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The entire case against Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito is built on a house of cards. But the prosecution has one more card trick up its sleeve!

 Yesterday, September 5th, 2011 was the first day of the appeals trial for Amanda Knox after the summer break.
There is a wealth of information available summarizing the day’s activities in the Perugian court room.
I would like to focus on and clarify the single biggest trick the prosecution is presenting.
As outlined in previous articles, the DNA tests were unconfirmed. The DNA testing results were missing from the prosecution’s case file. The single biggest piece of evidence was the DNA confirmation of Meredith Kercher’s blood on the suspected knife blade. They had not included the computer generated report because there was no definitive report, reinforcing, there was no blood. But now, Prosecutor Manuela Comodi claimed some of the original findings had not yet been presented to the court.
So, per the CNN Wire Staff:
“And they said records about the machine that did the DNA testing were missing, suggesting that the testing process itself may have been unreliable.
On Monday, prosecutor Manula Comodi said the records had been found and asked the judge to admit them as evidence.
The defense argued they should not be admitted because they were not in the files originally given to the new experts.
Prosecutor Manuela Comodi said Vecchiotti and Conti could have had them if they had asked for them.”
Allowing this new (falsified) evidence may be the single biggest decision that Judge Claudio Pratillo Hellman will have to make in this entire appeal. Judge Hellman has the respect and distinction of being a fair and honorable judge, but he must still abide by Italian Judicial System rules. However, nobody is sure what those rules are other than they were apparently written in the Fifteenth Century.
We all want Amanda and Raffaele exonerated! Unfortunately, Mignini has been allowed to run this show again like a side-line coach. So the best way I can help is to high-light the tricks of this devious master of deception.
The prosecution is calling this new DNA evidence negative control experiments or checks on the validity of the DNA tests. Again, they just magically appeared after a desperate summer break for the prosecution.
Obviously, if the court allows these newly manufactured computer records, Amanda’s release could be delayed or even worse.
Originally, Amanda and Raffaele were confined to an interrogation room. Alone and scared, they were brutalized into submission. This time they are not alone! We are now a collective monitoring every deceptive move the prosecution makes!
The DNA machines used for testing are computer controlled and are virtually the same internal components as your desk-top computer. Therefore, manipulating the “TIME STAMP” generation is as easy as changing the time on your computer.
In both 2007 and before the summer break, there was no DNA report available for the prosecution. During the summer break, a new report using any sample of Meredith’s DNA was used to generate a new report with a 2007 time stamp.
Try it yourself:
Change the time on your PC to something simple to change like the year. Change it to 2007; then send yourself an E-mail. Before you open the received E-mail, right hand click on the high lighted E-mail and choose “PROPERTIES.” You will see it was received today because the time stamp is generated by the Mail Server.
But, the SENT DATE will show 2007.
Before you change the date back to 2011, create a WORD DOC (or any program document), SAVE, CLOSE, then reset your time back to 2011.
That document’s properties will show it was created in 2007.
Before the summer break, the prosecution realized they had made a mistake by trying to submit a Xerox copy of a computer report that the DNA machine serial number did not match the serial number of the DNA kit used, an obvious fraud. So during the summer break they decided to generate some slightly different reports from “2007” (wink) and claim they just found them?
Come on Mignini, call it a day; let Amanda and Raffaele go home!