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Amanda Knox

Rudy Guede alone murdered Meredith Kercher shortly after 9 PM, November 1, 2007. Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito had nothing to do with it.

What does the court and the victim’s family want? Guede’s DNA was found on the victim’s clothing and in her vagina. His DNA, hand print, and shoe prints were found at the crime scene. His bloody shoe prints lead from the victim’s body to the apartment exit door. His shoe print made with his wet semen was found on a pillow he placed under the victim’s bare bottom after killing her. It should be obvious to the least capable of rational thought that he raped her corpse after dragging it forward out of the pool of blood, and placing a pillow under the buttocks. It’s obvious he entered her but withdrew to ejaculate on her pillow (the judges forbid DNA test on the semen on the pillow). Soon this sadistic, perverted, psychopath will be back on the streets. The family, and the authorities do not seem to have a problem with this. The family, and the court are going after two individuals that had nothing to do with the crime. WHY? No credible evidence indicates Amanda or Raffaele were involved.