanoni actually reproduced the DNA testing procedure in front of a small audience to show how fast and efficient it is. 

Frank Sfarzo, Perugian journalist and blogger (and besieged Italian fighter for truth and justice) wrote an excellent article on this subject. The article outlined Dr. Stefanoni’s  invitation to several prominent journalists to witness at first hand a DNA testing demonstration.  Dr. Stefanoni demonstrated how she masterfully proved that the 200 billionths of a gram of blood on the knife was unequivocally identified with a ZERO degree of error!  This, unfortunately for Dr. Stefanoni, is scientifically impossible even IF there had been any blood in the first place, which there was not!  

Needless to say, she ended up looking like an imbecile, hence, Mignini threatened to sue if Mr. Sfarzo’s entire site was not removed.  This resulted in Mr. Sfarzo being forced to take his UK-based blog offline.  The UK was intimidated by Mignini’s threats and complied.   Mark Waterbury, PhD and forensic evidence expert, used Mr. Sfarzo’s outstanding article as a reference in his book, “The Monster of Perugia 

What Dr. Stefanoni inadvertently proved is that a comprehensive DNA test still only takes a few hours.  The reporters who witnessed Dr. Stefanoni’s entire display of incompetence were still able to make it home in time for dinner. 

On November 2nd, 2007, Dr. Stefanoni was asked to identify a massive amount of uncontaminated DNA material in the form of human feces retrieved from the crime scene.  Sample material taken from the middle is literally 100% pure from any contamination.  Dr. Stefanoni identified Rudy Guede from the DNA database.  It has been confirmed that Rudy’s DNA profile was already in the police database from previous arrests, i.e., Dateline NBC, The Telegraph in the UK and others have reported:  “samples taken from the body were found to match samples which police already had on file following his earlier arrests.” 

In addition, I would be remiss not to mention the reverse logic of the DNA testing.  First, Rudy’s previous arrests warranted that finger printing and DNA sampling be added to his criminal record.   Weeks later, the prosecution perjured themselves by stating Rudy’s DNA was obtained at his flat from a tooth brush weeks later.  They could not let the public know that Rudy had been identified the night of November 2, 2007. 


Next, as finger printing and DNA sampling is standard procedure on arrests, why didn’t they release the information that Patrick’s DNA did not match anything in the crime scene?   

They had the results within hours of his arrest, November 6th, 2007, but, instead, they tried to beat a confession out of him for over two weeks.  Clearly, had Patrick confessed, Rudy’s name would have never entered the case and Patrick would have been another wrongfully convicted and imprisoned victim of Mignini’s justice.


 Section 5: Conspiracy Theory Proven: Part #2 

Here is my summation up front.  I am hopeful it will give luminosity to the truth. 

1. Rudy Guede was afforded emotional and political backing due to his politically powerful adoptive family.  When the family started to distance themselves from Rudy’s legal troubles, the Perugian legal system took advantage by using Rudy as a trusted drug informant.  This certainly erases the theory that Mignini had no incentive to mitigate Rudy’s involvement as had Rudy been incarcerated (as he should have been from previous arrests) on the night of November 1, 2007, Meredith would be alive today.     

2. Below is undeniable logic that Mignini’s forensic team had identified Rudy Guede’s involvement in the crime before the end of November 2nd (Day 1 of the investigation). 

3. The immediate hostile change in attitude toward Amanda by the entire investigative staff was a direct mandate by Prosecutor Mignini before the start of November 3rd (Day 2).   

4. Literally all of the “circumstantial evidence” used against Amanda in the Massei report was accumulated after Mignini had already released Amanda’s guilt to the press.  To be clear, on November 3rd (still Day 2), Mignini released information to The Sunday Times insinuating that they had a female student killer’s footprint identified supposedly before any evidence had been analyzed. 

