Section 1. STRATEGY

Section 2. DUALITY

Section 3. EXECUTION


Section 1. STRATEGY: The science or art of developing and implementing a plan of war.

Did a single distorted perception of Amanda Knox by a detective who was out of his depth, trigger a war by Italy against one innocent young American girl (and her alibi, Raffaele Sollecito)?    

Edgardo Giobbi, working under Giuliano Mignini as head of the Rome police squad responsible for arresting Amanda, stated:

I knew she was guilty because if it was me, I’d be in bed, curled up and crying still if my friend had been killed.”  

Was this an intuitive hunch or could it possibly have been a strategy orchestrated to take the heat off the true killer, Rudy Guede, and project the crime onto an unsuspecting victim, Amanda Knox?


To avoid redundancy, if you need any background in the Amanda Knox case, please see DENVER or the revised chronicle on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amanda_knox


It may seem unlikely that an entire legal system could or would instigate such a malicious action against an innocent person based simply on someone’s hunch.  Does the brutal and vindictive portrayal of the ethics and morals of Amanda reflect the Italian perception of all Americans?  Possibly?!  Consider the crowds in the streets outside the courtroom when Amanda was exonerated in 2011, causing a near riot.  Was she re-convicted a few months later to satisfy this Italian cry for vengeance? 


Here is a pretty good rationale for the theory of national reprisal against American transgressions perpetrated on Italy:    REPREHENSIBLE!!! 

According to many Italians, Judge Claudio Pratillo Hellmann, the judge who exonerated Amanda in 2011, was disgraced and forced to retire for exonerating the American and allowing her to go home.


Section 2. DUALITY: An instance of opposition or contrast between two concepts. 

In the last article,  AMERICA’S HYPOCRISY , we disclosed a new theory developed by two distinguished, retired FBI agents.  What was disclosed is the highly probable conclusion that all the “mistakes” in the persecution of Amanda (and Raffaele as her alibi) were deliberate tactics as a strategy to protect a police informant. 

Let’s look at the possibility that Rudy Guede was a police informant through the eyes of DUALITY.  

First, how and why would Rudy have been a police informant?  

As we have all heard, and as released by the prosecutor’s office, the “official” story was that Rudy was a drifter, a small time thief and a minor league drug dealer.  

We’ve already covered his possible usefulness as a second story thief:  666 = THE PERFECT STORM (Section 3) 

Why did prosecutor Mignini spread so much misinformation about Rudy Guede?   Let’s look at the different insights into the character of Guede as outlined in two very different and contrasting books: 

(1) “Darkness Descending – the Murder of Meredith Kercher” by Paul Russell, Graham Johnson (Contributor) 

and – 

(2) The Fatal Gift of Beauty by Nina Burleigh 

(Rudy’ Guede’s birthday is December 26th, 1986.) 


(From Darkness Descending): 

“Above and just below: Abidjan, the very attractive West African city where Rudy Guede was born and where he lived until he was five.


Darkness Descending includes this well-researched and revealing portrait below of Rudy Guede and the two traumatic experiences that really threw him: his moving in with the Caporali family, and the collapse of the restaurant in northern Italy which briefly employed him.” 

There are no references here about Rudy Guede being a drifter, drug-dealer,  dangerous knife-wielder nor petty criminal.  Likewise, none of those claims are confirmed by the record or the Micheli report, and few or none in Perugia or Italy generally seemed to believe Guede was the sole perpetrator, or even the main instrument of Meredith Kercher’s death.  

“That, and the fact that once he’d been caught he seemed to be at least trying to tell the truth about his involvement with Meredith, gave him a certain credibility”. 

(The story then reverts back to when Rudy was a teen.) 

“One day, Rudy’s dad went home to Abidjan to renew his passport, but civil war broke out when he was in the country and instead of spending two weeks away from his son he was trapped for six months, as strife raged in the Ivory Coast. 

Back in Italy, the social services stepped in with a view to formalizing Rudy’s foster status and finding a long-term home for him. 

Rudy was unhappy but he coped with the loneliness and uncertainty with admirable courage. He didn’t complain. And he was soon rewarded.” 

(Note: This was 2002 at the age of 15.) 

Astonishingly, he was catapulted into the heart of Perugia’s single richest family (as well as one of Italy’s richest families.) 

