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Amanda Knox was in fact UNknowingly involved in a “Satanic Ritual.” The lead prosecutor, Giuliano Mignini has already been labeled as a believer in the occult, satanic rituals.  He has projected his demented beliefs in many of his Satanic Ritual Prosecutions. 

Amanda has no affiliation with anything demonic, but they thought she did!  Hence, guilty of witchcraft in a satanic murder!   

I bring this up again to point out that our State Department has an option to protest the false imprisonment of Amanda Knox based on religious beliefs.  It is against international law to imprison an individual based on their religious belief, especially if the beliefs were falsely projected!  (Plus there is no evidence against Amanda.)

Amanda Knox was accused as the ringleader of the satanic murder of Meredith Kercher; Raffaele was portrayed as her helpless minion.  They used Amanda’s demonic “body language” (Satan approved cart wheels) to determine her guilt as it did not fit their mold of appropriate religious behavior.  (The Devil made her do it!)
The prosecution likewise claims they were not initially trying to cover for Rudy Guede in the murder of Meredith. If they were found guilty of falsely imprisoning Amanda and Raffaele to minimize Rudy’s involvement, they would be going to prison, probably for life.
That is why they will be using ever trick in the book to delay the outcome of the current appeal.
If Italy, America and the World allows this to happen, Amanda and Raffaele could find themselves falsely imprisoned for several more months to several more years!
Here are the logical, non-satanic questions that our State Department should be asking:
1.      Why was an arrest warrant not issued for Rudy Guede for almost three weeks (November 19th, 2007) after the murder?
Dr. Patrizia Stefanoni had her lab available for immediate testing. The isolated stool sample and the vaginal cavity were tested for DNA within 24 hours of the murder to identify Rudy Guede as the sole perpetrator.
2.      Why was Rudy Guede withheld from the public as the fourth suspect until the arrest warrant was issued? 
       They had Rudy identified long before Amanda and Raffaele were even “interviewed.”
3.      Rudy Guede’s name was never mentioned in the “interview.” Why?
4.      The prosecution was obviously trying to get Rudy exonerated, why?
5.      If Rudy’s adoptive family never legally adopted him, was he just brought into the family like any normal gang recruitment? (Start them young.)
6.     Rudy often visited his aunt in Milan, did Rudy setup Milan drug deals for his Perugia family? There are many articles on this problem in Perugia: http://www.narconon.org/drug-information/perugia-drug-addiction.html
7.      Rudy had many arrests for drugs and burglaries; did the prosecution let him off as they tried to do with Meredith Kercher because of his family influence?
8.      Does Rudy’s family run a vending machine business? If true, that would be a convenient cover for daily distribution of “vending machine” drugs.
These questions need to be addressed before the current appeal restarts. Otherwise, the prosecution is obviously going to continue to demand delays to keep Amanda and Raffaele in prison, and themselves, out of prison!


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