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What America Can Learn From The Amanda Knox Case

Eight years of litigation came to close last year as the Italian Supreme Court acquitted Amanda Knox and her co-defendant Raffeale Sollecito of charges that they were involved in the murder of Knox’s roommate, Meredith Kercher. Numerous books, countless magazine articles and a veritable avalanche of internet traffic was generated by the case. In the process, two “camps” (an “innocence” camp …

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Amanda Knox Case: What Are The Italian Authorities Hiding?

   In an earlier article, I wrote about some of the troubling aspects of the prosecution of Amanda Knox and Raffeale Sollecito in Italy.  The failure to tape the interrogations, the arrest and prolonged imprisonment of Lumumba, the destruction of critically important computer hard drives,  and mistakes in the handling of evidence and in crime scene control are just a …

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The Amanda Knox Prosecution is Beginning to Emit a Strange Odor

 Once again, the Amanda Knox case is back in the news.  The Italian Supreme Court overturned an appellate court decision acquitting Amanda and Raffeale Sollecito and further proceedings will go forward at the leisurely pace we have experienced so far. The story of a crime committed in Perugia in 2007 will continue to reverberate until the case is finally resolved …

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The Jeffrey Havard Case Will Undermine Support for Capital Punishment

    Jeffrey Havard was convicted of murdering an infant in Mississippi and is now on death row.  His conviction depends in part upon a finding of a sexual assault and rests heavily upon the forensic testimony of Dr. Hayne, who performed the autopsy on the infant.  Hayne’s testimony alleged that the baby died due to shaken baby syndrome and …

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