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Bruce Fischer is an author and advocate, who became involved with the Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito case in December 2009. He is the founder of Injustice in Perugia, a grassroots organization that worked to correct the injustice committed against Knox and Sollecito in Perugia, Italy. Bruce is the author of “Injustice in Perugia: a book detailing the wrongful conviction of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito” and a follow-up book titled “Finding Justice in Perugia.” Bruce’s work on the Knox/Sollecito case opened his eyes to other wrongful convictions. He realized the problem is far more pervasive than most people realize, and most cases don’t get the attention they warrant. This new-found knowledge led Bruce to expand his efforts, working to develop Injustice Anywhere LLC., an organization working to correct wrongful convictions. Injustice Anywhere operates a network of websites all working to bring more attention to wrongful convictions. Bruce is also a co-host of the Snow Files Podcast. The podcast discusses the wrongful conviction of Jamie Snow and how they got away with it. Bruce has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Columbia College of Missouri.

Exoneree Dwayne Dail Discusses His Thoughts On ‘Making a Murderer’

Dwayne Dail is one of millions who has sat down to binge watch the Netflix series “Making a Murderer” since the documentary’s debut in December 2015. The series details the murder investigation of Teresa Halbach and the convictions of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey for her murder. For many, the documentary has caused outrage, as it makes a strong argument …

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Denny Petitt’s Death Highlights The Suffering Caused By Wrongful Convictions

Justice for Illinois Wrongfully Convicted has announced the sad news that Denny Petitt passed away yesterday in Menard Correctional Center. Denny was wrongfully convicted in 2010 of the murder of his brother. Denny’s ex-wife Donna, and daughter, Kelly, have fought tirelessly over the past six years to get his case overturned. When Kelly recently learned about her father’s illness, she …

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Supporters For The Wrongfully Convicted Gather At Columbia Missouri’s Earth Day 2016 Festival

Family members, friends, and supporters of Missouri’s wrongfully convicted came together to spread their message at Columbia Missouri’s Earth Day 2016 festival this past Sunday.  The event was a powerful showing of unity between all who participated. The video below was filmed by Matt Akins. It provides a nice recap of the event. For more information on the cases represented at the …

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Russ Faria Sues State Farm For Giving Wife’s Life Insurance To Pam Hupp

Russ Faria has filed a civil lawsuit against State Farm, accusing the company of giving his deceased wife’s life insurance to the wrong person. State Farm paid out the claim to a woman named Pam Hupp, an alleged friend of Faria’s wife, Betsy. Strangely, Hupp became the beneficiary of Betsy Faria’s life insurance policy just four days before her murder. …

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Jamie Snow Petition: Allow DNA testing that could prove innocence

Jamie Snow Petition: Allow DNA testing that could prove innocence Update April 13, 2016 — Recall, in the DNA motion (and petition), we have asked for discovery in addition to the request for testing. This is because we have continued to discover documents through Freedom of Information Act requests that were not disclosed to Jamie prior to his trial. This will …

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Petition Asks Wisconsin Law Makers To Pass Brendan Dassey Law

A new Change.org petition is asking the state of Wisconsin to pass legislation to enact “Brendan Dassey’s Law” in order to prevent other minors from suffering the same fate as Brendan Dassey. The petition, created by Jenny Holden and Jax West, works to show why Brendan’s case highlights the need for legislation requiring that an attorney be present during a custodial interrogation …

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