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Ardent followers of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito are combing the Italian and British press for current information on the Meredith Kercher murder appeals trial. The appeals trial is set to resume on September 23rd in Perugia, Italy.

The Italian and British presses were the first to spread the foul gossip and false information released by the Italian prosecution about Amanda Knox in 2007.  But they are now questioning the original information they were given. New revelations of gross incompetence of the initial crime scene investigation are surfacing.
Italian newsweekly “Oggi” reported that a blood soaked sweatshirt was found that the prosecution had claimed was burned by Amanda to eliminate evidence. Walter Patumi, a forensic expert hired by Knox’s defense team found the “missing” sweatshirt in the dirty clothes hamper, 6 ½ weeks after the murder. The Italian press is even starting to insinuate that evidence was planted.
Oggi also released the original recordings of Rudy Guide’s wire tap by the police. They had Rudy’s friend call from the police station so they could “officially” record it. Rudy is repeatedly saying the scripted story line that we all know by now: He went to the latrine, turned up the music and when he came out, he saw a man he did not recognize over the dead body.
For the defense, this highlights that Rudy saw no one else (not Amanda). Of course, the story has officially changed several times since that recording. After more coaching, Rudy now remembers Amanda being there too. And oh ya, when he thinks about it even more; Amanda was also the ring leader. Likewise, Mignini has embraced everything Rudy says as gospel, probably because Mignini scripted it himself.
All of the newest information highlights this statement:
“We need to know if this was simply gross negligence on behalf of the prosecution or a flat out, premeditated conspiracy.”
The Guardian in the UK released a beautifully written article about Madison Paxton and her sister like friendship with Amanda. Just like Amanda’s parents who have spent the last four years fighting for their daughter, Madison also moved to Perugia to help Amanda get through this anguishing ordeal.
Madison conveys that this experience has transformed Amanda; “She is more confident now than she ever was. It is strangely beautiful.”
There is no doubt about the courage and sacrifice that Amanda’s parents, Edda Mellas and Curt Knox, reflect American heroes in the truest sense.   America’s success is founded on family; Edda and Curt have dedicated their lives to fight for their innocent daughter’s freedom in a foreign land. They are all but bankrupt, persecuted by the heartless and mocked by emotional terrorists.  Yet they fight an entire country, without hesitation to free their beloved, Amanda. They are the epitome of American values and indomitable American spirit!
After the exoneration (Whenever that will be?), Amanda has already won the love and admiration of an entire country! America will welcome her home with a massive party in Seattle. Likewise, it is rumored that Amanda will be offered a private jet to escort her and her family home safely. There may be a few, million dollar offers for interviews.  Amanda is extremely humble, but helping her parents recover would be a Godsend for Amanda.
Whatever Amanda does with her life, I have no doubt that she will dedicate her life to helping those in need. Amanda is already successful to have endured such an unjust hardship and remain a loving, sweet and generous person.


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