This sensationalized headline could be straight from a 1690s Salem Witch Trial. 
However, they would have punctuated it slightly different:
If you need any background in the Amanda Knox case, please see DENVER or the meticulously and accurately revised chronicle on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amanda_knox
There are three main themes that collided in the Amanda Knox Case that caused this tragic quagmire:
1. Extreme behavior by the sociopathic tendencies of the prosecution.
2. Abuse of constituted authority for religious purposes.
3. The noncompliance of Italy‘s 1988 revision of the
Code of Criminal Procedure.
The attempted rape and senseless murder of Meredith Kercher will live in the hearts of us all who know this tragic story.
This is a clear story that has been distorted and twisted beyond all reason or common sense. 
Three families have had their lives all but ruined due to the flagrant abuse of power by the sociopathic behavior of a prosecutor and self implied agent of God ridding the world of satanic followers. 
Prosecutor Mignini is a person who was recently convicted of Abuse of Power, but was allowed to avoid a prison sentence and to continue the practice of ridding the World of Satanism.
This overzealous prosecutor has even been allowed the use of the Perugian Police Department to  administer intimidation and even physical attacks on journalists that have printed the truth.
(See Perugia Shock or my previous article about Frank Sfarzo)  
All three items listed above collectively give enlightenment to the scenario that led to this tragedy.
I would like to clarify that this is not a criticism of the government of Italy.  I still believe Italy to be one of the greatest countries in the world with a problem in one segment of the country.  Even ex-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s supporters and Giuliano Ferrara, chief editor of the conservative daily Il Foglio have clearly complained of the problem within the untouchable Italian Underworld know as their judicial system.
I am only giving an assessment of the circumstances that facilitated the farce know as: The Amanda Knox Murder Trial.
Part 2
It is well known that Chief Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini is the driving force behind the prosecution of two innocent students for the murder of Meredith Kercher.
It is also well known that Mignini is a convicted felon waiting for his appeal’s trial on his SECOND conviction in the past six years.
Mignini’s 2006 conviction for “abuse of office” was dismissed in November of 2011 due to a technicality (lack of jurisdiction).  That case may be re-filed in the proper jurisdiction.   (See the book, “The Monster of Florence.”)
Overlapping the FIRST conviction and the appeal’s trial, Mignini even had more charges filed against him in the Narducci case in early 2010.  Only this time Mignini’s problems are compounded; his confiscated  computer also revealed an “enemies”  (hit?) list. 
(Do I hear a “MOB JOB?”)
It does not stop there, Mignini went after two more journalists in retaliation for reporting the Abuse of Power in the book.
Mignini has been warned several times to stop using his police force to intimidate journalists. Mignini’s act of defiance was to send five of his “personal” police thugs to physically assault journalist Frank Sfarzo in his own home where Frank then wound up in the hospital.  Frank Sfarzo was severely beaten!
Part 3
An appropriate time to elucidate that Amanda Knox never said she was “tortured.”   This is easily explained as Stockholm Syndrome.  As defined, the perception of immediate physical danger triggers a defense mechanism of total compliance to the point of sympathizing with your captors.  Amanda’s diary-note after her release from her hellish interrogation said: ” the police are under a lot of stress, so I understand the treatment I received.”
So let’s take a closer look and define torture: 
The police said they never struck Amanda, nor did they severely beat Frank Sfarzo in his own home.  No tape, no proof.
The police do admit they did not have time to give Amanda food or specifically water.  Dehydration symptoms as defined by the world renown Mayo Clinic include: extreme thirst, headache, vertigo, lightheadedness, sleepiness and confusion.
The police also admit they were good to Amanda several hours before Mignini arrived and bought her a candy bar and soda after she performed cart-wheels upon their request in the main hallway.  A little flirtation of snacks after asking her to perform acrobatics.  (She had been doing yoga to stretch.)  Mignini later changed the cartwheel story to a show of Amanda’s defiance.
The police also admit they did not allow Amanda a latrine privilege after entering the interrogation room and she waited for over two hours while Mignini riffled through the cell phones for information.  Then she was forced to hold it through the all-night interrogation.  It was their “carrot;”  water and a latrine break in exchange for  signing the paper that turned out to be a camouflaged confession.
Amanda’s book will thoroughly tell the story of her sadistic treatment, but let me clarify from a medical and psychological point of view.  No woman wants to be made to urinate in a room full of men!  Likewise, holding urine for several hours past the aching stage has serious medical consequences, including death.  Amanda will release the explicit details in her book.  But she undoubtedly held it to the best of her ability.   She endured extreme humiliation.  Likewise, as she continued to hold it to the best of her ability, the pain was contributing to her lack of cohesive thought. (more below on the subject)
Case in point: In January 2007, a California woman entered a radio contest to see who could hold their urine the longest.  The prize was a  Nintendo Wii video game system.  She dearly wanted to give this to her three children  as a belated Christmas present.  Within a matter of hours, her body went into metabolic shock and she died of water intoxication per the coroner’s report.
