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Would you believe this? Well, how about this? OK, would you believe this? (Amanda Knox, Raffaele Sollecito)

Would you believe this. Well, how about this. OK, would you believe this

The following contains opinions, in the truth of which I am confident:
On Nov 1, 2007, at approximately 9 pm, Meredith Kercher went home to the apartment that she shared with three other young girls in Perugia, Italy. She entered the apartment not realizing Rudy Guede had broken into the apartment while all the roommates were out.  She moved about the apartment unaware that Guede was there, watching her and waiting.

On her way to her bedroom Meredith grabbed a lamp from Amanda’s room to study for an exam she thought she had to take the following day.  She did not know classes were canceled due to the holiday, or she would have stayed longer at her friend’s home partying with her friends.  This mistake cost her her life.

No sooner had she entered her bedroom Guede began beating her horribly.  She was still wearing the jacket she had on when she came in from the cold. His blows to her face crushed her teeth.  He then stabbed her in the throat three times . She put up a good fight.  When Guede was arrested in Germany (where he fled following the crime) bruises were found on his body from her fighting back. Cuts were found on his fingers due to his hand sliding down the bloody knife.

After murdering her he went to the bathroom to wash up.  He did not step in her blood until he returned to her room to collect valuables and rape her corpse.  He pulled her body away from the puddle of blood, removed her clothing, and placed a pillow under her bottom.  He then proceeded to pleasure himself with her corpse.  He stepped in her blood and left a trail of bloody shoe prints from her body to the apartment exit.  Would you believe this?  The investigators said the bloody shoe prints matched Raffaele’s shoes. One problem.  The bloody shoe prints actually matched Guede’s shoes.

Guede’s DNA was found on the victim’s clothing, on her purse, and in her vagina.  His DNA, hand  print, and shoe prints were found in many locations at the crime scene.  His bloody shoe prints lead from the victim’s body to the apartment exit door.  His shoe print made with his wet semen was found on a pillow he placed under the victim’s bare bottom after killing her.
The only evidence found at the crime scene points solely to Guede.  No credible evidence places Knox or Sollecito at the crime scene.

Guede has connections with a wealthy, powerful Italian family.  He is a known drug dealer, burglar, and known to threaten with a knife.  Shortly before the murder he was  detained by the police with stolen goods in his possession, but not arrested.

Would you believe the prosecutor tried to convict one of the roommates of Guede’s crime?  He did.  It went like this. A second floor window was busted where Guede entered.  The authorities said nobody could climb through the window, “It’s an inside job”.  Migninny picked his target.  Amanda has a key to her apartment so she did this.  All the flat mates had an alibi including Amanda.  She was with her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, so to resolve this issue the authorities included Raffaele in the crime.

What did prosecutor Migninny want?  Well, obviously he wanted what he went after.  He used Raffaele’s comic books and the fact that the murder/rape occurred the day following Halloween to create his satanic cult conjecture.

Why did this prosecutor want a satanic cult bust?  Well, he was previously indicted for abuse of power due to falsely accusing 20 innocent people of being involved in a satanic cult that he claimed was murdering couples in Florence years ago (a cold case).  He thought a satanic cult bust would look good for him as he stood trial.

He managed to convict Amanda and Raffaele with his would you believe this, or this, well how about this tactic, over and over after his conjecture proved not plausible each time.  Shortly after convicting Amanda and Raffaele, the prosecutor was convicted of abuse of power and sentenced to 16 months in prison, although the sentence was suspended.  His insane charges against 20 innocent people were dropped.  Later, he slipped off the hook, which is not surprising given the state of affairs.

Why did the prosecutor reopen the cold case “The Monster of Florence” and conjure up all the insane plots?  His lead investigator was a crime novel writer with previous success, and he was writing a novel incorporating the prosecutor’s insane plots.  Do the math.

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