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AMANDA KNOX: The Fourth Reich or a Slippery Slope?


Note: I use “The Forth Reich” strictly as juxtaposition to an unchallengeable system.
The Italian Judicial System has proven its integrity to justice by providing one of their finest judges, The Honorable Judge Claudio Pratillo Hellman, to ascertain the truth in the Amanda Knox case.  Judge Hellman’s job was to, without prejudice, evaluate the evidence and proclaim Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito either, guilty or vindicated, in their appeals trial.
 If you need any background in the Amanda Knox case, please see DENVER or the meticulously and accurately revised chronicle on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amanda_knox
Since their vindication, some people have decided that they have slightly changed their position on Amanda and Raffaele to:
Maybe, kind of, sort of, slightly innocent, but probably still involved based on the overwhelming conjecture and hypotheses because of the unquestionable integrity of the prosecution.
Therefore, as Prosecutor Mignini may have, kind of, sort of, slightly made a teeny-weenie mistake here and there, but maybe his heart is still as pure as the waters flowing down the snow packed Colorado Rocky Mountains.  For all I know, this may be true. 
Conversely, Mignini may have knowingly and falsely prosecuted Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito with a “heart of malice.”
Some have suggested that investigating Prosecutor Mignini for questionable behavior is akin to investigating every prosecutor that ever loses a case; a “slippery slope” so to speak.
If this case goes unchallenged, as in: not wishing to follow a “slippery slope” of ever investigating a judicial official (a questionable prosecutor in this case), we have two choices:
  1. If the circumstances dictate a reasonable doubt of ethics, and an abuse of power, “investigate.”
  1. If we do not wish to pursue a “slippery slope” of ever questioning the most powerful people in society, simply rename the society to: “The Fourth Reich.”
Reports of death threats continue to mount for Amanda.  Posts across the internet are still laced with inappropriate comments, like inferring that dismemberment of Amanda would be justified to teach her family a lesson. Unacceptable!
The Sollecito family is undoubtedly dealing with the same undeserved persecution.
The Kercher family is now under ridicule for having trusted in a prosecutor that they believed must be trustworthy or would not be in his position.  Their suffering continues as this prosecutor continues to press his agenda of self righteousness and a lack of compassion for anyone.
Prosecutor Mignini used his unchallenged power to start this massive injustice; it is up to the Italian Judicial System to investigate this illegally manufactured fiasco.
As one defender of justice said in a recent comment:
(When constituted authority is abused,)  “The “authorities” begin to lose their pre-ordained power and rights to that authority. They rightly no longer have our trust or respect.”
Without a final resolve, neither Amanda nor Raffaele will ever be allowed to live their lives in total freedom of the true meaning of VINDICATED!

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