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European Court of Human Rights begins investigation process preceding consideration of Amanda Knox criminal slander appeal*

Amanda Knox’s appeal to the European Court of Human Rights over her mistreatment by the Italian authorities has been posted on HUDOC, the official ECHR website. This means that the submission has been accepted and the case will be considered. This is another step on the road to her complete exoneration and public acknowledgment of the abuse that she was …

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Caledonian Road Underground Station – the case for extra investment instead of temporary closure

  Caledonian Road Station, a popular tube stop on London’s Piccadilly Line, one along from King’s Cross, is to be closed for eight months from January 4th 2016, because Transport for London (TfL) claims that there is no alternative.  The station has two ageing, thirty-year-old lifts (elevators) and they cannot be replaced separately while the station remains open. This explanation …

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Amanda Knox haters target Richard Branson

  “Questions need answering in Amanda Knox case, everyone deserves fair treatment & a fair trial.” – Richard Branson Following a Tweet published by Richard Branson on Thursday December 18th, Amanda Knox hating trolls have gone into overdrive.  Branson referred to leading website Injustice in Perugia – www.injusticeinperugia.org – set up by leading pro innocence advocate Bruce Fischer and others, …

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Petition launched calling for investigation into the mishandling of the Meredith Kercher murder case by the authorities

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE KNOX SUPPORTERS LAUNCH PETITION CALLING FOR INVESTIGATIONS INTO FAIR TRIAL VIOLATIONS. Supporters of the wrongly accused and provisionally convicted, Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, have launched a petition calling for the governments of three countries – Italy, the UK and the USA – to investigate the multiple violations of their right to a fair trial. The …

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Face of an Angel directed by Michael Winterbottom – film review

A parable for our times or a director out of his depth? On Friday night I was accompanied by son number one on a trip to visit son number two in college.  We took several bags of goodies and some birthday presents.  Then the three of us went for a pub meal. On returning to the college to deliver son …

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The right to a fair trial and the right to a defence

Would you go into a boxing ring against a tough opponent with both hands tied behind your back?  The question is so ridiculous that it hardly needs an answer.  Yet apparently that is the way some people think courts should be run.  They believe that an accused person should have no recourse to defence. Serious crimes happen every day.  Police …

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