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New DNA Evidence Proves Camm’s Innocence As 3rd Trial Is Set To Begin

camm_familyFor those unfamiliar with the specifics of this case, it’s a complex case filled with the most egregious prosecutorial misconduct one could imagine. The actions of public officials in the state of Indiana have impacted David Camm, his family, Kim’s family, supporters, friends and the entire community in ways that could never be quantified. It’s been going on for 13 long years with much needless suffering, and it’s not over. Camm’s 3rd trial is set to begin with jury selection currently underway. Many have written articles about the case, including myself. Here is a summary I put together last year that highlights most of the key points.

Though new evidence recently surfaced that further implicates the real killer, Charles Boney, I’m dismayed to see that so many people have their minds made up about Camm, believing that he is guilty. People reason that since he was after all convicted twice for murder, surely he must be guilty. Could two juries get it wrong? The answer is yes but had it been an honest and thorough investigation from the start, Camm would have never even been indicted for the murders. Once a corrupt investigation begins, it snowballs and becomes very difficult for the truth to be revealed. They have the press on their side and whatever is reported is imprinted in people’s minds. They remember the information and it doesn’t matter that it’s not factual. The innuendo put out there by the State is all that people remember.

Do people know?

  • That there was evidence placing Boney at the crime scene from the beginning – the sweatshirt with his DNA on it, and his palm print – but that the State said they ran the DNA through CODIS but didn’t get a match when in fact they had never even tested it at all?
  • That it was the defense who finally pushed to have the sweatshirt tested 5 long years later and that their insistence to do so is what finally revealed the killer’s identity – Charles Boney?
  • That Prosecutor Stan Faith had a close friendship with Boney’s mother and that he also assisted Boney with his legal issues from his many arrests?
  • That Faith likely would have known that “Backbone” written on the sweatshirt would have belonged to Boney and that is quite likely the reason he chose not to test it and instead to pin this on Camm?
  • That Boney could be Faith’s son? It would explain why someone would go to such lengths to protect this man. I have no evidence but it certainly would make sense.
  • That Faith attempted to coerce a chemist into testifying at the first trial that Camm could not be ruled out as the owner of prints left at the scene – but that she was honest and refused to go along with it?
  • That evidence from the Camm’s home was “lost” – a shower curtain with blood on it and a condom from the septic tank – never to be tested because they vanished?
  • That there is no evidence whatsoever linking Camm to Boney in any way – no phone calls, no emails, no witnesses ever seeing them together?
  • That Boney had a long history of assaulting women?
  • That Boney had a foot fetish and that Kim’s shoes were placed on the roof of the Bronco?
  • That in every other known murder case in history, when DNA shows up that places a person at the scene they become a suspect and are fully investigated?
  • That the prosecutors preferred to concoct a story that the sweatshirt must have appeared at the scene because Boney sold Camm a gun – rather than admit they were wrong from the beginning to ever prosecute Camm?
  • That prosecutors spent long hours grilling Boney and finally the story was created that kept Boney off of death row and kept Camm on the hook?
  • That the “story” has no backing? That it isn’t substantiated with one piece of evidence?
  • That the only evidence the prosecutors continue to hold onto – alleged high velocity blood spatter – 8 tiny droplets of blood on his shirt has cost them $300K in experts but that it’s considered junk science?
  • That Camm was playing basketball with 10 other people at the alleged time of death and that their statements have never wavered?
  • That according to the State’s theory, Camm would have had only about 15 minutes to drive home, commit the murders and drive back to the church for the second game?
  • That none of the other players reported that he was sweating or panting or stressed in any way? (Because he never in fact left the gym).
  • That this alibi could not have possibly been planned in advance because it was unknown if they would even have enough players to get a game going that evening?
  • That there is new DNA evidence – Boney’s DNA on the victims’ clothing – he touched the victims…there is no doubt now.

Knowing that a 3rd trial was approaching and having thoroughly studied this case, I was puzzled about how they were going to approach this since we know that they can’t go after his character by bringing up past affairs or alleged sexual assault. The appeals court overturned both convictions due to this as it likely had a direct influence on the verdicts. This is the only case I’m aware of where the killer (Boney) has already been convicted and is serving time for the murders – yet they continue to go after the husband … because of what? Because of 8 tiny drops of blood that he likely got on his shirt as he lifted his son out of the vehicle upon finding his family murdered in his garage? It’s criminal that they continue to pursue Camm because they are afraid of the backlash of admitting that they screwed up and wasted millions of tax dollars prosecuting the wrong man.

dnaBut in the past several weeks there’s been a huge break in the case, something that I believe is so big that I am quite honestly shocked that the State hasn’t dropped all charges against Camm once and for all. His amazing defense team sent some other clothing items from the scene for more sensitive DNA testing known as “touch” or mitochondrial DNA – which is basically just very sensitive testing from skin cells that were in contact with the items. It turns out that Boney’s DNA was found on Jill’s shirt and on Kim’s panties and I believe her shirt as well. Remember that the State’s theory was that Boney’s role in this was simply that he sold Dave the murder weapon and happened to be there when the shootings occurred, and that he only got away because the gun jammed when Dave allegedly turned it on him?

Now the story will need to change again to keep Camm involved – how will they do it? I can’t even imagine a scenario where Camm is present when this animal is attacking his family as we now know for certain that Boney’s hands were on the victims. Enough is enough. More and more people will learn the truth about this case – what the State of Indiana has done to David Camm. I am hopeful that he will be acquitted but I’m going to continue to find ways to get the facts out there until this is over. I was worried because the prosecutor actually tried to bar the DNA evidence from the trial but the judge ruled that the evidence is admissible and I take that as a good indication that this is an honest Judge. Support for David Camm continues to grow. For all the facts about this case, please visit justicefordavidcamm.com.


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