Judge Hellmann: “It didn’t come from nowhere…”
Judge Hellmann made this statement pertaining to the SMS message on Amanda’s phone (Nov 5th, 2007).  It echoes the sentiment that may well have been the crack in the door that allowed the Italian Supreme Court to overturn the acquittal of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito on March 26th, 2013.
Part 1: Tribute to the American Judicial System
Part 2: Judge Hellmann Perplexed?
Part 3: Italian Judicial System Summary
Part 4: Italy, are you listening?
To avoid redundancy, if you need any background in the Amanda Knox case, please see DENVER or the revised chronicle on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amanda_knox
Part 1: Tribute to the American Judicial System
Before we dive into Judge Hellmann’s perplexity, let’s take a moment to appreciate the values that our country, The United States of America, hold so dear.
We are so fortunate that our country was founded so recently compared to the rest of the world.  Our forefathers wisely evaluated the injustice of allowing government to prosecute and persecute anyone for a lifetime as Italy allows.
Our protective system of justice is commonly referred to as
“Double Jeopardy.”
Here is an outstanding article on our blessing as outlined by the Honorable Judge Katherine Cabaniss, judge in the 248th District Court in HarrisCounty, Texas:
Likewise, our open society and our 1st Amendment allows humble citizens like myself to express the sentiments that we hold true in our hearts, without worry of reprisal like citizens have to in Italy.
One such American Patriot that has taken full advantage of our 1st Amendment right is Bruce Fischer.  He has gone well beyond helping two innocent college kids in Perugia with their legal struggles against an unscrupulous judicial system. 
Mr. Fischer started an independent web-site promoting cooperation from all people globally to participate in assisting innocent people who are being falsely prosecuted as Amanda and Raffaele have been by Italy.
Please give your support to:
Part 2: Judge Hellmann Perplexed?
This leads me into my point on Judge Hellmann’s comment.
Any information in articles promulgated by Mr. Fischer is presented  concisely and with 100% journalistic integrity. 
While researching my last article (No Money), I focused on Judge Hellmann’s post-acquittal interview with  LaStampa
Judge Speaks Out by Bruce Fischer
Mr. Fischer’s summary of Judge Hellmann’s assessment is 100% accurate.  Judge Hellmann clearly said: “The party of the pm is very strong in the judiciary.”
Judge Hellmann is not afraid to clearly point out that politics run rampant within their judicial system.
Amanda spent four unjustified years in an Italian prison.  I truly believe Judge Hellmann to be an honorable man above political favoritism.
I also believe Judge Hellmann got fired in the form of an early retirement for his integrity and ethics. 
Anyway, Judge Hellmann’s ruling that three of the four years served by Amanda covered the three year sentence for Slander that had incriminated Patrick Lumumba.
Here is Judge Hellmann’s statement in reference to the SMS messages between Amanda and her boss, Patrick Lumumba:
“Without a lawyer. Without sleeping and with an interpreter who encouraged her to put an end to that long confrontation.
In that context, she said the name of Patrick.
It didn’t come from nowhere, but only after she had been challenged about an exchange of SMS with him.
Lumumba was her boss, and for that they had written to each other. Accusing him could have seemed to her a way out to escape from that tight spot.”
Judge Hellmann clearly believes that Amanda used Patrick as a scapegoat to alleviate a grueling, all-night torture session.
Of course, the legality of Amanda’s torture session would not be an issue if the prosecution would reveal where they hid (or destroyed) the LOST TAPES FOUND  that were made the night of November 5th, 2007.
But we are here to clarify with 100% legal probability that the interrogation Prosecutor Mignini led was already well aware that Patrick Lumumba was an innocent black man before his name was ever initiated by the investigators.
*Amanda did NOT initiate Patrick’s name nor did she incriminate him!
Briefly, they had Raffaele and Amanda under camera surveillance
(a now infamous consoling kiss) as Raffaele was initially being setup as the primary suspect. 
Raffaele was scheduled an interview at the police station on November 5th, 2007.
Clearly, Raffaele was the original targeted suspect as he is a virile young man.  He was the only one to be scheduled for questioning.
Amanda came to the police station that night, unannounced to help if she could.
After waiting a long duration for Raffaele, she was asked to wait in an interrogation room, alone.  They confiscated her cellular phone.  While she waited, they took advantage of the situation by dissecting the information on her phone, telephone numbers and SMS messages.
They obviously had the phone number for Patrick Lumumba from the infamous SMS message (see you later, or arrivederci: until we meet again).  They cross referenced his name and number on the police database for any prior arrests or outstanding warrants.  They also cross referenced his name and number to the motor-vehicle database to see if there was a driver’s license issued.  BINGO!!! 
During the crime scene investigation going on for several days prior, they had found a hair identified as a “black man’s hair.”
I still believe they knew Rudy Guede was the “black man” who owned the hair. (Conspiracy and Proven).
