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David Thorne Case Update

This article was originally published in the Injustice Anywhere 2018 Spring Newsletter.

By Sue Gless Thorne

David Thorne

David Thorne was wrongfully convicted in January, 2000 in the death of Yvonne Layne.  David was accused and convicted of hiring Joseph Wilkes, a teenaged friend, to murder his former girlfriend.  David has always maintained his innocence.   Joseph Wilkes recanted his confession.

Once David’s appeals were exhausted in 2012, we knew that any further movement on his case would be as a result of media involvement, or even better, new evidence.  To go hand in hand with either of these, we would hope for a pro bono attorney willing to get involved and prepare any information we would uncover for court filings.

In 2017, we were approached by a television series that was focused on defendants whose appeals were exhausted and who were ‘without hope’ of legal recourse.  David’s case was one of a couple dozen being considered, with the end game being his story being made into a TV show, but also being awarded a team of pro bono attorney’s.

After many months of educating the crew and answering hundreds of questions, David’s case was chosen for the TV show.  The crew came to Ohio and interviewed many people.  They went to the scene of the crime and familiarized themselves with Alliance, Ohio.  They spent an afternoon with me.  Next, they went to the London Correctional Institution and met David, interviewing him at length.  Long-time case participant, forensic expert Dr. Brent Turvey, came to Ohio to participate in filming and case discussion.

As of early 2018, the TV show remains unnamed and is reportedly in the editing stage.  An air-date is unclear.  However, the law firm of Kushner, Hamed & Grostic Co. LPA has signed on to represent David Thorne pro bono.  Mr. Kushner has been to the prison and to the war room to view our case file.  He and his firm are working with Jerry Summers, MBA, from Conflict Resolutions LLC, to uncover appealable issues and to look for new evidence.

David remains hopeful, as always.  He is appreciative of his many supporters and is himself supportive of the many other wrongfully convicted.

You can keep up to date with David’s case by visiting the Free David Thorne Facebook Page.