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After Mussolini’s REIGN OF TERROR ended, Italy thought they had seen the last of any adaptation of totalitarianism!!!

The Amanda Knox saga continues to divide America and the World!
Italy is a great country! Unfortunately, as a country, they are being held hostage to a totally independent judicial system that has run-a-muck in one small part of the country.
The overall judicial system of Italy must be acceptable or the sophistication of this legendary country would change this antiquated judicial system.
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This article is my interpretation of “common sense equals: logic when applied to fact.”
As previously outlined, MADDOG has been allowed to run rampant as the unchallenged dictator of a small town in central Italy called Perugia. (Population: approximately 169,000)   Perusia was colonized and renamed to Perugia in approximately 251 AD.
Such a proud heritage has overlooked the potential for abuse in their judicial system. Because of the unbridled powers bestowed to MADDOG , this power hungry dictator has taken the entire country hostage in his “REIGN OF TERROR!!!”
MADDOG has already been prosecuted and convicted for his abuse of power, but continues to reign supreme over the City of Perugia as a loop-hole of his impending appeal. Just after his convection: As a show of contempt to his critics and literally to the World, he decided to prove his unchallenged superiority by prosecuting two innocent college kids of a hideous murder! As everyone working under this psychopath is literally scared for their jobs and their freedom (fear of bogus prosecution), compliance of all “requests” are mandated!
The unlawful conviction of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito is being dismantled in an appeal as we speak.
Now that the brilliant DNA analysis of Professors Stefano Conti and Carla Vecchiotti of the University of Rome has been released, I would like to simply reiterate their findings through my interpretation.
Of course, the central hypothesis of this imaginary horror story was that a sweet and naïve American college student named Amanda Knox took a knife from her boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito’s kitchen drawer for a night of fun! Amanda then convinced anyone in her path to come join her in a sex crazed orgy with her female roommate back at the flat. After arriving at her own apartment, Amanda used the knife to kill her roommate in the sex crazed orgy and then returned the knife to the kitchen drawer in Raffaele’s apartment!?!?!?
MADDOG was the prosecutor in this case that took a horrific murder caused by one sick deviant with a switch-blade knife and used CONCLUSIONS BASED ON DELUSIONS to railroad two innocent kids into a life of prison!!!
The prosecution team wrote a 427 page report (The Massei Report) outlining a totally fabricated, sadistic and twisted scenario based on over 50 delusional conclusions. To accomplish this feat (as he has undoubtedly done before), MADDOG had to rely on key members of his team to fabricate evidence to substantiate his insane conjecture!
My CONCLUSION has not yet been proven, but as the “evidence” is being discredited (below), it certainly has major implications as to the integrity and legality of the judicial system in Perugia that I call the: “REIGN OF TERROR!!!”
Case in point: Piero Angeloni, head of the Italian Police Scientific Unit last week stated in a letter to the appeals court:
“My department adheres to all the recognized international protocols and carries out more than 25,000 crime scene investigations every year. Never has anyone questioned our methods before in such a way. All my staff are highly professional and are taught by experts over a four-month course and they have a yearly audit.”
Oops! No DNA evidence has ever been challenged like this before because that would be a slanderous insult to both the integrity and professionalism of the prosecution, an act that is prosecutable with up to six years imprisonment!!!
The Knox parents, Curt Knox and Edda Mellas have both been charged with slander by repeating Amanda’s account of the 15 hour, all night, un-taped “interview.” They have a scheduled court date in January, 2012 and face up to SIX years in prison for “slander!!!”
Now that is what I call the epitome of a “REIGN OF TERROR!!!”
Out of Piero Angeloni’s estimate of 25,000 crimes a year (in a small city of 169,000 citizens), logic again dictates that there are probably hundreds of innocent Italian citizens who have been wrongfully prosecuted and railroad into false imprisonment just like Amanda and Raffaele!!!   
No one dare challenge their prosecution or face having their entire family imprisoned! 
Let’s look at the falsified DNA results:
This dynamic duo of Conti and Vecchiotti invited several observers to assure 100% accuracy and fairness:
-Dr. Patrizia Stefanoni, consultant for the Prosecutor’s Office;
-Prof. Giuseppe Novelli, consultant for the Prosecutor’s Office;
-Dr. Emiliano Giardina, consultant for the Prosecutor’s Office;
-Prof. Francesca Torricelli, consultant for the civil plaintiff [i.e. the victim’s family];
-Prof. Adriano Tagliabracci, consultant for Raffaele Sollecito;
-Dr. Valerio Onofri, consultant for Raffaele Sollecito;
-Prof. Carlo Torre, consultant for Amanda M. Knox;
-Dr. Sarah Gino, consultant for Amanda M. Knox;
-Dr. Walter Patumi, consultant for Amanda M. Knox.
It might be an understatement to say they were, “extremely methodical in all aspects of their scientific analysis.”
First they “mapped” the entire knife, assigning points of contention and adding more points for scrutinized analysis.
In a sanitized examination room, they all wore disposable smocks, latex gloves and face masks. All the garments were replaced with new attire between each procedural change to avoid cross contamination.
The knife was first tested for the minutest traces of any red blood cells. Red blood cells have no DNA, but with their high concentration of Oxygen, red blood cells emit a blue-green color when in contact with dimethyl-dihydro-peroxysan and tetramethylbenzidine. 
The entire knife was proven to be 100% free of any blood or any blood residue. The slight brown discoloration along the edge of the blade was determined to be oxidized starch. To make clear: This knife was scientifically proven to be excluded as the murder weapon.  (Let this be a lesson to all of you, wash the potato off of your knife or you could go to prison!)
Next was the DNA test of the few skin cells on the handle. This point is so critical. Every skin cell contains one full DNA chain. In the past twenty years, DNA testing has evolved from:
RFLP (restriction fragment length polymorphism) to:
The latest in DNA technology called a LCN (Low Copy Number) technique, a highly evolved real-time PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction).  This evolved technique utilizes “Whole Genome Amplification.” As little as 200 Pico grams (200 TRILLIONTHS of a gram) of DNA can be magnified to produce up to a cubic centimeter of DNA for testing. (That’s about the volume of the tip of your little finger under the finger nail.)
Therefore, the international standards are moving toward an extremely controlled environment including a sterile and pressurized facility for cross contamination free, DNA testing.  They also recommend that only a highly proficient “DNA expert” like Dr. Patrizia Stefanoni perform the DNA testing.
As stated above by Piero Angeloni: His boys do over 25,000 investigations a year and the detectives “are taught by experts over a four-month course.”
This article points out the outrageous atrocity that has happened to one of our own American students and equally to an innocent Italian boy.
Italy is a great country! The Italian people are the “salt of the Earth.” The Italian Government is a sincere friend and a close ally of America
I know this situation has you held hostage just like Amanda and Raffaele, but please do your best to rectify this: