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"MADDOG is laughing at the World!!!" ( tag AMANDA KNOX )

At the risk of being sued by the Italian Judicial System, I now proclaim Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini as “MADDOG MIGNINI!”

 Note: Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini (MADDOG) was the lead prosecutor that also led the grueling, all night 15 hour “interview” of Amanda Knox as outlined below.


I posted a longer version of the above statement as a “free American” expressing my opinion, just a few weeks ago. But now with the appeal winding down, its validity is being verified.

*This site, Ground Report, is an innovative way to express ideas and debate issues. I would not wish to say anything that could jeopardize this forum for the “freedom of speech” that this site provides.*

This article is a continuation of my previous article (linked below). I left off with posting this comment in a reply:

“Because this is exactly the opposite of the recently completed Casey Anthony case, when Amanda gets home, I am worried that she will continue to be unfairly persecuted by some who have been duped by that psychopathic prosecutor!”

Again, this is my personal opinion. However, a psychopath (also known as a sociopath) means basically: a person with no conscience, no remorse nor regrets for causing harm or pain to other individuals. But more concisely, psychopaths are smooth and slick with superficial charm, verbally agile, have excessive arrogance stemming directly from their narcissism…

MADDOG is now pressing for a life sentence for Amanda because the prosecution team is losing the appeal (psychopaths are not gracious losers either).    I predict that when the dust settles, OLD MADDOG will retire in a clean white straight-jacket in a nice little rubber room. *KARMA*

With no evidence against Amanda, common sense dictates that she is unequivocally innocent and will be acquitted in a fair trial. Therefore, my statement will be justified about this notorious prosecutor.

MADDOG may enjoy the intellectual challenge of prosecuting innocent people; he has a previous conviction for this abuse of power. But this time, there may have been an added challenge to covertly create a rift between the closest allies in the history of the World; the US and Great Brittan (and possibly the US and Italy). An international opportunity like this only knocks once in a career. This hypothesis was presented in the previous article .

For the sake of sanity, I will only list the pertinent issues still being debated.

Again, expanded in the previous article:

The DNA results were totally fabricated by cross contamination to produce the desired results; they are being taken off the table. The current “Hail-Mary” challenge by the prosecution is mostly to prolong the proceedings; thereby prolonging Amanda’s suffering in prison. (Another psychopathic enjoyment.)

The all star “heroine junkie witness” has also been discredited.

There is absolutely no physical evidence of multiple perpetrators. They have the sole person, Rudy Guede, who attacked and killer Meredith Kercher, already locked in prison. (Although Rudy got a reduced sentence to “cooperate” with implicating Amanda and Raffaele.)

Logic applied to fact:

1. Why did the interrogators NOT tape the “interview?”

Common sense again dictates that because Italian law requires that all people confined in an interrogation room and questioned by police; MUST be taped! Therefore, it was! They were hoping to “trick” Amanda into a false confession in just a few minutes; you know MADDOG wanted that on tape. Amanda stayed strong to her innocence until the deceptive questioning and physical fatigue coerced a false semi-confession (see below).

So, maybe the tape was eaten by the portly MADDOG and nobody wants to admit it?

2. Why did Amanda confess at all?

Oh ya, an “extended interview” depriving Amanda of basic human rights (food, water, sleep, latrine privileges, plus the physical abuse of head slapping) is not an interrogation UNTIL they have extracted a confession. THEN it becomes an interrogation.

Pure and simple, throughout history, methodical, organized “conditioning” (torture) can make anybody susceptible to “breaking.” For the victim of these tactics, it is called self preservation under extreme conditions.   Note: Amanda never actually confessed to anything except a hypothetical scenario where she was in the kitchen (see below).

3. Why did Amanda incriminate Patrick Lumumba, an innocent man?

This did not happen in the first ten minutes of the “interview.” This happened after several hours of intense chicanery targeted toward a specific goal: Get Amanda to implicate: ANYONE. (NOTE: the rational for this coercion updated: UPDATE )

An old technique: As soon as you get a “witness” to implicate an innocent person, it goes on the record as a false accusation, a prosecutable crime in itself.


After many hours of abusing Amanda (without a lawyer present) as a “witness,” they had physically and mentally exhausted the scared, young girl. (This is an undeniable fact!) They played a game to “help her” avoid 30 years in prison, a game called “imagine.” They gave her the scenario that Lumumba was at her apartment that dreadful night. Then told her to “imagine” the scenario they provided. The hypothetical scenario did not involve her because they said she would have been unknowingly in the kitchen.

The game then quizzes her on the key points (getting a swift slap in the back of the head when she answered wrong). Once she was able to memorize it, *no tape of course* they turned their scenario into her statement. Immediately, they typed it up and got her to sign it in exchange for a drink of water and a latrine privilege.

The very same day that the “interview” ended (Note: the start of the “interview” had begun the previous evening ), MADDOG got his boss, Judge Massei, to sign an arrest warrant for Patrick Lumumba. This sealed the deal as a false allegation. This was a charge that they could “easily prove” against Amanda in court, adding validity to any other trumped-up charges. The theoretical scenario she signed also surreptitiously implicated her, placing her at the scene of the murder.  *Ingeniously devious, huh?*

When implemented correctly, these techniques work to “condition a witness” 100% of the time. Hence, back to #1, all “interviews” MUST be taped!

From there:

1. After his arrest, Lumumba provided an alibi.

2. Amanda was arrested before her voluntary “interview” had ended.

3. After Amanda’s arrest, they stated that falsely accusing Lumumba proved a cover-up of murder; that was the start of the insane allegations.

4. WHAM, BAM, the rest is history! (MADDOG is laughing at the World!!!)

(Post script added)

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