A safety net comprised of constitutions, laws and treaties was signed and sealed decades ago by a well-intentioned global community. It was specifically designed to protect sovereign nations and first-world citizens in business and pleasure, but on occasion, unscrupulous public officials will abuse that sacred trust.

The 2007 murder of British student Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Italy, spawned a textbook example of such corruption when a few people and a few pieces of paper were enough to push Meredith’s grieving family, Italian student Raffaele Sollecito and American student Amanda Knox down the judicial rabbit hole.

Raffaele and Amanda, along with the Kercher family, have gone through the looking glass where the law is topsy-turvy. The prosecution, aided by a local judge, filed several error-laden documents in 2007 while denying the defendants their right to due process and access to evidence.

Meredith, Amanda and Raffaele’s constitutional rights were violated while Perugian officials sheltered Rudy Guede, the only person who left physical evidence on Meredith’s body.

Amanda and Raffaele continue to be used as a distraction to keep the public eye off Meredith’s real killer and his plea deal.

Meredith continues to be used as a pity party to make the public feel guilty if they speak out against the corruption.   That, in my opinion, is despicable and not at all what her family is asking for as they have repeatedly stated that they only want justice for her and the right person to be punished. Rudy Guede is her killer, Amanda and Raffaele were not at the villa the night Meredith died.

In 2011, four years after Meredith’s murder, the defense finally gained access to the Perugian reports regarding the forensic data. After their release to the public, an international group of legal and science professionals identified not only errors within the case file itself, much concerning the testing of evidence, but also the laws broken to allow the case against Amanda and Raffaele to be corrupted. These independent advocates are also responsible for public access to case-related data on InjusticeInPerugia.org and AmandaKnoxCase.com.

After seven years, Facebook and forum members (Injustice In Perugia and International Skeptics, formerly JREF), scrutinizing this shocking case of blatant injustice believe it is time for the United States United Kingdom and Italy to weigh in on the legitimacy of this duplicitous case file and have crafted a call to action on Change.org, the world’s largest public platform.  The Voice of the People.

Amanda, Raffaele, their lawyers and their families did not contribute to this petition. It is a wholly public effort to save two decent and innocent young adults.

The petition asks the Italian Ministry of Justice to focus on the behavior of the Perugian prosecutors, who sidestepped constitutional and treaty laws to interrogate and imprison Amanda and Raffaele.

It recognizes the effort of Italian parliamentary members who asked for an investigation into the behavior of the Perugian judicial offices.

It also asks for an inquiry into the performance of the 2007 U.S. and U.K. consular staffs assigned to Italy, who apparently missed signs that the Perugian judicial system was abusing foreigners.

Please sign this petition….

Do this for Meredith because the Perugians are protecting her killer, and that is an unconscionable act.

Do this for Amanda. She is a victim of wanton character assassination in the media and is wholly undeserving of this fate.

Do this for Raffaele because he tried to help Amanda, and he is facing prison again. We don’t want to see Raffaele in prison — again.

Do this for yourself and your family because after decades of sending our young adults to study abroad, the law of averages caught up to one of the sweet kids in my little community. It’s every parent’s nightmare and it can happen to anyone when our taxpayer supported officials are apathetic.

Amanda and Raffaele are the poster children of safety net failure, and we, the people, need to say “Fix it.” From personal experience, I can tell you that Italy, Great Britain and the U.S. have adequate laws in place to do just that. A petition has long been our voice. Please lend yours to this call for justice. The laws that should have protected three innocent families were twisted, and their rights were violated. In truth, their rights are also ours, so it’s proper for us to speak out. Shout about it, if we must.

See the petition at: http://tinyurl.com/qdl5hyj