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Will Science Free Jeffrey Havard?

Injustice Anywhere Radio discusses the Jeff Havard case with Attorney Jen Fitzgerald and advocate Lori Howard.

Jeff Havard currently sits wrongfully convicted on death row in Mississippi for the sexual assault and murder of his girlfriend’s six-month-old daughter, Chloe Britt. The truth is the infant slipped from Jeff’s arms while lifting her from the tub, causing her head to hit the toilet. New expert evidence supports Jeff’s claims. Chloe’s death was a tragic accident, not a murder. Jeff Havard is innocent.

The Mississippi Supreme Court has granted permission to Jeff’s defense team to request an evidentiary hearing based on the fact that the science on shaken baby syndrome has now changed.

This is an important development in Jeff’s case. We will discuss the possible impact this ruling will have on Jeff’s case and what will need to occur for him to receive an evidentiary hearing.

Please visit www.freeJeffreyHavard.org to learn more about this case