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Giuliano Mignini, the Italian Drama Queen

I’m sure just about everyone has heard of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito and I’m sure we all have our opinions on their guilt or innocence. This case from the beginning has been all over media in both Italy and America. However, we (for the most part) have seemed to change our view within the last couple of years. Being the avid ‘True Crime’ reader I am, I recognized that this case resembled that of another case, the ‘Monster of Florence’ and the arrest of Mario Spezi, way too closely to believe credible. Therefore, from the beginning I have believed Amanda and Raffaele to be innocent. These kind of coincidences  seem to be a pattern in many, many cases we’ve studied, even in the few cases we’ve profiled on this blog. Find one case of injustice and you are sure to find quite a few other cases of the wrongfully arrested and convicted in that same jurisdiction. You will find the accused in these cases are being charged with doing the same things and in some such as this are so outlandish that the media and citizens just eat it up. I always find myself saying “What are the chances?” over and over while I read them.

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