Speechless. Raffaele after the request of arrest.
Speechless. Raffaele after the request of arrest.


The compliments, the diplomacy, the courtesy toward the accusers… It has all been useless. The fair-play policy ended up in the worst possible way. This evening the discussion looked like one of those duels in which the exhausted sabreurs forgot all their art, drawing dirty blows, and pushing and kicking, too.

The private prosecutors insulted more than ever the “demonic woman” (and the defense lawyers now, too) and, as we had easily predicted on her blog, using even the mistakes in Italian she made in her letter; the public prosecutor in fact asking for Raffaele to be arrested; the judge yelling at the lawyers and shutting them up… To use a euphemism: not a pleasant spectacle.

To think that the morning was promising. Sollecito’s lawyer Luca Maori had explained with his usual calm, politeness and efficiency everything that Bongiorno didn’t have the time to.


That big toe so different from Raffaele’s, and so similar to Rudy’s. The cops’ consultant for the prosecution had taken Rudy’s foot measurements and applied them to the image. But you can do something, you can go look at the actual image and see that the big toe, the only recognizable part of the foot, looks exactly like Rudy’s. And in the place of the second toe there’s a gap which was used to say that it belonged to the big toe, so that, added to the print, gives the width of Raffaele’s big toe. But on the picture, instead, you can see the second toe, longer than the big toe, beyond the empty space, as it is in Rudy’s foot, and not missing, as it should be in Raffaele’s foot (his second toe indeed, as we know, doesn’t touch the floor).


How can the break-in be simulated by throwing the stone from inside the room, as the prosecution maintains, if all the glass is inside on the floor? The stone even ended up in a paper bag. Could simulators have thought of such a detail? The wall, too, is easily climbable. Maori chose not to show the video (he then explained to us that he preferred describing it), but invited the judges to go see it on youtube.


Of course Amanda and Raffaele called the 112 before the police arrived. Otherwise the postal cops should have heard them making all those calls (to the 112, to the sister, to Filomena) and reported it right on November 2. They instead reported having found Amanda and Raffaele sitting outside, and then having talked to them and to all those who arrived.


How can there be Raffaele’s DNA only on the metal, mixed with DNA of other males, while on the fabric there’s only Meredith’s DNA?

The about-30 people who entered the house during those 46 days were stepping and moving things, and Stefanoni herself answered, “Yes, we were changing gloves every now and then.  No, we were never changing boots.”  In the house there was some of Raffaele’s DNA, on the cigarette butt for instance, so they could have stepped on it and then on the clasps.


How can the alibi be failed, or even false, if Raffaele was at home using his two computers? Did he burn one of them and delete the activity from the other one, as they had said? No, the cops did, so they made the alibi fail, not him. Maori showed the residual activity on the Apple (because the Acer hard disk was, as we know, completely fried). What deleted most of the data on the Apple was an event that happened at 6.20 on November 6, while Raffaele was in the police station.  So it wasn’t him, it was them.

What did the police recover from that computer? Only the starting of Amelie, and the music file at 5:30 am. Then the defense examined it, and they were able to recover as well the opening of the cartoon Naruto at 9:26 pm (“What?” Nencini asked…..“The cartoon Naruto, President. NARUTO, it’s a CARTOON.” As usual the defense points seem to sound completely new to him). The cartoon remained open until the crash of 6:20.

Then the defense recovered some automatic activity, which just proves the computer was on. And plenty of screen-saver interruptions along the whole evening. “You have all those interactions in my report,” Maori reminded. “You decide if they are human or not.” (Guess what they will decide…)

Why the police didn’t see those data so easily taken out by the defense expert is simple for Maori: “Those who burn four computers out of five are probably not that expert.”

By coincidence, though, the police recovered only data that are not in conflict with the crime-time, and they “weren’t able” to recover those that would give Raffaele an alibi… Those are now told by the defense. But we have learned that anything that the defense demonstrates gets simply ignored or “explained” with a conjecture, so… we’ll see.

Maori has completely demolished the “witnesses” even better and more precisely than the other times.


