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I will substantiate this theory below: The conspiracy of railroading Amanda and Raffaele revolves around Rudy’s previous relationship with his adoptive family. “The Family” was looking out for Rudy one last time.

Before we look at the implications of a conspiracy theory, let’s trouble-shoot the break-down of the DoS (US State Department) in the case of Amanda Knox.   
Our State Department needs new regulations pertaining to US sanctioned student exchange programs. No student should be allowed to sign into a police station without immediate US embassy notification by the police station’s reception officer. If a student needs assistance, everyone should be in the loop. If a student desires to give information to help local authorities, everyone should be in the loop. There is no reason another American student should ever be allowed to be locked in a room in a foreign police station, alone, defenseless, with no emotional support, no legal council, no mercy!
Again, I must give praise to the input of the loyal and the new members of the comment community. Your input gives emotional support and intellectual acumen. Thank you!
Researching this case from the beginning has led to some startling revelations.
We now know two things that we did not know in 2007:
  1. Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini wildly manipulated the press through the tabloids with lies. 
  2. Mignini needed help falsifying evidence, especially DNA results.
What motivated Mignini to commit perjury and frame two innocent kids? Why was it necessary to involve an innocent third person, Patrick Lumumba, in this facade? In 2011, we now have more “insight.”
Even more baffling was how Mignini was able to persuade Dr. Patrizia Stefanoni, a highly successful, well established DNA consultant to comply with perjuring herself to falsify DNA evidence?
Likewise, there have been several insinuations that Judge Massei had a preconceived verdict for Amanda and Raffaele before the trial ever started. 
Here is what’s so troubling:
Let’s look at the original story line as reported through the highly manipulated press in 2007:
Per nationally televised Dateline (NBC):   Note: Dateline is a respected news source, they only report what they are officially given; this is the “official story line issued by the prosecutor’s office,” December 21st, 2007.
Dateline Report 2007:
“It appears that the young English woman died at the hands of her friends.”
“Violent sex crime electrified Italy and beyond as pictures of three suspects appeared in the news.”
“The riddle near the center of this lurid murder story is Amanda Knox…”
“Amanda cracked and came out with a totally new story. Yes–she had been at the house the night Meredith was murdered and — a startling new detail — so was her boss from the bar, Patrick Lumumba.”
“The forensic experts had found irrefutable evidence of a fourth suspect in the house, a man…”
Insight 2011:
Three people in custody, a forth suspect involved?
The 2007 timeline was purposely skewed to highlight the participation of three detainees and minimize the participation of a possible forth person, Rudy Guede. But we now know unequivocally that Rude Guede, the unidentified “forth person” had the only perpetrator’s DNA at the crime scene.
Likewise, the substantial amount of Rudy’s DNA from the toilet sample allowed them to get immediate DNA results in “three to five hours of testing time,” they knew 100% that Rudy had been there. (Post script added:  PROVEN )

This is my speculation of the actual timeline as proven in 2011:

