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The Tragedy of Meredith Kercher

“We make our fervent pleas for the high road of justice, and then we tread unflinchingly the low road of injustice.  This strange dichotomy, this agonising gulf between the ought and the is, represents that tragic theme of man’s earthly pilgrimage.” – Martin Luther King Jr. The worst fate that can befall anyone is to be violently and senselessly murdered.  …

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Experts Brief Congress on the Ongoing Case of Amanda Knox

(Washington, D.C.) – This past Thursday, October 31, 2013, a panel of experts gave a briefing before the US Congress about the case of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito. Knox, an American citizen, and Sollecito, had been charged in 2007 with the murder of Knox’s British flatmate, Meredith Kercher, in Perugia, Italy. The case made headlines around the world with …

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Anti-Amanda Knox Blogger Edward McCall Turns Down Offer To Defend His Deceptive Website On Live Radio Program

Injustice Anywhere, an organization I co-founded, recently published an open letter that I wrote  to Edward McCall, inviting the blogger to be a guest on a live broadcast of the Injustice Anywhere radio program to discuss the Meredith Kercher case. McCall is the creator of themurderofmeredithkercher.com,  a deceptive website that falsely presents itself as a non-biased resource for the Meredith Kercher murder …

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WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? (Amanda Knox, Meredith Kercher, Raffaele Sollecito)

What is wrong with this picture from an animation that the prosecutor wasted over $100,000 of the Italian tax payer’s hard earned, scarce, money on? The animation shows four people at the crime scene, in a room imagined to be much larger than it actually is, but the credible evidence only supports two people being present in Meredith’s small bedroom. …

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Amanda Knox Case: What’s Wrong With a PR Supertanker?

  Those familiar with the case of the Republic of Italy vs. Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito know that it has been the catalyst for a continuous war of words in cyberspace for nearly six years.  An online pro-innocence community of the defendants’ supporters goes to battle daily with an online pro-guilt community of the defendants’ detractors.  Claims are made, …

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Dartmouth’s New President Faces Challenges with Fraternities and Sexual Assault

Dartmouth’s new President, Philip Hanlon, has been in office for nearly four months now. It is the height of the fall foliage season and the Ivy League school’s recent Homecoming weekend was highlighted by a spectacular 20-13 win in football over archrival Yale. But the new school year has also been marked by more controversy than usual as rival groups …

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