“His change of fortune was like something out of the plot of the musical Annie. Rudy had met one of the Caporali sons at basketball. 

Now the family wanted to officially take him in as one of their own. He never lived with Roger (his father) again. 

The change wasn’t smooth. Rudy found it difficult to adapt. When he moved out of Ponte San Giovanni, he lost touch with many of his old friends, which he found particularly hard. 

It wasn’t long before his new father figure, Paolo Caporali, was calling Rudy ‘an inveterate liar’. He skipped school and spent his time in front of the television or on PlayStation. Caporali’s wife and kids were much kinder in their view: (From Nina Burleigh) Iliana Caporali was Rudy Guede’s adopted sister for 3 years. She remembers him as a sweet, shy boy who was afraid of the dark. She says he was affectionate, loved dogs, and tended to be absent minded.” 

(Darkness Descending) 

“Rudy was introverted and shy. He lied to protect himself, but not maliciously to hurt others or gain personal advantage. 

The move from a poor area to the home of the super-rich Caporali family had confused Rudy and, to some degree, had embarrassed him. 

His basketball trainer Roberto Segolini said Rudy was friends with everyone and never missed a training session. Where he could prove his worth and show success to his new high-status family, Rudy thrived. 

With such a chequered school career, Rudy would find it hard to find a job that suited him once he left school. But at the age of nineteen he went to stay with an aunt in Lecco and landed a job as a waiter in Pavia.”

(Note: Age of 19 = most of 2006) 

“Finally, he had found his way. He was ecstatic. He was now going to prove that he could knuckle down and stand on his own two feet. He thought about learning the trade and one day opening a restaurant. 

But as soon as he settled in, the rug was pulled from under him – his employer was arrested and the business folded. 

To someone with a fragile view of himself, this chance setback took on a great and doom-laden significance. Rudy blamed himself and worried about how he would explain his bad luck to the Caporalis”. 

(Note: July 2007, Rudy had stated he was reluctant to face the Caporalis as he was still part of their lives.) 

“Confidence shattered, he fled back to Perugia in shame. It was July 2007 and the beginning of the long summer that would end in tragedy. 

The Caporalis were desperate to bolster his self-esteem. In August they found him a gardener’s job at a restaurant they owned out of town. 

He stayed with the Mancinis, where the father and mother made sure he got up early to catch the bus. But the rot had set in; he wanted to live where the excitement was.” 

(Note: August 2007, the Caporalis were willing to help Rudy.  That explains Nina Burleigh writing that Mrs. Caporali secured an apartment/flat in Perugia for him as he had no job.) 

(Nina Burleigh): 

“With the help of Mrs. Caporali, who still held affection for him, he managed to rent a student apartment on via Canarino off Corso Garibaldi. There is no indication of what he did for a living at this time.” 

(Darkness Descending): 

“He was distracted by the scallywag antics of the lads in Perugia, who never seemed to work but always had money, and by the beautiful students from all over the world who were descending on the University to find digs and party. 

Amanda and Meredith would be among them.” 

The point being made here about DUALITY is that we have two diametrically opposed projections of Rudy Guede published after the murder:

1. Mignini: Rudy was a drifter with no home and no family… an unknown.

2. Interviews by writers reveal that Rudy was pretty well established (he always had money), was known by many and was still being nurtured by the very powerful Caporali family in August of 2007.


Section 3. EXECUTION: The implementation of a task or mission. 

Clearly (my conjecture), as Rudy Guede was nurtured by the generous Caporali family, he must have been incorporated into their family life.  As devoted Catholics, Rudy would be expected to diligently attend weekly Mass with his family as a gesture of appreciation to God for his blessing.  Rudy was well known in the Catholic community as the adoptive son to whom God had given a second chance. 

We all know Giuliano Mignini is also a devout Catholic.  He aspires to rid the world of evil though his position of authority in the legal community of Perugia.


