The following are my educated opinions based on over three years of study about this case.

Many people are baffled by the arrest, trial and initial conviction of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito. However to clarify, the prosecutor’s methods can be compared to the methods the Roman Catholic Church used during the Inquisitions. Like the Grand Inquisitors, the Perugians used heresy, witchcraft, homosexuality, sexual taboos, different religion, brutality, torture (sleep deprivation), slander, corporal law, intimidation, bribery, robbery (confiscation of property when accused), elimination of opposition, and other heinous acts to achieve what they wanted. In this case power over innocent lives, wealth from both the defendant families and the Italian taxpayers.

March 26, 2013 the Court of Cassation (Italian supreme/highest court) court ruled that although an appeals court overruled their conviction, an appeals court in Florence must re-hear the case against Amanda and Raffaele for the murder of Meredith Kercher. Such a ruling is absolutely ridiculous, which brings to mind Lord Acton Quotes, “ The danger is not that a particular class is unfit to govern: every class is unfit to govern”, and “There is no worse heresy than that the office sanctifies the holder of it.” This ruling is disgusting, and defies sanity. Obviously politics within the ranks resulted in this irrational decision.

The goal of the Inquisitions was one state (ultimate power, new world order), one church (no competition), and great wealth. The accused’s property/possessions were seized immediately upon being accused, then divided between the church, the kings and the investigator that tortured, raped and sometimes murdered, as well as testified against the accused. A guilty verdict most often resulted in an execution in the event that the accused survived the torture.
The Roman Catholic church wielded power “in the name of God” and with the blessing of the kings they tortured anyone who got in their way; with the state normally conducting the executions. Speaking out, not going along with the program, not participation, offering comfort, kindness or sympathy for the accused would result in torture then execution. Many women and children were raped, tortured, and murdered by their Christian captors. Men were tortured, flogged with chain whips, clubs and often burned alive for the slightest breach of regulations; including speaking or making sounds.

Sometimes evidence was conjured up, but more often torture was all that was needed to “convince” an accused heretic or witch to confess. Many innocent people confessed to avoid torture. Torture is 99.99% effective in obtaining a confession.

John Farrow’s 1942 book, “Pageant of the Popes,” tells that in 1574 John Bale translated “Acta Romanorum Pontificum” from Latin to English and quote Pope Leo X (1513-1521),

“For on a time when a cardinall Bembus did move a question out of the Gospell, the Pope [Leo X] gave him a very contemptuous answer saying: “All ages can testifie enough how profitable that fable of Christe hath ben to us, and our companie.” Which is currently expressed as ‘ “It has served us well, this myth of Christ.”

Inquisitor (investigator) Director, Nicolas Eymeric [1360] complained; “In our days there are no more rich heretics…”.
Apparently the church had already robbed every rich person they could, so they started torturing, raping, and ridding the world (murdering) of so-called witches.

Some modern thinkers question how the Holy Inquisitions could happen, what pleasure could they have achieved from inflicting pain on others? The answer is simple. “Power is intoxicating”. “Power corrupts.” “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” which in turn allows the wicked to respond to their instincts originating in their reptilian brain, widely known as the Id.

Perugia resembles the Inquisitions in the obvious, and blatant, attempt to imprison two innocent people, and their foul deeds are being ignored by the Italian authorities with the power and the authority to lock away the prosecutor and his henchmen where they can do no more harm.

The following are examples that the Witchfinder General, Matthew Hopkins, used in the 1600’s to effectively extract confessions from his victims:

1) Sleep deprivation: this method was used on Amanda and Raffaele.

2) He would also cut the arm of the accused with a blunt knife, and if she did not bleed, she was said to be a witch.

3) Swimming test, based on the idea that as witches had renounced their baptism, water would reject them. Suspects were tied to a chair, and thrown into water: all those who floated were considered to be witches.

4) Hopkins and his assistants also looked for the Devil’s mark. This was a mark that all witches or sorcerers were supposed to possess. It was said to be dead to all feeling, and would not bleed – although in reality it was usually a mole, birthmark, or an extra nipple or breast. Similarly Amanda and Raffaele were scrutinized and photographed by the police then later the press; every item of clothing worn in court was noted, as well as haircuts

5) If the suspected witch had no visible Devil’s marks, INVISIBLE ones could be discovered by pricking, therefore employed “witchprickers” pricked the accused with knives, and special needles, looking, for such marks, normally after the suspect had been shaved of all body hair. (The prosecution used invisible, undetectable, non existent evidence to prosecute Amanda and Raffaele; the lack of evidence was “evidence” according to the prosecution).

6) It was believed that the witch’s familiar, an animal such as a cat, or dog, would drink the witch’s blood from the mark, as a baby drinks milk from the nipple.

Author Barbara Walker notes: “Victims were charged for the very ropes that bound them and the wood that burned them. Each procedure of torture carried its fee. After the execution of a wealthy witch, officials usually treated themselves to a banquet at the expense of the victim’s estate.”



