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No Killer-Specific Identifying Evidence Has Been Developed So Far In Kent Heitholt Murder

(This is the third of ten articles about the Kent Heitholt murder in 2001. Much of the information reviewed for this article was obtained from transcripts of the 2005 Ryan Ferguson trial posted on the Justice for Ryan Ferguson website. There has been talk of a bloody palm print that might identify the killer. However nothing has been found in the released trial …

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Initial View of the Heitholt Murder Crime Scene

(This is the second of ten articles about the Kent Heitholt murder with a primary focus on interpreting the physical and other evidence at the crime scene.) Columbia Tribune Sports Editor, Kent Heitholt, was found unconscious and unresponsive in a pool of blood outside his car about 2:26 AM on November 1, 2001. It was readily apparent that his head had been severely …

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The Night of Justice Defense Lawyers Confident that Supreme Court Will Cancel the Ruling After their Appeal  Florence, January 31, 2014 We had not a reasonable doubt that the mind of the judge was already made up and so, probably, did Amanda’s lawyers. They tried again yesterday morning, in the few minutes left, to change that idea. They don’t know …

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The Amanda Knox & Raffaele Sollecito Case: Analyzing The DNA Evidence

This week, Bruce Fischer discussed the DNA evidence presented in the Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito case, with Professor Christopher Halkides and Molecular Biologist Tom Zupancic, on the Injustice Anywhere Radio Program. On December 4, 2009, Amanda Knox & Raffaele Sollecito were wrongfully convicted for the murder of Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Italy. Meredith Kercher was murdered by Rudy Guede …

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Injustice Anywhere Publishes First Newsletter & Looks Ahead to a Bright Future

This week, the Injustice Anywhere Radio Program  highlighted the organization’s  seven  featured cases, giving an up to date review of each case. The show also discussed the progress that Injustice Anywhere has made, while detailing their outlook for the future. The show’s host, Bruce Fischer, went on to discuss the recent acquittal of David Camm, with Lynne Blanchard and Joseph Bishop. …

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As the Main and Only Piece of Evidence Against Him and Amanda Knox Collapses in Court By Frank Sfarzo Florence, November 6 2013 “Act of Courage: Raffaele Sollecito today in courtroom” It was interesting studying this case and, within the case, the DNA issue, but that was in 2008. In 2009 it became already boring, let alone in 2010, 11 …

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