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Countless Americans continue to debate the innocence or guilt of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, but there seems to be no resolve.
The appeals trial for Amanda Knox is in summer recess. (Vacation for the bureaucrats; needless anguish for Amanda and Raffaele.)
Most of you have probably just finished reading my last article “REIGN OF TERROR!!!” , this article concludes the ramifications for Amanda and the prosecution.
Again, I have observed the knowledge level, integrity and sheer intelligence of comments on this site to be extremely impressive and inspiring! 
For those who will evermore believe that Amanda and Raffaele are guilty, nothing will ever change your mind. The moral of this article is that even after the appeals court vindicates Amanda and Raffaele, the incorrigible beliefs and behavior of many will pose the question:
For those of you who may not be familiar with the Amanda Knox saga; Wikipedia is always a good source; my previous articles also give a good insight. 
In the spirit of the demented Massei Report; this is a short, ludicrous synopsis of the imaginary horror story presented by the prosecution:
A sweet and naïve American college student named Amanda Knox made dinner one night for her boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, at his flat. Admiring the shiny knife she was using to prepare dinner, she decided it would make a crazy fun toy. She then cast a magical spell over Raffaele making him into a helpless zombie for a night of sexual deviancy. (According to MADDOG, all women possess this power of unbridled mind control to make men crazy, make men weak!)  It’s on record; he has successfully prosecuted several cases where the women were suspected satanic worshipers of sex!!! 
Upon returning home to Amanda’s apartment, her roommate was already having “consensual sex” with a man she had just met. Rudy Guede, a man who had just entered her apartment through a window in the other bedroom. So Amanda took out the shiny kitchen knife and asked if she and Raffaele could join the sexual orgy too?  Amanda’s roommate did not like that idea, so Amanda projected a mystical mind control over both men and had them hold her roommate while she used the knife. After the murder, Amanda meticulously cleaned the room of her and Raffaele’s DNA. She removed every strand of hair, every skin cell, but decided to leave the entire DNA of Rudy’s to cover her tracks.
She was then worried that the knife would be missing from Raffaele’s kitchen. So she hurried back to Raffaele’s flat and washed the knife with Bleach. She knew that Bleach would remove any organic material from the blade, clean as new!   She is correct; Bleach will remove any organic chemical compound (blood, food, anything organic).
Amanda and Raffaele then returned to her flat and called the police. This was very stupid for a serial killer. She had already cleaned up 100% of her DNA; she could have just stayed at Raffaele’s flat.
But MADDOG was too smart for the old “clean up 100% of your own DNA trick,” so he had the boys pick her up a few days later and put the squeezin’ on Amanda (as they say in the old Italian gangster movies). Sure enough, she sang like a bird after only 15 hours of torture! You would have thought she was only a teenage girl, not a hardened serial killer!
>>> END
(Click INTERVIEW LINK for more detail on the all night “interview.”)
The appeal of Amanda Knox will resume in September.
The DNA of Amanda’s skin cells were found on the incontrovertible knife that was the murder weapon as presented by the prosecution. This is the “corner-stone” of the entire case against Amanda being the killer. (Amanda’s skin cells on the knife handle, Meredith’s blood on the blade.)   Apparently, this is the first time in Perugia’s history that the DNA test used to convict two people for a combined 51 years of imprisonment has been challenged?!?!?!? (Click DNA LINK for specific detail)
In Short, STEP ONE of DNA testing; test the knife for blood residue. Maybe the bleach still left a minute amount of blood? Sure enough, the prosecution team found a spec of blood so tiny, it could only be tested once. But they positively swore on their lives, it was Meredith’s blood on the kitchen knife found in Raffaele’s kitchen drawer. There was no mistake; that proved 100% it was the weapon that killed Meredith.
Other experts testified that the knife was too wide to match the wounds, that a switch-blade knife like the one Rudy Guede had been arrested with several times before matched the wounds better. (see picture)
BUT NO, this knife was absolutely, positively, utilizing the newest, highest tech DNA equipment known to man, proved to be THE KNIFE used by Amanda Knox to kill Meredith Kercher!!! (26 YEARS IN PRISON POSITIVE!!!)
We could stop here; it’s good enough for those who do not care about the truth?
Amanda’s parents are true American heroes! They love and know their daughter did not become “Charles Manson” for a night of a drug induced (marijuana), mind altered, sex orgy gone bad, brutal murder, cleaned up with bleach cover-up… (The absurd allegations took over 400 pages in The Massei Report to list them all.) We’re talking about a girl more like “Olive Oil” (Popeye?) than “Satan’s Mistress!”
So Amanda’s parents, Curt Knox and Edda Mellas have had to hawk their home and all but declare bankruptcy to FIGHT for their daughter. AND FIGHT THEY WILL!!!   Even with an impending slander case that could imprison them for SIX years, they have not tired or wavered to save their daughter from this tyranny of injustice!!!
Amanda’s parents have fought for a fair appeal! With a new judge, an independent DNA analysis was ordered.  (again, DNA LINK for exact details)
This time the experts from the University of Rome found something quite peculiar?
Just as the DNA experts had stated for the prosecution, to find blood you must perform a verification test for hemoglobin (red blood cells).  No blood was found, but this was an easy argument for the prosecution; they had removed the last spec of blood that contained a viable DNA string.
The bleach would have cleaned the knife completely. Even if leaving only one “white blood cell” of DNA, the rest of the blade would be clean.
What the University of Rome DNA experts found was no DNA or even blood residue, but the blade was covered with starch from Amanda cutting Rye-bread for Raffaele’s dinner. Proof that it had never been cleaned with Bleach!
Please allow me to write this a little “slower” for the “guilters.” 
1.      Bleach can not selectively leave potato starch on the blade of a knife and only remove blood. 
2.      This knife was never Bleach washed, never had any blood on it; it was not the murder weapon.
3.      Therefore, this was not a mistake of cross contamination, because there was no test (NO BLOOD = NO TEST)
4.      The prosecution DNA team had to do a dimethyl-dihydro-peroxysan/tetramethylbenzidine test to find any traces of hemoglobin, there was none!
5.      Therefore, as proven by the presence of starch, but no blood residue, the prosecution absolutely, unequivocally also knew that there was no blood!
6.      Common sense (= logic applied to fact) says this is proof of “perjury” by the prosecution team! (more proof below)
7.      My support of this hypothesis is more logic. No test means that there was “no test report generated.” The DNA test equipment generates the test report which includes the DNA kit serial number and the serial number of the DNA machine.
8.      In court last week, the DNA report was requested for verification because it had not been submitted. The prosecution reluctantly produced a Xerox copy of a report that showed a little cut and paste of Amanda’s name and other pertinent information. They FORGOT about matching the serial numbers, the serial numbers did not match. It was clear proof that the document was forged. (Again, PERJURY!)  
The DNA results used to convict Amanda and Raffaele were BOGUS, FAKE, CONTRIVED, A FLAT OUT UNABATED LIE!!!
CASE CLOSED!!!  If they knowingly falsified the primary evidence, what else did they fabricate? Answer: EVERYTHING!!!  (We are talking possible prison sentences for the entire prosecution team!)
Some will say: THIS PROVES NOTHING! (That is so sad.)
I could go on, but it would do no good…
Amanda has unjustly endured gut-wrenching agony and deep depression, so the saddest question is: after her return home;

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