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The Rodney Lincoln Case: Does New DNA Evidence Prove His Innocence?

This week, Injustice Anywhere Radio discussed the Rodney Lincoln case with Rodney’s daughter Kay Lincoln. Rodney Lincoln is currently serving two life sentences for the murder of JoAnn Tate and the assault of Tate’s two young daughters in April of 1982 in St. Loius, Missouri.

Rodney was convicted based on a hair found at the crime scene that was attributed to him and a questionable line-up conducted by police. Rodney has strongly proclaimed his innocence from the beginning and was fully cooperative with police during the investigation. Did Rodney’s willingness to help police cost him a life of freedom?

The Midwest Innocence Project took Rodney’s case in 2005. Their efforts would eventually lead to DNA testing on the hair evidence that secured Rodney’s conviction. In 2010, Rodney and his supporters received the news they had been waiting to hear for years. The hair was not Rodney’s. This new evidence has given Rodney hope that he will soon be coming home, after spending nearly half his life behind bars for a crime he did not commit.

Sadly, freedom has not yet come for Rodney Lincoln. The Midwest Innocence Project continues to fight for Rodney and his support continues to grow.

Please visit www.freeRodneyLincoln.com to learn more about this case.