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Cases on Appeal

Adam Braseel argues new evidence shows wrongful conviction. Prosecutors say so what?

Adam Braseel says new evidence shows he’s serving life for a dead man’s crime. Grundy County prosecutors say too little, too late. Braseel, 36, has spent 12 years in prison so far for the killing of Malcolm Burrows, 60, on a rural roadside near Tracy City. A judge could hear his bid for a new trial next month. ‘No objective similarity’ Burrows’ killer beat …

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Patrick Pursley acquitted in Rockford murder retrial

rrstar.com ROCKFORD — Patrick Pursley, who spent 23 years in prison for the murder of Andy Ascher, was acquitted of the charges on Wednesday after a retrial. Some courtroom spectators burst into applause as Judge Joe McGraw announced his decision, citing concerns about ballistics evidence used during Pursley’s first murder trial. McGraw said prosecutors had “not met their burden” in …

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Rodney Lincoln Has Now Spent Nearly 36 Years Behind Bars As An Innocent Man

This article was originally published on April 3, 2018, in the Injustice Anywhere 2018 Spring Newsletter. By supporters of Rodney Lincoln The Rodney Lincoln case has had some promising moments in the last several years but all with disappointing results. As we approach the 36th anniversary of his arrest on May 23rd, he is still behind bars. 74 years old, in …

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Fight To Free Jamie Snow Continues On After Recent Setback

  This article was originally published in the Injustice Anywhere 2018 Spring Newsletter. By Tam Alex Jamie Snow’s federal habeas petition was recently denied. It was a horrible ruling which was nothing more than a regurgitation of the trial decision. Once again, the court failed to address the merits of the case. All new evidence was once again ignored. In …

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A Message From Jamie Snow Ahead Of His Federal Court Hearing

Jamie Snow released a statement of thanks this past Tuesday for the widespread support he receives. Jamie began by speaking about his annual Postcards in the Park event which took place on September 3rd, 2017.  Jamie then went on to discuss his federal court hearing which took place this past Wednesday.  After years of appeals, Jamie was granted arguments in Federal …

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Jamie Snow 7th Annual Postcards In The Park Event To Take Place This Sunday

The time has come once again for the annual Jamie Snow Postcards in the Park event. The event, which is now in its seventh year, is hosted by Free Jamie Snow and Justice for Illinois Wrongfully Convicted. This year’s event will take place on Sunday, September 3rd, 2017. The location remains the same. Supporters will meet once again in Miller …

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