  1. The murder took place in the evening of November 1st, 2007 (a Thursday evening).
  2. The body was discovered at 1:15 PM on November 2nd, 2007 (Friday afternoon).
  3. The stool sample, DNA results were finished and ran through the computer to match Rudy Guede before the end of the day, November 3rd, 2007, Saturday. (Possibly even November 2nd, Friday night) (Post script added: PROVEN)
  4. “The forensic experts had found irrefutable evidence of a fourth suspect in the house, a man…”  Rudy Guede was the “first” and only perpetrator ever identified, yet they initially made it sound like they found him last?  
  5. They said they had a black man’s hair. Again, they had already identified the stool sample. They did not check it against Patrick’s DNA.  Did they need another black-man for a decoy?
  6. So they say Patrick Lumumba was identified by Amanda as “the” black man.
  7. I say that when they saw Amanda’s cell phone, they looked up the local phone numbers.  Mignini initiated all references to Patrick from Amanda’s cell phone.
  8. Like any SQL database, for local phone numbers the police instantly had the name, address, driver’s license and the PICTURE of a Black Man, Patrick Lumumba.
  9. That is why they pushed the scenario of Patrick’s involvement onto Amanda even though Amanda never mentioned him; they needed a diversion away from Rudy Guede.  Again, they made her sign the confession after fifteen hours with no food, water, sleep, latrine…
  10. Therefore, we now know that Mignini had this perpetrator identified, Rudy Guede, “two or three days” before Amanda and Raffaele were asked to “voluntarily” give statements on November 5th in what’s notoriously known as the “interview” which had lasted all night until November 6th.   
  11.  In my previous article, we have already established the method used to coerce Amanda into a false accusation against Patrick Lumumba.   To summarize; they needed Amanda to actually implicate Patrick Lumumba.  The theoretical scenario she signed also surreptitiously implicated herself.  She was arrested that same morning, November 6th, 2007.  She was then paraded down the street, click on the attached picture; she looks like she had just been mugged; well… because she had!
  12.  Mignini had already planned the false implication of Patrick Lumumba. He already knew Rudy Guede did the murder three days before the “interview.” (As referenced above: PROVEN).   It was the start of the “cover-up.”
  13. To keep the focus on the three in custody, an arrest warrant was not even issued for Rudy Guede until almost three weeks after the murder; November 19th, 2007.  This assured the prosecution time to create the perception that Rudy was only present at the crime scene, that he was not a participant.
  14. These were documented as fact in the initial presentation of the prosecution.
  15. Initially, Rudy Guede was to be exonerated.
  16. Let us also mention that Mignini initially stated several times that Rudy was falsely implicated because he was black.  But, Mignini had no trouble arresting Patrick Lumumba after he falsely coerced his name from Amanda.  The coerced name is proven by the fact that the police denied Lumumba of his civil rights by not checking the alibi before his arrest.  Mignini also could have had the hair and stool sample DNA tested for comparison, but he was only interested in implementing his plan to camouflage Rudy’s involvement by incriminating another black man.
  17. They beat the heck out of Lumumba for over two weeks and told him that his treatment was Amanda’s fault.
  18. Where was Mignini’s compassion for the plight of blacks when it was he who caused Lumumba’s needless suffering?  This blatant contradiction is proof that Mignini is covering for his biased protection of Rudy Guede.


However, once the proverbial “shit hit the fan” under the scrutiny of public criticism, they had to back-pedal and Rudy ended up with a very light sentence of sixteen years. It should have been a life sentence as he was the sole perpetrator.   Whoever was supporting him still won.