Amanda was feeling the effect of more than getting slapped in the head which hurt, her body was going through dehydration and metabolic shock from excessive acid forming in her kidneys from not being allowed to urinate.
Witnesses in the police building are documented as saying they could hear her screams throughout the building.  Amanda screamed in terror, cried in agony, begged for mercy, but the psychopathic Mignini just kept going.
Everything combined by all definitions:  AMANDA KNOX WAS VERIFIABLY AND SYSTEMATICALLY TORTURED!!!
Part 4
All of this was rationalized by Mignini as appropriate behavior ordained by God to help rid the World of Satanic followers.  His extreme sanctions of sadistic brutality with absolutely no empathy for his victims could be said to prove sociopathic tendencies.
Mignini likes to fancy himself as a model citizen, God fearing Catholic.  He sees his position in the Italian Judicial System as ordained by God to rid the countryside of infidels, non-believers and Satanic Worshipers. 
This is commonly referred to as a Religious Zealot.
Even from the “official” terminology used by Mignini and the people under his direction in open court and to the tabloids describing Amanda Knox, confirms this analogy of Mignini’s Satanic belief system:
” Luciferina, She-Devil, Whore, Witch, Angel Face, Diavola (she devil), Temptress, Lilith, Jezebel, Slut, Half Demon, Dirty inside and out, Diabolical, Party Girl, Evil, Violent, Dangerous, Jealous, Mean, Uncaring, Evil Incarnate, Compulsive liar, Evil Fox, Sex crazed killer, Lesbian, Icicle Eyes, Graphomaniac, Demonic, Satanic, Diabolical She Devil, Promiscuous, Witch of Deception, (wears a) Mask of Deception, Mask of an imposter, Cunning, Muddy on the outside, Dirty on the inside, Actress, Likes hot wild sex, Histrionic, Face of a naive doll, Slovenly, coming from a family of Nazi propagandists, Spell casting witch, virtuoso of deception, dissolute, Half Maria Goretti, Half Demon.” 
The explosive and uncontrolled sociopathic behavior of this prosecutor has had a free reign to inflict terror and suffering on the people of Perugia for many years due to the abuse of their old style judicial system.
Part 5
In 1998, the Italian Parliament passed a Constitutional Amendment restructuring their judicial system from an antiquated Inquisitional System to a Western style Adversarial Judicial System.
The problem with the old Inquisitional System (from a Western point of view) is that it allows the prosecution to monopolize the entire case from start to end.
It assumes that the Court represents the people and all that is good and fair.  Therefore, the accused and their family are expected to follow whatever evidence is gathered and presented by the Court as gospel.
That is to say that if the court accuses any person of a crime, the accused and the entire family is obliged by the rules of society to agree with any conclusion the court and prosecutor present.  Why would the court lie???  Why did the Salem Witch Trials happen???
As Dr. Kenneth J. Ryan sums it up:
In an inquisitorial system, where the judicial mission is to seek truth, the judge (or judges) jointly occupies the positions of magistrate and chief investigator. But, in seeking the truth, the defendant is expected to cooperate with the investigative trial process.
May I also add that the downside to the Inquisitional System is Human Nature.  The entire prosecution is on one team ultimately controlled by the assigned judge, but completely run by the Lead Prosecutor.
Therefore, Human Nature says one for all and all for one.  In other words, cover for each other to the end, no matter what.  It’s an Army, not a Judicial System.
That is the problem we are seeing right now with the Appeal to the Supreme Court.  What we are seeing with Prosecutor Giovanni Galati filing the appeal to the Italian Supreme Court is this unwavering loyalty.
I have no doubt that the current prosecutor, Prosecutor Galati is a man of honor within the Italian Judicial System, but he has no leeway to assess the circumstances of the case.
Therefore, all the conjecture without verification must be treated as fact, no room for intelligent reasoning.
Case in point, never was it questioned that a person of Rudy’s physical characteristics as an athlete could have possibly climbed through a broken window.  In an Adversarial System, the defense would have been allowed many challenges that they were denied in the Knox case (even DNA verification was denied).  They could have simply had a man of similar physical characteristics (the 42 inch = 1+ meter vertical jump of a basketball player) go through the window in 15 seconds or less.
Note: Mignini implied that not even a US Navy Seal with a ladder could have climbed through that window, case closed!
Had Italy mandated adherence to the Adversarial System, this obvious Railroad Job would have been avoided.
As Dr. Kenneth J. Ryan puts it:
“Simply put, in the United States we have an adversarial court system in which prosecution and defense are expected to face off and play by the rules of court and the law.”
