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Event Planned to Pack the Courthouse to Support Rodney Lincoln

Rodney Lincoln

Update: The status hearing has been upgraded to an evidentiary hearing. The evidentiary hearing in Rodney Lincoln’s Habeas Corpus proceedings will commence on Thursday, March 17 and continue on Friday, March 18, 2016.

Rodney Lincoln has a hearing on March 17 and 18, and his supporters plan to pack the courthouse to show support for Rodney. This is an evidentiary hearing so Rodney will be present in court. Supporters feel it is vital for the State and the judge to see the large amount of support that Rodney receives. They are asking all who support Rodney to come out to show their support at the hearing.

It is no surprise that Rodney has a large and continuously growing group of supporters, as it is now clear that he has spent over 30 years of his life in prison as an innocent man. Rodney  is currently serving two life sentences for the murder of JoAnn Tate and the assault of Tate’s two young daughters in April of 1982 in St. Louis, Missouri. Evidence shows that Rodney was wrongfully convicted based on a hair found at the crime scene that was wrongly attributed to him and a questionable line-up conducted by police. The victim who was shown the faulty line-up has now recanted her ID that ultimately put Rodney in prison. There is currently no evidence at all to support Rodney Lincoln’s conviction.

Rodney’s supporters have set up an event page on Facebook which provides details of the hearing. 

Location: Cole County Courthouse, 301 E High St, Jefferson City, Missouri 65101

Time: 9:00 AM

You can learn more about Rodney’s case at: http://www.freerodneylincoln.com/

And be sure to visit the Free Rodney Lincoln Facebook Page to keep up to date with current events: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FreeRodneyLincoln/