Remember lost souls on All Soul’s Day

There is nothing worse in the world than to outlive your child and that is exacerbated when your baby is brutally murdered in a senseless and heartless manner.  Meredith Kercher deserved so much better.  Her parents deserve the truth; they have never, ever deserved deceitful lies. 

Meredith never deserved to be “an agenda” for some self-serving public official.

Yet that is exactly what has happened and it has cost four innocent families in innumerable ways.  Meredith’s family has lost her forever, Amanda, Raffaele, Patrick, their families and friends have suffered the stigma of unjust incarceration and now are at the mercy of a callous justice system that is little than  more a cottage industry to make money for the coffers.  

I focus on the Defense Point of View because I have come to realize, in these years of anger, frustration and heartache for all of the parties involved, that the prosecution was determined to suppress information that would have shed light on what really happened the night Meredith died.  It is a ponderous task to winnow the truth out of the haboob of paper that the prosecution dumped on top of it, but by doing so the simple truth of the matter emerges.  They say Apply Osmotic Evaluation, I say Apply Reverse Osmosis. 

The unadulterated reality is that the death of Meredith does not include Amanda, Raffaele or Patrick.  They are innocent bystanders.

The creation of Public Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini’s vainglorious sexual fantasy derailed any chance for a competent investigation.  His actions and his perverted illusion resulted in the arrest of innocent students and an innocent business owner before a single piece of forensic evidence had been processed.

He influenced proceedings to repeatedly deny access to key pieces of evidence to the Defense, much of which is only now coming to light.

That act alone should raise huge red flags to anyone who really wants  justice.  Although it is their LEGAL RIGHT, the Defense has never had access to the infamous Pillowcase and the Hard Drives and one wonders, if they still exist, what information they would reveal.  In fact the Defense was illegally blocked from an independent investigation of all of the evidence, as is their right.

Ironically, despite the prosecution’s blatant attempts to immobilize and block every avenue, it was the Defense that always fought for the truth to come out about Meredith’s murder, along with their determination to exact justice for Amanda and Raffaele. It was the defense that continually refocused attention on Rudy Guede while the prosecution spent a vast amount of time and energy to distract the public from the real killer by the use of tabloids and Internet trolls.

And because of the prosecution’s actions, to this day, much of the public has no idea that Meredith’s true killer is in prison.

Many think that the killer has never been caught or that there were multiple unknown killers and one can see just how effective the prosecution’s Smear Campaign has been. But for the so-called “Knox PR Machine,” the public would never know that it was Rudy Guede who took the life of a beloved daughter, sister and friend or that his sentence was reduced and he will be on the streets within the decade.

Perhaps to kill again, unless justice truly can be served.

But will justice ever be served?  The world is witness to an extraordinary “Face Saving” effort by the Italian Supreme Court on behalf of Mignini and the Perugian police.  It has become apparent that a few dozen judiciary officials in Italy will do whatever it takes to keep the fantasy in place despite no concrete proof, that the court system would sacrifice the lives of innocent young adults in order to appear competent is mind boggling.

But competence is glaringly absent from this simple case of a young woman killed by a burglar, the Italian court system prefers orgies and catfights to facts.  And should we expect more from the same judicial system that claims that women cannot be raped if they are wearing tight jeans?  From the system that imprisons scientists for not accurately predicting earthquakes?  

Given their past performance, should we expect the Italian Supreme Court to disallow sexual fantasies?

Should we not tell the public the truth to appease the prosecution?  Do the whims of public officials outweigh the public’s right to know how and why innocent people are being railroaded?  Does a grieving family deserve to be lied to protect an appallingly perverse and false scenario of their loved one’s death?

We hope that one day the Kerchers will know the truth, that their questions will be answered to their satisfaction and that they will come to know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that Amanda and Raffaele had nothing to do with Meredith’s death.  We know most of the story now, through testimony and court records, but clearly this is a game to Italian judges, the drama, the dietrologia, ignoring fact, embracing fiction, and outsiders are left with the realization that the case is writing itself as we go along and none of us really know how it will end.

So, if the courts can make it up as they go along, and the law is just window dressing, why not just “fix the mess” and make up a tidy ruling.

Something like “Guede stays in prison for murder, Amanda and Raffaele are exonerated and all charges dropped.  The Kerchers are compensated for mental anguish.  Amanda, Raffaele and Patrick are compensated for wrongful incarceration.  The Supreme Court cleans house in Perugia and jails the guilty authorities.   The judiciary floats a bill to reform the role of Public Prosecutor.”

And should I be persecuted for being angry as hell with Giuliano Mignini?  Should I be threatened with Defamation for speaking my peace about an Italian official?  After all, the things he and his cohorts in crime said about Amanda are absolutely disgusting and dishonorable.  They all claim to know her and by speaking THEIR minds they have broken every one of Italy’s Honor Laws.  But they don’t really know Amanda, or Raffaele for that matter, they don’t have any experts that know Amanda either, because not a single one of them, NONE, Nada, Zip, Zilch, not a single Perugian authority, or a paid expert, ever came to Seattle to find out who Amanda Knox is.  So to sit in their courtrooms and tell the world that they know Amanda better than her own community is a perversion of justice on many levels and men who are charged with the safe-keeping of the law and citizens, like Giuliano Mignini, should be removed from any power over average citizens if this is how they interpret the law. By now I have read hours of Italian law and I can say with certainty that it’s pretty darn good, as laws usually are, it’s the men in charge who are the problem.

So yes, I will say to the world that I am angry as hell that Giuliano Mignini signed the detention orders, effectively trapping Amanda and Raffaele in the system, and from his own record I learned that he is  a public servant who is accustomed to using the law for his personal agendas.  I can’t even sweeten that statement with the word “apparently” because it is all too obvious, Amanda, Raffaele and Patrick were numbers 23, 24, and 25 of falsely accused persons in Mignini’s career.  I always thought that when this case reached the higher courts that the Sleaze Circus would be crushed simply by how absurd it was, the 2011 Appeal gave us hope but left a few things undone, like full access to all of the evidence if only to finally answer some questions.  Was that really semen on the pillow case and if so, who’s?  What data is left on the hard drives?  What do the missing DNA batch runs reveal?

Instead it continues.  And it gets worse.  In 2014 they suddenly trot out a ruling from Guede’s trial that trumps any appeal on Amanda and Raffaele’s behalf.  Ever.

As in, the young adults can never appeal their own trial’s verdict because of a ruling at a trial where they were never legally represented, so now every court is compelled to find them guilty.  As in, why are they even wasting their time with an appeal?  Knowing that the most powerful court in the land can’t fix it’s own mess, why even bother?   Folks outside Italy never thought that the higher courts would stand for such shenanigans, like me,  I thought the most powerful court would be appalled by the duplicity.  We were wrong.  And I am left to realize that this is a popularity contest with Amanda as the Outsider and Raffaele shamed for having dated her, they’ll lose no matter what because the Italian judicial system won’t throw one of their own under the bus.  Better it’s Amanda and Raffaele,  who cares about them anyway, right?

I think that is incredibly messed up because, as the cops all say, “past behavior predicts future behavior” and it’s pretty clear who has been a troublemaker for the past 20 years…..it isn’t the nerdy college kids.