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The Honorable Judge Mike Heavey, a King County (Washington State) Superior Court Judge continues to advocate for the innocence of Amanda Knox.  Judge Heavey is often a guest speaker; he speaks as an American Citizen with the First Amendment Right to the Freedom of Speech.
Judge Heavey is continuing his crusade against the injustice of the false conviction and four-year imprisonment of Amanda Knox.  Informal surveys that Judge Heavey has conducted show that up to 40% of his audiences (40% of Americans?) still believe Amanda was either directly responsible or participated in the brutal murder of Meredith Kercher.
If you need any background in the Amanda Knox case, please see DENVER or the revised chronicle on Wikipedia:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amanda_knox
Even if only ONE percent of the American public were adamant that Amanda is a cold-blooded killer, that would be over 3,110,000 people. 
As we know from our daily news, it only takes one deranged individual to ruin your day.  (Can you say: Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini?)
Prosecutor Mignini of course is the man that conducted the train of this infamous Railroad Job to convict two innocent colleges kids of a murder they did not commit, did not participate in, nor have any knowledge of.
This is a vicious cycle!  We have already defined the glaring evidence that mysteriously disappeared:
Likewise, we have already articulated two highly probable scenarios that would explain the irrational actions of Prosecutor Mignini:
Let us expand upon Italy‘s Adversarial Judicial System.
As previously stated, in 1998, the Italian Parliament passed a Constitutional Amendment restructuring their judicial system from an antiquated Inquisitional System to a Western style Adversarial Judicial System.
What I did not mention is that the system was too restrictive for many prosecutors and judges with an “old school” mentality.  The new system mandated a fair and balanced prosecution to the defense, with the judge as a referee.
The old Inquisitional System allowed the judge to actively participate on the side of the prosecution.  Because of the dissension of the “Good Old Boys Club,” Italy recanted and adopted a Modified Adversarial Judicial System.
This ambiguity allows prosecutors and judges with an agenda to abuse the system with an Inquisitional System mentality; this was used against Amanda Knox.  That is why people not understanding this abuse wish to believe the Massei Report must have credibility, it does not!
This gross injustice stole four years of life from two innocent college kids (Amanda and Raffaele).  However, just as repugnant an outrage is the heartless cruelty that Prosecutor Mignini inflicted on the Kercher family.
John Kercher is about to release a book on his version of events:
“Meredith: Our daughter’s murder, and the heart breaking truth by John Kercher.”
(I will buy one, this family also needs our help and deserves our compassion.)
The book is not yet released, so I have to rely on the integrity of those quoting passages from the book.
(DailyMail in the UK)
“But it was only when a journalist called the family home that he learnt of his beloved daughter’s death. 
 He (John Kercher) revealed: ‘The call eventually came from the foreign desk of the Mirror newspaper, from a young girl I hadn’t spoken to before.  
‘That call ended my world as I knew it….. I shall never forget her words.’
“The name going around Italy is Meredith.” I dropped the phone. I didn’t believe it. Not my beautiful Meredith,’ he revealed.”
My heart bleeds for the overwhelming emotional devastation John Kercher felt and still feels as he was informed in the most callus way possible of his beloved daughter’s death, a gossip tabloid calling to get his reaction.
Prosecutor Mignini did not even have the human courtesy to notify the family before releasing his hideous lies about the event to the tabloids.
Until now, I have never shared this conjecture of mine; Mignini’s original target to camouflage Rudy Guede was Raffaele Sollecito.  
As previously outlined (RAILROAD JOB PROVEN), Mignini unequivocally knew Guede was involved through the isolated DNA before the infamous November 5th, 2007 interview.
The previous pictures taken of Amanda and Raffaele kissing were to show Raffaele still romantically inclined.
The pictures showed Amanda about to burst into tears, but Mignini was planning to show that Raffaele was sex-crazed even with Amanda crying.  Raffaele has made clear that he was only trying to console Amanda, that he was the only person she had in all of Italy.
Documentation and interviews will confirm that Raffaele was the only one that Mignini had requested for an interview on the evening of Nov, 5th, 2007.
I anticipate Amanda’s book will reveal that she showed up on that night (Nov 5th) voluntarily and unannounced to assist Raffaele in helping the police to catch the killer.
Therefore, my previous outlines will be substantiated (CONSPIRACY THEORY, RELIGIOUS ZEALOT). 
Once Mignini had them isolated and their cell phones confiscated, he saw Amanda as a better target with Patrick Lumumba’s call on Amanda’s phone.
That is why he had to rush to get the information to the tabloids, to implement his plan before anyone could stop him.
For those of you wondering why our DOS (United States Department of State) did nothing, Mignini used a technicality making our DOS look inept.
Raffaele was invited for just an interview.  Amanda showed up unannounced to help.  Neither of them had been declared as suspects, technically no requirement to contact the US Embassy for Amanda, nor the parents of Raffaele (an Italian citizen).   Mignini coerced a confession before Amanda was ever declared a suspect.   
If Amanda had not had Patrick Lumumba’s message on her phone that night, Mignini had planned to coerce the confession from Raffaele.
In Mignini’s mind, it would be easy to prove a horny boy like Raffaele wanted to know Meredith better (so to speak).  Mignini would say that is what young boys do; they cheat with their girlfriend’s girlfriends.  Mignini would ask: When Amanda was asleep, could Raffaele have crept off  during the night ? (Sound familiar?)
That will never be proven, but Amanda being baited and trapped has already been proven.
As Judge Heavey is advocating, we must now have a final resolution to this injustice.
Mignini and his entire staff of thugs need to be interrogated and prosecuted.
Mignini’s only hope is to string this out indefinitely.  He wanted to keep Amanda quiet about the abuse and ended up filing slander charges to intimidate her parents, but that has failed. 
The slander trial against Curt Knox and Edda Mellas scheduled for last month (March 2012) was rescheduled for January 2013 because all FIVE police officers did not show up to court! 
One can surmise that Mignini instructed the five officers to tuck their tails and run as a delay tactic, this indicates that Mignini and his Keystone Cops are the ones who are:


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