The prosecution’s Monster Of Florence Inquisition type tactics were used in earnest during the investigation and prosecution of Amanda and Raffaele. A spirit channeler, Gabriela Carlizzi, was consulted to learn how the Satanists’ operated. Curatolo Toto, a tramp, serial witness, jailhouse rat, who was also a homeless heroin addict, convict and drug dealer, looking for a deal, was the prosecution’s star witness.

Added to the mix was Satanism and character assassination using sex, drugs, and rock and roll (a citation, for loud music). Unlikely DNA evidence that was likely contaminated, as well as improperly collected and analyzed in a non certified lab by a less than honorable lab technician who perjured herself numerous times, was the cornerstone of the case. Intentional elementary investigative errors professed to be ‘mistakes’ when exposed, multiple lurid accusations and/or assumptions with no basis, brutal illegal interrogations’ of Amanda, Raffaele, and Patrick, thundering theatrics in the courtroom, finger pointing, unjust imprisonment, solitary confinement to silence, abuse of office and/or power. Threatening Amanda’s family, supporters and the media with legal action and 6 years in prison for speaking out. Wiretapping, multiple perjuries on the part of the investigators, falsifying evidence, and it is all complemented with a masterful bending and twisting of Italy’s Laws. The prosecutor blatantly applied tactics intended for the mafia to obviously innocent college students. Why? What pleasure did he derive from his sadistic pursuit of Amanda Knox, his imaginary She-Devil, and her boy, Raffaele Sollecito?


Upon beginning the investigation the police Chief said ‘it is impossible to climb through the busted window, so it’s an inside job’. Amanda has a KEY to her apartment, so the Authorities assumed she must be the murderer. Anyway the other girls were gone, had an alibi or had employed a lawyer for their protection. Amanda said she was with Raffaele, so it’s assumed he participated in the murderer with her (Her alibi just flew out the window).

Although all the evidence indicated Rudy Guede alone committed the crime, the prosecution persisted in including Amanda and Raffaele in his illusions (smoke and mirrors) without sane basis.

Guede is a young athlete and a documented burglar known to bust out windows, scale walls then climb through the windows to steal valuables; which police previously caught him with. He is known to threatened people with knives, carry knives, sell drugs, steal from women’s pocket books, he did not work, and desperately needed money to pay his rent. With all this known the authorities continued to accuse Amanda, and Raffaele of staging the crime scene, and participating in the murder with Guede, who was portrayed as Amanda’s victim.


Apparently the prosecutor consulted with Gabriela Carlizzi, a spirit channeler, who connected the Order of the Red Rose (a medieval satanic sect) to Satanism, to gain his vast insight about satanic cults.

The prosecutor initially accused Amanda, Raffaele, and Guede of being a satanic cult. He accused the She Devil (Amanda), Raffaele and Guede of murdering Meredith during a satanic ritual the day following Halloween; because Halloween is the celebration of Satanism. The prosecutor’s evidence was comic books, sex and Halloween costumes. This was much more evidence than the Inquisitors, I mean “investigators,” needed for a conviction/execution, however the satanic cult illusion didn’t fly, so the prosecutor tried many different scenarios that failed; in the end the judges and jury decided Amanda and Raffaele were guilty because they had been drinking and smoking reefer, so it’s “POSSIBLE they could have participated” in the crime with Guede.

In a New York Post piece, Nina Burleigh breaks down how the Knox trial turned into a “witch hunt”:

[Prosecutor Giuliano] Mignini always included witch fear in his murder theory, and only reluctantly relinquished it. As late as October 2008, a year after the murder, he told a court that the murder “was premeditated and was in addition a ‘rite’ celebrated on the occasion of the night of Halloween. A sexual and sacrificial rite [that] in the intention of the organizers … should have occurred 24 hours earlier” — on Halloween itself — “but on account of a dinner at the house of horrors, organized by Meredith and Amanda’s Italian flatmates, it was postponed for one day.”

October 19 2008 Il Tempo newspaper reported that the prosecutor, “honorable” judge and lead investigator, Giuliano Mignini, addressed the court:

“The murder was premeditated, and was in addition a ‘rite’ celebrated on the occasion of the night of Hallowe’en. A sexual and, sacrificial rite … In the intention of the organisers, the rite should have occurred 24 hours earlier” – on Hallowe’en itself – “but on account of a dinner at the house of horrors, organised by Meredith and, Amanda’s Italian flatmates, it was postponed, for one day. The presumed assassins contented themselves with the evening of 1 November to perform their do-it-yourself rite, when, for some hours it would again be the night of All Saints.”

Apparently the prosecutor actually thinks Amanda is a witch that can see through buildings. He is quoted by the media saying on the night of the murder Amanda and Raffaele were in a nearby park watching the girl’s apartment where Meredith was murdered. There is a building in the line of sight to the apartment, so this is only possible if one or both can see through walls.