5. One can say that Mignini was impulsively fingering Amanda because he is a sociopathic prosecutor (as is commonly believed), but when you consider the facts outlined above, along with the fact that Rudy received  preferential treatment after his involvement, the truth can no longer be hidden or denied.  Rudy Guede’s protection at Amanda’s expense is blatantly obvious.  What is also obvious is that Guiliano Mignini does not want, at any cost, to have to answer the question of why Rudy Guede wasn’t in jail on the night of November 1, 2007. 


Here is my theory of the chain of events that were set into motion by Prosecutor Mignini: 

*November 1st, 2007, Meredith Kercher was sexually assaulted and murdered that night. 


*November 2nd, 2007 (Day 1), Body found at 13:15 (1:15 pm).  The stool sample found was then delivered to Dr. Stefanoni for immediate DNA testing.   The results were obtained within a few hours.  Prosecutor Mignini was informed that the DNA profile matched Rudy Guede. 

Note: Rudy Guede’s adoptive family is not just rich, but reportedly the single wealthiest family in Perugia (making them politically powerful). 

”  Caporali was the wealthiest person in Perugia….”


Mignini receives the results of Guede’s involvement late on the night of Nov 2nd.   Amanda and Raffaele are still voluntarily helping the police.  In a matter of “minutes,” Mignini realizes that he may be able to frame Amanda and/or Raffaele to clear Rudy.  Mignini decides to hold and question Amanda and Raffaele all night until 05:30 (5:30 am, Nov 3rd) to exhaust the two students. 

Mignini required both students to return to the police station 5.5 hours later, November 3rd at 11:00 knowing they would be exhausted and easy to manipulate. 


*November 3rd, 2007 (Day 2), 

Amanda and Raffaele returned to the police station at 11:00 am, exhausted as Mignini expected them to be.  In Amanda’s book, chapter 8, page 88, she recalls that the nice detective she had been dealing with just a few hours earlier, now had a noticeable change in the tone of his voice. “He was pushy, his questions repetitive.” 

Mignini had put out the word that Amanda was now a prime suspect.  This also reflects the information the detective was now directed to retrieve.  He asked Amanda to read through her cell-phone and give him every phone listing she had.


In CONSPIRACY THEORY (two years ago), I did not have this level of detail and had to assume Mignini obtained Patrick Lumumba’s information during the November 5th, 2007 interrogation, but here it is in print, actually two days sooner, Nov. 3rd, bottom of page 88: 

“I scrolled through my Italian phone and gave him the names and numbers of every contact I had.”  

Mignini determined that with the new information to be processed from Amanda’s phone list, they needed to keep Amanda in their custody without actually declaring her a suspect.   So he ordered that Amanda be taken to the cottage on a frivolous drive to buy time to process Amanda’s phone information. 

The excursion to the cottage also showed how biased all the police now were against Amanda.  During the drive there, Amanda merely said that she was exhausted.  She metaphorically got her head bitten off by a female officer (page 90) for that remark.  When they arrived, Amanda being a high-I type personality, tried to be a bit jovial to break the tension by declaring “ta-dah” after she put on her rubber gloves.  As the police were now focusing on proving Amanda guilty, that innocuous remark was later documented as proof of guilt. 

Mignini had already submitted a request for the phone records and a phone tap on Amanda and Raffaele’s cell-phones, but why wait another day when you’re the Great Mignini? 

Note: I’ve previously outlined my theory that Patrick Lumumba was identified from Amanda’s phone from a SMS message (using a telephony algorithm called Signaling System 7) on November 5th, 2007.  It is now clear that Patrick’s information and his ethnic similarity to Rudy Guede was obtained November 3rd, 2007. 

At the cottage (Nov. 3rd), they asked Amanda her observation about the condition of one of the boy’s bedrooms downstairs.  In Chapter 8, page 92, Amanda noted that: “The comforter on the bed was crumpled up and stained with blood.”  This kept Amanda in their custody for an extra couple of hours while Mignini contemplated if he should arrest Amanda that day.  Mignini now had the information he needed to use Patrick Lumumba as a prime candidate to substitute for Rudy Guede as the killer.  Mignini could not let on that he already had Patrick targeted to take the fall for Rudy, but that same day (Nov 3rd) Mignini contacted his buddies at The Sunday Times. 