This started off as an “insignificant” back door deal. Framing two naive, unknown college kids would be easy, Mignini had done it before.
As we dig deeper into the research, the omission of information and the concerted effort to minimize Rudy Guede’s involvement in 2007 becomes even more apparent:
Dateline Report 2007:
“The authorities were confident the three had been in on it together. Lumumba, Amanda and the boyfriend in a haze of drugs and sexual thrill-seeking had ended up murdering Meredith Kercher. Case closed.”
“But there was a problem… forensic experts had found irrefutable evidence of a fourth suspect …”
“When they ran the bloody print, up came the name and photo not of Patrick Lumumba but someone else: Rudy Hermann Guede, a 20-year-old Perugia street hustler and general hangabout.”
“A local family who adopted him seems to have washed its hands of him…”
Insight 2011:
“The authorities were confident… Case closed.”
As Judge Massei had predicted before the case started, WHAM, BAM: Case closed!
Again, Rudy Guede was minimized to: “probably just hanging out!” That is why Amanda was paraded down the street for cameras after her arrest November 6th, 2007. That put the entire focus of liability on Amanda long before Rudy Guede even had an arrest warrant issued, November 19th, 2007. They wanted all the attention on Amanda so no one would be paying attention to Rudy.
Rudy’s (supposedly disowned) adoptive family apparently have enough money to “buy” anonymity.  The implication of this is: the perverse, hostile and unfounded negative publicity that the Knox and Sollecito families have endured.   And yet, Rudy is the one who actually did it, but we have heard nothing about this secretive family.  So when the prosecution says: “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain,” ya just have to look! (Reference: Wizard of OZ.)
Another glaring omission is Rudy’s switch-blade knife. He had it in his possession in every previous arrest. We know the narrow blade fit the description of expert witness testimony. But the prosecution never once asked where the knife was for DNA testing?
Dateline Report 2007:
“On the same day Rudy Guede was arrested in Germany, Patrick Lumumba was released from prison for a lack of evidence.”
“Rudy Guede was returned to Italy on Dec. 5. At first he claimed he wasn’t in the cottage the night of the murder.”
Then “Rudy says he was in the house with Meredith when she died. He said they’d made a date the night before.”
“A date to meet at her house for a get-together that ended in consensual sex.”
Insight 2011:
“On the same day Rudy Guede was arrested in Germany, Patrick Lumumba was released from prison for a lack of evidence.”  
The prosecution slipped Rudy Guede into the scenario that day using Patrick Lumumba as a decoy.   They had only issued a warrant for Rudy’ arrest a few days before, so they held Patrick Lumumba until the arrest of Rudy.  (Coverup scenario) If Patrick Lumumba was not guilty (a black man), then maybe this new guy (another black man), Rudy Guede, was also not guilty?
“At first he claimed he wasn’t in the cottage.” 
But after he was coached by the prosecution team through his lawyer, he changed his story to fit the prosecution’s scenario, then
“Rudy says he was in the house with Meredith when she died. He said they’d made a date the night before… that ended in consensual sex.”
I do not have the resources to substantiate my hypothesis that this was bribery or even an association at the highest level. Was there a previous relationship through business that should have been considered a conflict of interest?  Before the “interview,” November 5th, 2007, no one knew that this would turn into an international fiasco; was there any suspicious communication to Rudy’s highly secretive, adoptive family from anyone in the Italian Judicial System; starting around November 2nd, 3rd or 4th, 2007?
The logic shows that there were three days for any high ranking official to contact the wealthy adoptive family of Rudy Guede to formulate a plan before Amanda’s “interview.” That gave Mignini three days to prepare his strategy before starting the process of the vicious character assassination of Amanda and Raffaele; including the false incrimination of Patrick Lumumba.
What Mignini presented to the world is verifiably mendacious.
The excessively hostile intensity that has been exhibited by Mignini in the past year reflects extreme anxiety over getting caught. 
  1. The lawsuit accusing Amanda’s parents of slander (Issued June 1st, 2010). That would shut them up for six years in prison! Mignini had it scheduled for July 4th, 2011, to stop the Knox family from attending the appeal.  Thankfully, it was rescheduled for January of 2012. Hopefully, it will be dropped.
  2. Amanda’s lawsuit for slander adding six more years of imprisonment to keep her mouth shut.
  3. With the appeal highlighting the cracks in the case, Mignini is threatening a life sentence for Amanda in revenge.
  4. They are asking for every delay they can think of to give them more time to plan an escape strategy. They do not want to get caught! (It’s too late…) Don’t be surprised if the prosecution continues to challenge the Conti-Vecchiotti report as they continue to buy time. (While Amanda and Raffaele rot in prison!)
Likewise, with the extreme hostility focused towards the parents of two innocent kids, it only seems fair to look at the possibility that there was a secret, outside influence dominating the irrational actions of the prosecution.
“A local family who adopted him seems to have washed its hands of him…”
Rudy just never quite fit into “The Family.”  Once he grew up, he got involved in too much “petty” crime.  But Rudy can still declare: not everybody has a “Godfather” (like Rudy does).  Getting a second chance in life, in only twelve more years, is a parting gift from “The Family.”
The easiest way to see if my rationale has validity is to check Rudy’s arrest record, see who has been paying for his legal council in his previous arrests (it’s been said that Rudy had close to 30 previous arrests).   The defense and prosecution seem to work hand-in-hand when it comes to Rudy Guede.  So if you see a public defender driving a Lamborghini Diablo…
If you know anyone in a position of authority, I ask that you consider forwarding this article for further review. 
Amanda, Raffaele, Meredith’s parents and the World deserve to know the truth.