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The Amanda Knox saga continues to linger for several reasons.  
Some believe that the final Italian Supreme Court ruling scheduled for March 2013 will contradict the ruling of The Honorable Judge Claudio Pratillo Hellman. 
For those who believe that will happen, they are either misguided or part of an organized attempt to relieve the pressure on Italy to investigate the root source of this illegal quagmire.
After all, we do still have The Honorable (tongue in cheek)  Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini beating his fists on his chest proclaiming that he will see justice served with Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito spending the rest of their wicked lives in prison! (or some such nonsense)
If you need any background in the Amanda Knox case, please see DENVER or the revised chronicle on Wikipedia:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amanda_knox
Some of the adamant supporters of the original supposition of Mignini’s rhetoric (this is my colorful interpretation of his accusations, but accurate in meaning) still believe in a whimsical story of a satanic ritual that morphed into a deranged night of a sadomasochistic sexual orgy ending in murder.
It does not matter what phraseology we use to describe the horrific tragedy that occurred, the fact is that this rhetoric was devised to falsely accuse two innocent kids of this heinous murder.  Why?
Over a year ago, I outlined a plausible theory that addresses the motive for such an immoral  act perpetrated by the prosecution.
Most of you have already read it: CONSPIRACY THEORY
Likewise, I presented documentation that proved  the prosecution could have had the murderer identified conservatively within 48 hours of the murder:
Please bear in mind that the “official” identification of Rudy Guede came from a “high tech” finger print (just like Sherlock Holmes in 1887) in just 2.5 weeks (Nov. 19, 2007), the stool sample was never mentioned again.
” Murderer Rudy Guede was identified by police after his bloody fingerprint was found on a cushion at the scene of the crime.”
The most common comment I see in the minds of people believing in Amanda’s guilt is the involvement of Patrick Lumumba.  Yes, I agree, Patrick was clearly setup, but by whom?  You’ve only got two sides in a small interrogation room.  One side is a scared and abused Amanda (yes, she and Raffaele had been slapped up the back side of the head during the interrogation).  The other side is comprised of several trained and hardened interrogators under the direct supervision of Mignini.
We know from Mignini’s documented actions for the past several years that he qualifies as a certifiable sociopath/psychopath.  This condition is not medically nor psychologically diagnosable.  These labels are a judgment call based on the observations of people within the parameters of our sociological  norms and expectations.  In the converse, it is like calling someone brave or a hero based on the observed activity of that individual.
A sociopath/psychopath can be very well to do, educated, flamboyant, pretentious and highly successful.  As glamorous as that sounds, their downfall is that they lack the normal attributes of human decency of compassion, empathy or morals.  The adrenalin rush of winning that we all enjoy becomes mundane, and winning at everything becomes paramount circumventing the normal human constraints of harming others with no remorse.
If Mignini was showing off for some of his influential and wealthy friends that he could manipulate the judicial system with his vastly superior intellectual capacity and get Rudy off, why bring in another black man?
Mignini believes he’s a genius and the public is, well, a step or two below.  So while the finger print will take two or three weeks to process for an ID of Rudy, how about mudding the waters with coercing Amanda into signing a paper that involved Patrick Lumumba (that Amanda did not write).
It seems so simple to see Patrick as a decoy.  A black man’s hair was found at the scene.  Mignini knows he has two to three weeks to diminish the perceived involvement of Rudy.   What a great way to prove that Amanda regularly incriminates black men.  Then in a couple of weeks, we’ll bring Rudy in as another black suspect while releasing a previously accused black man that is “also” innocent.
Raffaele Sollecito just released a book (HONOR BOUND) that chronicles his ordeal at the hands of a corrupt and merciless judicial system in Perugia.
Now that we are getting a first hand insight to the dealings of Prosecutor Mignini, some of my speculation is being indirectly substantiated.
Clearly, Mignini orchestrated the rail road job of Amanda and Raffaele, but just as clearly, Mignini sheltered Rudy Guede from the full responsibility of his crime.
Rudy Guede is the link to this mystery.  Rudy was sheltered from cross examination and perjuring himself by allowing him a separate trial.  Mignini is a master manipulator within his own environment.  His presentation within a court room is legal.  His conduct outside of a court room is suspect at best.
Rudy Guede is portrayed as a two-bit hood (my terminology, but again accurate), but quite gentle and harmless (gag).
With all of his previous arrests, including two potential felony charges as a  stowaway (armed with a knife) in a children’s school, and again armed with a knife in a home invasion, he has had preferential treatment.  Had he not been released so easily, he would have been in jail at that time, not committing murder.
I have no doubt that Rudy is worthless to Mignini.  But is Mignini capable of secret negotiations with powerful people who have an emotional bond with Rudy?
In Raffaele’s book and now in the Italian press, low and behold, there are some astonishingly similar allegations to my premise.