FBI Special Agents Steve Moore and Jim Clemente have presented their professional opinion based on their years of experience in law enforcement and have concluded that Guede was a police informant,  therefore he was identified by the Perugian police immediately as both a suspect and the perpetrator due to his previous MO.  However, Guede although must have been positively identified within 24 hours by the massive quantity of isolated DNA samples he’d left that were undoubtedly tested (it was a murder investigation after all), the official press release didn’t mention any of the following information:

1.   Feces in the toilet

2.   Bloody hand print on the wall (Guede had cuts starting to heal when he was returned from Germany).

3.   Epithelial cells (from fingers or penis) in Meredith’s vagina. 4.   Semen on the pillow under Meredith’s body. 

Releasing this forensic information immediately would NOT have given Mignini time to minimize Guede’s involvement.  Would Mignini, a staunch Catholic, prefer to protect a fellow Catholic in favor of falsely persecuting a heathen female from America? (A real head scratcher!) 

Let me put this another way using the logic of DUALITY:

Giuliano Mignini’s obsession with Satanism and Satanic ritual has been clearly documented in Douglas Preston’s book “The Monster of Florence”.  Therefore, when Mignini came upon the crime scene and saw that a rock thrown through a window, together with a second story, pointed to Guede (as Steve Moore pointed out), might Mignini have surmised that Rudy Guede is really a good kid at heart from a good, religious family.  Isn’t it possible that Mignini might have believed that even if Rudy was at the crime scene, he would not have been capable of shedding Meredith’s blood as he had never been previously violent?  

Based on his known Satanic obsession, Mignini probably concluded that Rudy had been lured by the force of Satan and before Rudy was implicated in the crime, Mignini needed to know who possessed the soul of Satan and was able to cast a spell over him compelling him to become complicit in the murder…enter Amanda Knox! 

Rudy Guede returned to Perugia from Milan in August of 2007 (just three months before the murder) with the help of the Caporali family.  Note: Mignini officially released a statement on behalf of the family that stated they had ZERO contact with Rudy for over a year. 

Why would Mignini offer to give Guede a job as an informant? Would it have fulfilled the family desire to give Rudy self confidence while allowing frequent “check ins” for status updates thereby baby sitting Rudy for the family?  

Rudy was clearly sheltered from prosecution for the crimes he committed that were publicly acknowledged.  How many other crimes did he commit before killing Meredith?  How many of these were concealed from the public eye?  (Note : Rudy Guede has finally been found guilty of one of the burglaries he carried out before he killed Meredith.  But this conviction was not completed until this year 2014, almost seven years after the fact.  There was no publicity following this conviction.) 

Rudy came close to getting away with the murder of Meredith Kercher as Patrick Lumumba was targeted to take his place as the “black-man” seen by a witness.  As Steve Moore and Jim Clemente affirmed, the Perugian population of males of African descent of the approximate age as described by the witness was less than .00385 of the total Perugian population. 

We’ve already pointed out that Mignini ordered Amanda’s phone to be tapped from November 3rd, 2007:

(Section 5, Part 2):   CONSPIRACY THEORY PROVEN 

So as Steve and Jim reasoned, Mignini had a rare opportunity to connect a black male directly to Amanda, thereby setting up a frame to protect Rudy.  For this ingenious plan to succeed, Mignini needed immediate results.  The day after the arrest of the unsuspecting Knox and Lumumba, he released the “hounds of hell” through the Italian and British media (November 7th, 2007): 


It wasn’t until three days after her arrest when Amanda’s mother, Edda Mellas, who was now in Perugia together with her father, Curt Knox, realized that there was already a massive campaign to smear, try and convict Amanda by using the media.  It was at this point that a friend of Curt’s recommended the firm of David Marriott (November 9th, 2007).  That was the best decision Curt ever made to try to save Amanda’s reputation and publicize her absolute innocence. 

There are those who say America is unfairly criticizing the Italian judiciary.  I say their system may be as good as any, but this unfounded persecution of Amanda and Raffaele in order to protect the loved one of an elite Italian family cannot stand!   

The family themselves may well not have had any direct involvement in a cover-up…that is for an investigation to decide, but it is clear that Mignini has been proven to bend the law in the past to suit his obsessive religious beliefs. 

Giuliano Mignini skillfully executed a deadly game of chess using Amanda Knox, Raffaele Sollecito and Patrick Lumumba as pawns to protect the King of Drifters, Rudy Guede, however;  

The only true justice for Meredith Kercher and her family is to investigate, prosecute and convict all those involved in Mignini’s: Heinous Game of Chess.