Amanda is referred by the authorities, media, and others as: ” Luciferina, She-Devil, Whore, Witch, Angel Face, Diavola (she devil), Temptress, Lilith, Jezebel, Slut, Half Demon, Dirty Inside and Out, Diabolical, Party Girl, Evil, Violent, Dangerous, Jealous, Mean, Uncaring, Evil Incarnate, Compulsive Liar, Evil Fox, Sex Crazed Killer, Lesbian, Icicle Eyes, Graphomaniac, Demonic, Satanic, Diabolical She Devil, Promiscuous, Witch of Deception, (wears a) Mask of Deception, Mask of an Imposter, Cunning, Muddy on the Outside & Dirty on the Inside, Actress, Likes Hot Wild Sex, Histrionic, Face of a Naive Doll, Slovenly, Spell Casting Witch, Comes from a Family of Nazi Propagandists, Virtuoso of Deception, Dissolute, Half Maria Goretti & Half Demon, sloppy housekeeper, evil eyes, liar, terrible taste in clothes, annoying.”


The prosecution claimed the lack of evidence against Amanda and Raffaele is “evidence” and “claimed” that they had only cleaned away their DNA evidence from the crime scene with bleach, leaving only the evidence left by Guede in an attempt to frame him. Then, in other sections of the judge’s report, it’s assumed Amanda is protecting Guede. If evidence was actually cleaned away it was the most remarkable job of crime scene cleaning on the planet to date and could not be matched by the best professionals with the most sophisticated equipment known to man. Truly amazing.

Guede’s bloody hand prints, bloody shoe prints, Guede’s DNA on and in the body, his shoe print made with wet semen on her pillow that he had placed under her buttocks. Obviously he sexually assaulted her after he killed her. At one time the media announce that the authorities had conjured up Amanda and Raffaele planting the evidence left by Guede. Can you imagine that? With this investigators’ logic a person could be home quietly watching TV when the police burst down their door, slam them face down on the ground, then arrest them for a crime although they have absolutely no evidence whatsoever that the individual was involved.

Amanda, and Raffaele’s nonexistent bloody foot prints. Perjury on the part of the authorities:

The authorities stated in court that test for blood had not been performed to verify the so called bloody footprints said to belong to Amanda and Raffaele were actually of blood, and testing the footprints for blood was not documented in the lab reports provided to the court, however, in fact test had been performed, and all the so called bloody footprints were negative for blood. The so called “bloody footprints” said to belong to Amanda and Raffaele never existed, and the authorities knew they never existed as they continued to attempt to persuade the court and the public that the footprints were of blood.

From Judge Massei’s motivation report (English translation) page 256-257:

“With respect to the Luminol-positive traces found in Romanelli’s room, in Knox’s room and in the corridor, she stated that by analyzing the SAL cards “we learn, in contradiction to what was presented in the technical report deposited by the Scientific Police, and also to what was said in Court, that not only was the Luminol test performed on these traces, but also the generic diagnosis, for the presence of blood, using tetramethylbenzidine, and this test, gave a negative result on all the items of evidence from which it was possible to obtain a genetic profile”

Failing to acknowledge the age of enlightenment and scientific principle the “honorable” judge assumed the footprints were of blood regardless of the scientific test results. To support his assumptions it was necessary to make the following assumptions without credible evidence for any of them:

1) Amanda was the killer although there is no evidence of Amanda being at the crime scene.

2) She had bare feet.

3) She got blood on her feet when she killed Meredith.

4) She must have washed her bloody feet in the bathroom.

5) She didn’t do a good job of washing her feet.

6) She must have left a trail of diluted bloody footprints.

7) For an amateur with eyes that project infrared and detect the electromagnetic energy in the wavelength emitted by blood, she did a remarkable job of cleaning up some of her bloody footprint trail without leaving evidence of a clean up. ( There were no swirl marks detected which Indicates to a trained investigators that no cleanup was attempted).

8) She must have missed a few spots where the random footprints were found.

9) Scientific test in the lab can not detect diluted blood, but Luminol can.

10) Nothing was ever in the apartment that could cause the Luminol to give a false positive although Luminol frequently gives false positives , and standard practice is not to accept the results until test are performed in the lab to verify the substance detected with Luminol is actually blood .

11) He assumed that his assumptions are more reliable than scientific tests, and assumes his assumptions do not require credible evidence to be accepted as truth.

Nothing known to man supports his asinine chain of assumptions. This is exactly how so called witches and heretics were convicted during the Inquisitions.

Meredith’s cell phones were found a good distance from the crime scene. The “honorable” judge assumed Amanda and Raffaele took the phones to the garden, where they were found the next morning, so that nobody would hear them ringing and discover the body too soon (Too soon for what?). I wonder why it did not occur to him that it would be much easier to turn the phones off? There is no evidence to support his assumptions, but his assumptions. Regardless these asinine assumptions resulted in additional time in prison.

For further details about the investigation and prosecution go to LINK: The forty myths that convicted Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito – Part one by Nigel Scott October 11, 2012


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