“Giuliano Mignini, pm di Perugia, smentisce “categoricamente” qualsiasi ipotesi di una trattativa segreta con alcuni familiari di Raffaele Sollecito nel processo per l’omicidio della studentessa inglese, Meredith Kercher.”

Giuliano Mignini , Perugia pm, denied “categorically” any possibility of secret negotiations with some of the relatives of Raffaele Sollecito in the trial for the murder of British student, Meredith Kercher.”
Want more? (me too)
“Durante il processo di Perugia sull’assassinio della studentessa inglese, Meredith Kercher, vi fu una presunta trattativa segreta che vide il pubblico ministero Giuliano Mignini far conoscere, attraverso intermediari, alla famiglia di Raffaele Sollecito l’offerta di una pena più mite se il coimputato avesse avvalorato le accuse di omicidio nei confronti di Amanda Knox.”

“During the process of Perugia on the murder of British student, Meredith Kercher , there was an alleged secret negotiations that saw the prosecutor Giuliano Mignini make known, through intermediaries, to the family of Raffaele Sollecito offering a more lenient penalty if the co-defendant had corroborated the allegations of murder against Amanda Knox.”
But can anyone else substantiate this claim?
“Fu questo secondo legale che disse con franchezza alla famiglia Sollecito : “Credo che Raffaele sia innocente e Amanda colpevole “. La reazione della Bongiorno- L’accelerazione della trattativa avvenne nell’estate del 2010 quando il padre di Raffaele sfruttò il canale informale fino al punto da ritenere possibile un incontro di Mignini e la vice Manuela Comodi con Giulia Bongiorno, difensore di Raffaele, per verificare la possibilità di un accordo.”

“It was the second lawyer who said frankly to the family Sollecito : “
I think Raffaele is innocent and Amanda guilty”  Bongiorno-The reaction of the acceleration of negotiations took place in the summer of 2010 when the father of Raffaele advantage of the informal channel to point to be considered a possible meeting Mignini and deputy Manuela Comfortable with Giulia Bongiorno, who defended Raffaele, to verify the possibility of an agreement. But when Bongiorno including what it was , “was horrified and threatened to leave his post because a secret negotiation constituted a breach of the legal process.””
I believe Italy is now responsible for investigating this case from the beginning.
Would Mignini put his reputation (again, gag) and his career on the line to fulfill an obligation, or even a favor for some very powerful people?
Is Mignini capable of knowingly sending two innocent kids to prison for life?
Why did Mignini charge Amanda’s parents with defending her innocence that could have cost them several years in prison and leaving her young sisters without parents?
These questions and their implications keep the world focused on the outcome of this anguishing ordeal.
As suspected, the damn is cracking and starting to leak.  As the illegally un-taped interrogation of November 5th, 2007 unfolds, credence and validity is mounting that Amanda and Raffaele have been victimized by a Judicial System custom tailored to protecting the guilty and crucifying the innocent.