But for those who still believe it was just Occam’s Razor, we’ll go with that for now (this is accurate either way).
Patrick’s driver’s license information gave them all they needed.  Patrick’s date of birth proved he was young enough to be sexually active.  Patrick had been in contact with Amanda though SMS messaging that very night.  And, Patrick could also be railroaded to falsely confess because the hair found on Meredith also belonged to a black man.
Note: Patrick Lumumba claimed he was beaten severely for over two weeks as Mignini’s special forces tried to get him to sign a false confession.  This is confirmation that Amanda had also been physically assaulted to coerce a false confession.
Used as a decoy for protecting Rudy Guede, or just a stoolie so they could arrest Patrick and close the case that night (early morning Nov. 6th), either way, they had plenty of incentive to play dumb about knowing who an “UNKNOWN” suspect was when questioning Amanda.
Judge Hellmann, are you paying attention?
This corrupt prosecution team had plenty of impetus to coerce Amanda into signing a statement implicating Patrick Lumumba!
Part 3: Italian Judicial System Summary
Let’s take a quick look at how the Italian Judicial works to get an understanding of how Prosecutor Mignini is allowed to abuse human rights utilizing a Fascist based legal system .
Here is an excellent outline of the archaic Judicial System from
The Catholic University of America:
With what we have witnessed throughout the Amanda Knox case is how discombobulated this system works by evolving from so many revisions of antiquated legal concepts.  It is currently stagnant and stuck in a Fascist mentality ignoring their own attempts in the 1980’s to revise their autocratic judicial system.
What blatantly protrudes is that the only evidence the defense can introduce in court must be from the prosecution’s presented evidence of guilt. (Exactly, an oxymoron.)
Case in point:
Case 1: Rudy’s taped phone calls contradicting himself several times in 2007 (two years preceding the first trial) were obviously NOT submitted by the prosecution, nor were they allowed into evidence by the defense.
Why?  It would have proven Rudy did not implicate Amanda (nor any female) as being present at the murder scene.
Therefore, by the time Rudy’s accusation of Amada being the “ring-leader” was introduced by the prosecution in court in 2009, it had been modified several times to fit Mignini’s fanciful story.
Judge Massei did not allow the defense to show how contradictive Rudy’s ludicrous written testimony was.  Likewise,  Rudy was not allowed to testify so he could not be cross examined by the defense. 
Case 2: We have logically proven the LOST TAPES were if fact made as per Italian mandated procedure.  By the time the trial rolled around two years later in 2009, the court was presented a fabricated tale of how Mignini’s crack team of interrogators forgot to start the tape recorder.  Oops!
Note: Twelve trained interrogators:
1. Did not start the recording device.
2. Did not once check the volume level of the recording.
3. Did not once check the focus.
4. Did not once check the status of the recording media;
e.g. Did the tape or digital card need changing every two hours?
5. It is a fact that in any recording production, at least one person is assigned to monitor all of the above mentioned.  Likewise, one or more people are customarily assigned as backup for coffee and potty breaks.
Again, Judge Massei had no problem allowing the prosecution to continue even though Article 63 of the Italian Code of Criminal Procedure clearly states that a voluntary interview that turns into an interrogation must be stopped and a lawyer allowed to be present to continue.
With or without the tapes, this was an illegal prosecution under Italy‘s Criminal Procedure Code.
But just like an old Cheech and Chong movie:
“Mignini don’t need no stinking tapes!”
Case 3: The resident DNA expert, Dr. Patrizia Stefanoni who tested the prosecution’s evidence was paid for by the prosecution.  I would like to know, has Dr. Stefanoni’s DNA testimony EVER cleared a suspect of Prosecutor Mignini? (No huh? Interesting…)
The defense was denied a request to get a second opinion from an outside DNA testing resource in the first trial.
Plus, let us not forget, Mignini had a full blown animated movie made on how he envisioned the murder, then presented it to the jury like it was a “National Geographic documentary.”
Part 4: Italy, are you listening?
Italy, you have put yourself in the precarious position of  allowing your unregulated judicial system to use an innocent American female as an unwilling sexual object for a deviant prosecutor to play with.
I believe you are going to find yourselves again in a position of animosity growing against you as a country for this atrocity against American values of human decency.
Along with the LOST TAPES that were in fact made, incriminating Amanda to have falsely accused Patrick Lumumba should be grounds for an immediate dismissal of this case, an acquittal of Amanda’s false incrimination conviction, and an Italian Grand Jury style investigation of the prosecution’s tactics.
Long ago, my grandparents sold a vineyard in northern Sicily to escape Fascism and move the family to America.
I am loyal to the success of Italy and my relatives still living there.
Please take action to avoid several more years of anxiety for the Knox family, the Sollecito family, the Kercher family and Italy‘s reputation in the world.
Thank you,