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WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? (Amanda Knox, Meredith Kercher, Raffaele Sollecito)


What is wrong with this picture from an animation that the prosecutor wasted over $100,000 of the Italian tax payer’s hard earned, scarce, money on? The animation shows four people at the crime scene, in a room imagined to be much larger than it actually is, but the credible evidence only supports two people being present in Meredith’s small bedroom. Rudy Guede (Guede was caught on cam arriving and admitted to being there when Meredith got home around 9 pm), and his victim, Meredith Kercher (her image is caught on cam arriving at the apartment. The cam only captured the image of Meredith and Guede arriving the evening she was murdered). Guede left copious amounts of evidence on, around, and in his victim.

The other two, shown holding up their arms, were imagined (conjured up) to be Amanda Knox, and her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito. When known facts excluded Amanda and Raffaele from being present, Inquisitor/prosecutor Migninny purposed Amanda directed Guede while raping, robbing, and murdering Meredith, but did not enter the crime scene.

When known facts established that it is not possible that the knife, that proved to never have blood on it, the prosecutor imagined Amanda murdered Meredith with, the bozo/prosecutor imagined there were two knives involved (second knife not found). The prosecutor has a vivid imagination, and when released from prison (prediction) he has a future in creating cartoons, although hopefully a very short future.

It is only possible Amanda and Raffaele were present (shown in the photo) if they can levitate. Prosecutor Migninny has them levitating about the apartment quite a bit, although no conclusive evidence has been presented to the court establishing the two can in fact levitate.

But wait, the prosecutor pulled a rabbit out of his hat. The investigators collected a bra clasp from the crime scene that had been walked on, stepped on, kicked about for six weeks, collected improperly and stored improperly. The prosecution claims contamination is not possible, and claims, that out of the numerous male DNA profiles present (all unidentified) on the metal clasp (none on the fabric or elsewhere), one of the many DNA profiles belongs to Raffaele, although the DNA testing was performed improperly, and is inconclusive.

Considering no physical evidence places Raffaele at the crime scene, this finding is only possible if he can levitate, and was only interested in fondling the small metal hook/bra clasp during the imaginary sex game gone wrong. How silly is that?

So how did the prosecutor get around the fact that no physical evidence was found that puts Amanda or Raffaele at the scene?
He imagined Amanda and Raffaele performed the impossible task of cleaning away all the evidence except that of Rudy Guede. No evidence existed that indicated a clean up occurred, but the jury delivered the desired guilty verdict without hesitation, and without credible evidence, concluding “it’s possible” that somehow Amanda and Raffaele were involved. Apparently by choosing to allow the prosecutor a bonus shot at Amanda and Raffaele, the esteemed Italian Supreme Court also assumes all of this elusive conjecture possible.

OMG, look at the photo!!! It appears the imaginary Amanda and Raffaele are levitating. Will this photo be exhibit “L” during the upcoming hearings? This makes as much sense as this entire fiasco.