So when you put all three aspects together:
1. A sociopath with unlimited judicial power
2. A religious zealot taking care of a fellow Christian family
3. A court system that thrives on an antiquated “Witch Hunt” mentality
You get the Amanda Knox case!
Part 6
So let us speculate on how this actually transpired.
I have already outlined a premise that I still believe to be accurate:
In summary, with Mignini taking control of the investigation from the beginning, he had concrete evidence that Rudy Guede was present at the murder scene (DNA evidence)  before Amanda was coerced into a false confession.
With that in mind, few can fathom why he would not simply issue an arrest warrant for Rudy the day he was identified through his DNA profile?
Very few deny that Mignini behaves sociopathically and is capable of framing two innocent kids by mistake. 
Note: Raffaele Sollecito was always just collateral damage to Railroad an Evil American girl, he was guilty by association.
But if in fact Mignini had Rudy’s ID, why would he shelter Rudy?  Even to this day, Rudy has never been beaten.  Rudy has been treated like royalty.  Mignini says it’s because he is just a poor black victim.  But as described by many internet sites (Perugia Shock for one), Patrick Lumumba (who is also black) per his own words and his facial contusions prove he was beaten severely daily while in custody.  I repeat, in contrast, Rudy has been treated like a prince.  Why?
In most religions, a strong emotional bond is created within the community of that religion.
This in itself is a very positive and nurturing force.
In the mind of a delusional zealot sociopath, it is a good reason to protect the family and child of law abiding Catholic citizens by framing two unknown college kids from outside his domain.
In Mignini’s mind (as outlined by the prosecution team’s own words above), Amanda Knox is a She-Devil, Luciferina, Evil, Demonic, Satanic…
Who better than a wicked American to put in prison in place of Rudy who has a chance to become a devout Catholic because of his family’s influence, if only given one more chance.
I do not believe Rudy’s adoptive family was aware of Mignini’s devotion to protect fellow Christians, but they are being protected from the media just as Rudy is protected from any harsh treatment just the same.
Please consider a previous article, but with what we now know as the motivation, religion, not drug money: 
Part 7
Sequence of events:
1. November 2nd, 2007: Mignini personally manages the crime scene to oversee the investigation.
2. While evidence is being gathered (which could take days) he orders any leads be processed ASAP.
3. A large amount of uncontaminated DNA sample is found in the latrine.
4. It is processed immediately.  As it is the easiest DNA to profile, the simplest and fastest DNA profiling test is utilized.  The results are available in a matter of hours, not days.  After the results are confirmed, that large piece of evidence is conspicuously absent from any further reports.  (We know it did NOT get flushed by accident, they processed the dead skin cells from the toilet paper in their report.) (Confused? See RAILROAD JOB PROVEN)
5. The DNA database results confirm the profile belonging to a well know criminal; Rudy Guede has had many run-ins with the law.  His adoptive family are always by his side to help him.  Mignini is touched by their Christian devotion, he has given Rudy a second chance many times before.
6. This time, Rudy has actually killed a woman after an attempted rape.
7. A normal person would be determined to put an end to this savage behavior.
8. A sociopath sees it differently.  Rudy is one of his own townsmen with parents he respects, the victim is an outsider.  If Rudy gets just one more chance, this may be the big chance that he will appreciate this time.
9. Three days later, November 5th, 2007, Mignini is ready to interview two unsuspecting “fall guys.”  Amanda and Raffaele are interrogated all night.  Before the interrogation starts, Mignini confiscates both of their cell phones.
10. Mignini has many years of experience.  He is looking for anything to help him protect Rudy.
11. Bingo!!! Amanda’s cell phone has the local phone number and name that comes up in the Motor Vehicle database with a driver’s license belonging to another “black man,” Patrick Lumumba.
12. Mignini has an idea.  If he can get Amanda to incriminate another black man, Patrick Lumumba, then when Mignini is ready to release Rudy Guede as another suspect, everyone will think Amanda is lying about Rudy also.  Genius! (to a sociopath)
13. To camouflage the real information retrieved from Amanda’s phone, Mignini pretends that the message from Amanda to Patrick, “See you later. Have a good evening!” is really secret code for “We will meet tonight and kill like wild animals.”  Even Italian has a “see you later” = “arrivederci.”   (Give me a break!)
14. For some reason, many people believe that Mignini, who has an IQ of over 170 really believes that a common phrase is a secret code?  Does Mignini believe that in America, “ciao” (pronounced “chow”) means I want to eat your liver for dinner???  Smoke and Mirrors my friend.
15. To push this ludicrous story of Amanda turning into Charles Manson for a single night, he created 400 pages of a sheer horror story. (The Massei Report)
There is more to this story than just a crazy prosecutor trying to make a quick arrest for the reporters waiting outside on November 5th, 2007.
Likewise, I’m not sure that Occam’s Razor applies to irrational and unpredictable behavior.