*November 4th, 2007 (Day 3) 

First thing Sunday morning (Nov. 4th), John Follain and Dipesh Gadher published their inside information from Mignini , The Sunday Times in the UK:

*Subscription needed to access archives.*



Just the title says it all:

“Student killer leaves bloody footprint clue”

Between the title and the content of the article, we learn:


1. The killer “is” a student.  Clever, it’s a dual connotation:

You can read it as Student killer or student Killer. *Get it?*

2. The killer left a bloody footprint.

3. The killer is possibly female.

4. Meredith knew the killer because there was no sign of a struggle. (Except that the room was destroyed and covered with blood?)

5. There had been consensual sex!…so that leads to a female suspect?

(How exactly would Mignini know if two girls had sex?   That pervert!)


The article all but said “Amanda Knox did it!”


When Mignini had this scenario released (Nov 3rd), he would wait until Amanda was interrogated to release the name of Patrick Lumumba after Amanda would be tricked into saying Patrick’s name. 


*November 5th, 2007 (Day 4) 

Raffaele Sollecito had been requested to report to the police station that evening for questioning.  Amanda was not requested to report. 

Mignini and the boys would press Raffaele to admit that Amanda could have left his apartment while he was sleeping.

This would give the police leverage to allow Raffaele a way out of the situation.  It would also totally isolate Amanda without an alibi, but  Amanda showed up unexpectedly as she was living with Raffaele since her apartment became a crime scene.  The rest is history.  

The interrogators were able to get Raffaele to admit that no one can be cognizant of their environment while they are in REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, however, once Raffaele agreed about the deep sleep, he also said he was 100% sure Amanda had not left the apartment.

The police took the REM sleep scenario to Amanda and told her Raffaele would not substantiate her alibi.  Amanda and Raffaele were not allowed to talk again for weeks. 

Amanda was confused, scared and dehumanized by Mignini and the tabloids. 

In contrast, Rudy Guede has been pampered and referred to as just a poor kid that everybody blames just because he’s black.  While Patrick was arrested and beaten for over two weeks to obtain a confession because he is guilty of being black.


Note: The police used racial slurs when arresting Patrick at his home in front of his wife and children.  So much for Mignini’s sensitivity to the plight of Rudy and the black race. 


After the physical abuse did not obtain the desired results of a confession, Mignini masterfully turned the tables by offering Patrick the chance to get rich:
Greed Continues to Fuel Patrick Lumumba’s Hatred Toward Amanda Knox

Although the evidence proves Rudy Guede committed the sexual assault and murder of Meredith, Mignini has continuously pressed to get Rudy’s sentence reduced.  It’s been reported that Rudy Guede may be released and walking the streets again in 2014.   This stark contrast highlights the fact that Mignini had purposely mitigated Rudy’s involvement while putting the blame on Amanda.  Patrick Lumumba’s alleged involvement was clearly manufactured by the interrogators as proven by the extreme abuse of him for over two weeks to get him to confess. 

Now Mignini apparently uses Italian taxpayer’s money (or a rich family’s resources?) to sue anyone who challenges his authority.  Mignini has abused Italian and International law by railroading Amanda and Raffaele to cover for Rudy Guede.  This blatant abuse has resulted in the wrongful conviction and imprisonment of an American citizen.  It’s time for the US State Department to take a position on this case and make an effort to protect Amanda Knox who has been shamefully and illegally abused by  the Italian judicial system. 


AMANDA: If you are reading this, what I’m trying to say is that you have done absolutely nothing wrong.  There is nothing you could have done (or not done) that would have helped.  You were railroaded as of Day 2.   

Your desire to stay and help from Day 1 shows your honor and integrity.  

Your inspired book shows how forgiving you are to those who abused their power as part of their daily routine in a corrupt judicial system. 

Your loving, caring family have given you the support needed to overcome this horrific situation. 

Stand tall and stay tough for you are now back in the land of truth, justice and freedom. 

You will triumph and also set Meredith’s soul free from this abomination of justice.