Curatolo insisted he had seen Amanda and Raffaele at something like 50 meters distance in the dark, from 9:30 to midnight. Maori explained again why he’s unreliable, notably because he says that in that evening there were “witches” and discotheque buses (= it was the night before, i.e., Halloween) and next morning there were the “extraterrestrials” (= the scientific police wearing white suits). But the scientific police arrived after 5 pm. So, Curatolo is 100% disproved. Not surprisingly, since he was “a serial witness.” “He was living on a bench, but apparently every time a crime happened in Perugia, he was able from that bench to see the ‘murderers’ entering the crime scene”… “He was helping the police get people convicted in order to have them close their eyes to his activity as a drug dealer,” Maori explained. As we remember, indeed, Curatolo could “work” every day in the open air, without anyone bothering him.

Curatolo gave Amanda and Raffaele a perfect alibi. “But we don’t take a false testimony for our convenience. We say that Curatolo is unreliable. If, instead, you say that he’s reliable, you have to acquit Amanda and Raffaele because during the crime they were in the piazza.” Nothing to say, perfect.


“Capezzali maybe heard a scream, why not? But how can we believe that she even heard the steps on the gravel at that distance, with a building in the middle, with closed windows and on a windy night? She is confused. And the proof is that she said she had seen next morning the posters with the news of the crime, which is not possible.”

“She can’t have heard a scream at the time desired by the prosecution (11-11:30). Not only because if the tramp is telling the truth they had to be in the square until midnight, but also because between 10:40 and 11:40 a couple and other people were stuck in the road between the cottage and the garage, and they didn’t hear anything.” So, we say goodbye even to the scream at 11:30.


Quintavalle “remembered” after 13 months having seen Amanda. “Here we should recall that there were many journalists who were looking for scoops and were willing to pay money;” “Indeed Quintavalle was used by the media; they presented him emphatically as the new ‘super witness’ on Porta a Porta,” the main national talk show. “He swears to have a prodigious memory, and he ‘proves’ that, by saying that Amanda, whom he ‘saw’ only that one time, has blue eyes. Which he learned from the media.” “But when asked what is the color of the eyes of Raffaele, whom he said he was seeing every day in his store, he answered ‘brown,’ which is wrong.”

Then all the things we already know, such as that he didn’t say anything to the police when they went to interview him. And he told his assistant Chiriboga he hadn’t seen everything. But he remembers having seen Amanda 13 months later, after having spoken to a “journalist.”

Also, Maori noticed, “Quintavalle tried to say that he had instead talked with Chiriboga about the sighting of Amanda right after the body was discovered. And he also claimed to have told her that Meredith was killed with a big kitchen knife, which instead came out two weeks after the crime”. So, Maori got rid of the prosciutto slicer with old arguments and also with excellent new ones.


In other words Maori, along with the other lawyers, perfectly demonstrated the innocence of Raffaele and Amanda. But, will the court want to understand?


Right away the prosecutor tried to rebut everything. We were not even able to guess what he was saying, stumbling as he was into a sea of “how to say,” and embarrassed in having to defend the turd theory which, he admitted, “probably caused some hilarity” (yes, probably). We heard very well, instead, when he asked the judge, in case of conviction, to “apply a cautionary measure for the two defendants.”

That had the effect of a kick of adrenaline on the judge, who suddenly found himself very, very interested in the otherwise boring hearing, and asked the prosecutor to repeat the request very clearly, since sometimes “stenographers type incorrectly.”

After that the prosecutor repeated, the judge himself repeated the request again, and dictated it word by word to the stenographer, who we are sure, this time, didn’t get one letter wrong…

So the judge is now authorized to issue, together with the verdict, any “measure” against Amanda and Raffaele (but effective only on Raffaele), from the seizing of the passport, to parole, house arrest, or jail (guess which one it will be…).

Someone read the enthusiasm of the judge as a will to convict Amanda and Raffaele and to arrest the latter.

Others think he only wanted to be precise. One thing is certain, Italy needs better stenographers.

Frank Sfarzo