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A nonsensical pile from Nencini (viz a Nonsencini)

David C Anderson Let me start with a truism. At two extremes of humanity lie good people and bad people. There are also mixtures of both, and stupid people who just believe what they read in the papers. The same goes for institutions, and professions. But even within a good institution or profession or organisation some bad people will always …

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Manipulation in the name of a murdered girl

I have never liked being manipulated. And there is something about what we are being told right now that makes me feel that we are, and by people who are themselves making the accusation of manipulation. I am referring, you may think insensitively, to some family members of a poor girl who was violated and stabbed to death in Perugia, …

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The Kercher’s responsibilities for bringing true closure on Meredith.

John Kercher has repeatedly claimed that attention to Amanda Knox and her appeal is preventing the Kerchers from getting closure on his daughter’s murder David C Anderson It is now nearly four years since the cruel murder of Meredith Kercher in Perugia. After only five days, with a pompous fanfare, the local police and prosecutors declared it was ‘case closed’. …

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