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Injustice Anywhere invites pro-guilt blogger Edward McCall to discuss Meredith Kercher case on live broadcast

Meredith Kercher
Meredith Kercher

Injustice Anywhere has posted an open letter on their discussion forum inviting blogger, Edward McCall, to be a guest on a live broadcast of the Injustice Anywhere radio program to discuss the Meredith Kercher case. McCall is the creator of a new controversial wiki project that discusses the case. He has also recently made several derogatory comments about Amanda Knox’s supporters. Injustice Anywhere would like to provide McCall with the opportunity to clarify his statements. He will also have the opportunity to discuss his new wiki project.

Here is the letter that was originally posted on the Injustice Anywhere Forum:

Edward McCall,

You and I recently had a brief opportunity to discuss the Meredith Kercher murder case on a blog called allthingscrimeblog.com. The moderator of that forum decided that I should no longer be allowed to participate. I feel that our conversation was just getting started and I would like to see it continue.

I am writing to invite you to be a guest on the Injustice Anywhere radio program. All questions about the case would be allowed. Both of us would agree ahead of time not to ask questions about our personal lives. This would give you the benefit of remaining anonymous if you choose to do so. I would like to have an adult conversation with you about this case, without the distraction that Internet forums and comment sections often provide. Just you and I, discussing this case live on the air, nothing edited, nothing off limits.

You have made several comments recently about our organization. I would like to give you the opportunity to clarify those comments. I will be happy to clarify any of my comments as well. Our conversation will also give you the opportunity to discuss your new wiki project.

Open conversation is key if you want to show yourself as a credible advocate for your cause. Unfortunately the websites that you are a member of do not allow open discussion, so I would like to offer you a platform where open discussion is encouraged. You are very confident in your position so I can see no plausible reason to decline my offer.

If you accept my offer, the show will air on Tuesday, November 5, at 8pm CDT. If this time does not work for you, we can work out an alternate time. The show must air live in order to assure our listeners that the show is not edited in any way.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of this request. Please send your response to injusticeanywhere@yahoo.com. I will be happy to provide further contact information via email.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Bruce Fischer