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A story was released that Amanda Knox was arrested on multiple outstanding arrest warrants when she went to visit a friend at the Calipatria State Prison on Christmas day.
It was a bit gleefully sarcastic as: “Amanda Knox not having a good Christmas.”
It took about fifteen seconds to Google the Calipatria State Prison and discern that it is in California.  They reported: “it was a 400 mile drive from LA for nothing.”
I notified them immediately that they looked stupid reporting on the wrong Amanda Knox.  They immediately printed a clarification.  I will assume it was a careless mistake, but all too familiar of news sites wishing to add to Amanda’s undeserved troubles.

In the unlikely event that you are not familiar with the Amanda Knox saga, please see DENVER. 

Likewise, I often see the question:  “How likely is it that Amanda’s vindication will be overturned by Mignini’s Supreme Court appeal?”
The short answer is ZERO!
Now that the Honorable Judge Hellman has officially blown this case out of the water by stating that it was based on flawed, unsubstantiated conjecture; I’m paraphrasing it as a total farce.  The two, Amanda and Raffaele were clearly falsely prosecuted.
In the Italian Judicial System, the first appeal is automatically implied after the initial trial.  The second appeal to the Supreme Court is also standard procedure, but not to re-evaluate the evidence, but to review the legal correctness of the first appeal.
Therefore, the chances that one of the top judges in the Italian Judicial System (Judge Hellman) made any rookie technical errors is not likely.
However, as this is far from over, the original prosecutor (Prosecutor Mignini) will most likely be investigated for his abuse of power in this case and prosecuted.
The Supreme Court appeal that Prosecutor Mignini is threatening is merely a dog and pony show to help conceal his inappropriate behavior, but Judge Hellman has already highlighted Mignini’s shortcomings.
I just have to say, it’s so good to see Amanda smiling again.