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My name is Brenda Little; I am one of three very proud sisters of Adam Braseel, whom is currently serving a life sentence as an “Innocent Man”… Adam Braseel, is an Innocent Victim of the criminal and corrupt actions from prosecutorial and law officials, along with our highly flawed judicial system. Due to these facts and the negligence and ineffective assistance of legal counsel, Adam was “Wrongly Convicted” of a heinous crime with absolutely no DNA evidence to link him to either very bloody crime scene. This took place in a very small town during election year, based on an anonymous phone call made to the Sheriff’s dept. giving my brother’s name, along with the tainted and coerced testimony of two unreliable eyewitnesses, each identifying him in a botched and unconstitutional photo line-up! Adam has been incarcerated since the age of 24, when he was convicted on November 9, 2007 of murder, felony murder, especially aggravated robbery, criminal attempted first degree murder and aggravated assault, currently serving a life sentence for a crime that someone else committed. Adam had no motive, nor did he have the capability to commit these crimes. He currently resides at Riverbend Maximum Security Prison where he has been for the past five of the six years that he has been incarcerated, while consistently maintaining his innocence. I do hope that this story peaks your interest, and you read all the shocking facts in his case, you will see as well, that Adam should never have been convicted!! see: www.exonerateadambraseel.com

Free Adam Braseel… he is Innocent!

Please read and share… support “TEAM ADAM” help bring justice to this Innocent Young Man, who is sentenced to life in prison for crimes he did not commit… Adam is a VICTIM of our highly flawed judicial system, involving prosecutorial, and police misconduct.  “There was no DNA to link Adam to either crime, he had no motive, nor did he have …

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